Dong Wei ( 1968 - )


Born in 1968 in Inner Mongolia, Wei Dong, like many other intellectuals of his generation, endured the most oppressive period of the Cultural Revolution. Unafraid to create works that boldly depart from convention, Wei Dong’s audacious and androgynous nudes are placed within a carefully constructed landscape that blends classical and modern themes, both Eastern and Western, which he has so thoroughly studied. Wei Dong is one of the most imaginative painters with an extraordinary sense of irony and the ingenuity to create innovative works that are relevant and interesting to contemporary audiences. The artist has participated in numerous shows around the world including the notable Paris-Pekin at the Espace Cardin in 2002. His works have been collected in the Dr. Uli Sigg Collection in Geneva and in the Estella Collection in New York.

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