Hiroshi Senju (Japan - )


Hiroshi Senju is a painter who expresses contemporary modernity through ancient painting techniques that are unique to Japan. Hiroshi Senju’s art can be understood in its simple immediacy- bold, glowing lines flow down against a deep blue-black expanse in his Waterfall series. A sense of powerful, timeless calm, the monumental force and presence of nature, is perceived. He combines finely ground pigments derived from natural materials in a medium of animal-hide glue, and then applies this “paint” to handmade rice paper mounted on board. This results in a matte surface that glows with the richness of the applied colors. Senju is the first Asian artist to receive an individual fine arts award at the Venice Biennale for his acclaimed Waterfall paintings in 1995. Museums that collect his work include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California; the University of California, Los Angeles, California; the Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido, Japan; and The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan.

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Hiroshi Senju - Waterfall