Jizi Jizi ( 1942 - 2015)


Born in Hebei Province in 1942, Jizi moved as a young man to Beijing where, rather than embark on a classic academic fine art education, he immersed himself in the study of the 'Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting', which has been perhaps the single most individual cultural source for ink painters in the past three centuries. Over the following years, Jizi concentrated on developing his own brush and ink technique, evolving from his study of Song period masterpieces into an original and expressive abstraction that he refers to as the 'Dao of Ink'. While there is a broad network of pictorial references in his latest works, intimate links with the classical canon and the calligraphic gesture remain strikingly evident. However, he is deeply aware of the need for contemporary ink artists to address the imperatives of a contemporary world that is no longer satisfied with the stale painterly formulae of earlier eras, however accomplished.

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