Gallery Henoch , Stand n° AM529.

Light in Later Season - John Evans

John Evans Light in Later Season

Dark Still Life - Eric Wert

Eric Wert Dark Still Life

Keep a Lid On It - Janet Rickus

Janet Rickus Keep a Lid On It

Strand - Todd Kenyon

Todd Kenyon Strand

Poker Dogs - Robert C. Jackson

Robert C. Jackson Poker Dogs

Front and Off Center - Steve Smulka

Steve Smulka Front and Off Center

Solo - Steve Mills

Steve Mills Solo



TRANQUIL DAWN - Alexandra Pacula

Alexandra Pacula TRANQUIL DAWN
Almost monochromatic in the hue of blue, this oil on canvas depicts a city horizon. Only each building is viewed in a hazy atmosphere. The painting vibrates with slides of paint that suggest moving lights.

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Gallery Henoch represents painters and sculptors who exemplify the best in contemporary American, European, and Asian Realism. The work exhibited comprises a wide diversity of styles and subject matter. These artists stand out for their imagination and distinctive personal approach. All reflect Gallery Henoch's commitment to an art based on individual, subjective style and sensibility.

George Henoch Shechtman, Director of Gallery Henoch, has been a New York City art dealer since 1966. A graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Art History, Mr. Shechtman opened Christopher Street Gallery in Greenwich Village in 1966. In the early 70's the gallery moved to Madison Avenue and became known as Christopher Gallery. When the art scene shifted its focus to Soho, Mr. Shechtman opened Gallery Henoch on Wooster Street in 1982. With the emergence of Chelsea as the art center of New York, the gallery moved to 25th Street in the Fall of 2000.


Gallery Henoch w: Andrew Liss Hicks Nancy George Shechtman