Chun-yi Lee ( 1965 - )


Chun-yi Lee moved to Hong Kong in 1970 and graduated from the Chinese University there, where he was deeply influenced by his teacher Liu Kuo-sung. Lee obtained his MFA from the Graduate Program of Fine Arts of Tunghai University in Taiwan, and he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese art history at the Arizona State University. The artist is clearly aware of his hybrid and transcultural experience, both in his art-critical outlook and in his art. Inspired by the ancient technique of Chinese ink-rubbing, he uses a small cork block to stamp the paper with variable pressure and in different directions; this creates seemingly traditional yet deconstructed landscapes. Mao Triptych: Wan Sui, Wan Shui, Wan Wan Sui is a beautiful example of Lee’s idiosyncratic visual language. Centered between a pair of traditionalist/modernistic landscapes is a huge portrait of Chairman Mao.

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