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Illusion-O, 2014 - John Waters

John Waters Illusion-O, 2014

Untitled, 1953 -  Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg Untitled, 1953

Lymphatic System, 1968 - Grace Hartigan

Grace Hartigan Lymphatic System, 1968

JK383 RED, 2019 - Jae Ko

Jae Ko JK383 RED, 2019

Three Circles, 2017 - Chul Hyun Ahn

Chul Hyun Ahn Three Circles, 2017

JK 368 Black, 2008 - Jae Ko

Jae Ko JK 368 Black, 2008
Jae Ko, "JK 368 Black", 2008, rolled paper, sumi ink and glue, 67 × 48 × 6 inches. Courtesy C. Grimaldis Gallery.

Table Piece CCXLIV, 1975 - Anthony Caro

Anthony Caro Table Piece CCXLIV, 1975
Anthony Caro, "Table Piece CCXLIV", 1975, steel, rusted and varnished, 28 × 82 × 29 inches. Courtesy C. Grimaldis Gallery.

Exhibiting Artists

  • Chul Hyun Ahn  (+)

    Biography : “There are no clear answers to what lies beyond the physical limitations of our world. This is the crux of the work—the audience must bring themselves to the threshold and confront the infinite space to complete the work.” — Chul Hyun Ahn, December 2016 Korean artist Chul Hyun Ahn investigates infinite space through his use of light, color, and illusion. His interest in the gap between the conscious and subconscious compels him to construct illusionistic environments, providing a spaces for contemplation. Ahn’s sculpture urges the viewer to consider man’s boundless ability for physical and spiritual travel while exploiting notions of infinity and the poetics of emptiness. Ahn has translated geometric painting and the Zen practice of meditation into an art of light, space, and technology, enticing the viewer to look deeply into his frame of environments. His works create an optical and bodily illusion of infinity through apparent limitless space. The notion of the void distinguishes his work amid the vast panoply of ways that artists have used light as a medium since the experiments of the 1920s and particularly since the 1960s. Chul Hyun Ahn was born in 1971 in Busan, South Korea. He received a Masters of Fine Arts from the Mount Royal School at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, where he is currently based. Ahn is an artist of international acclaim, with works in numerous public and private collections including the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, the Hearst Foundation, Movado Group, the Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation, Delaware Art Museum, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art and the Palm Springs Art Museum.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Chul Hyun Ahn - Three Circles, 2017 Three Circles, 2017

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  • Anthony Caro  (+)

    Biography : Anthony Caro has played a pivotal role in the development of twentieth century sculpture. He came to public attention with a show at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1963, where he exhibited large abstract sculptures brightly painted and standing directly on the ground. They engage the spectator on a one-to-one basis. This was a radical departure from the way sculpture had hitherto been seen and paved the way for future developments in three-dimensional art.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Anthony Caro - Table Piece CCXLIV, 1975 Table Piece CCXLIV, 1975

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  • Michael Goldberg  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Michael Goldberg - Untitled, 1953 Untitled, 1953

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  • Grace Hartigan  (+)

    Biography : Renowned for her formative participation in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950s, Hartigan’s paintings from the latter decades of her career blend figurative content with her signature sensibility of vibrant color, active gesture and painterly freedom. Tracing their lineage from an early abstract practice often integrated with visionary signifiers, these canvases extend primarily from the artist’s career-long devotion to expressionistic line and color. Featuring subjects such as dolls, courtesans, nobles, film stars and chimerical creatures, Hartigan builds on the associative mark-making of Abstract Expressionism to siphon from the collective unconscious a personal rubric of representational symbols. Infused at once with the process of their own making and with a subject matter frequently drawn from past myths, Hartigan’s later works create a new moment of non-linear time in which fantasy can be used in the service of, as the artist has stated, “understanding the life you are living.” C. Grimaldis Gallery has proudly represented Grace Hartigan’s work and estate since 1979. Hartigan’s work is represented extensively in private and public collections worldwide including the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Hirshhorn Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her work is currently on view in Women of Abstract Expressionism at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Grace Hartigan - Lymphatic System, 1968 Lymphatic System, 1968

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  • Jae Ko  (+)

    Biography : Born in Korea, educated in Japan and the U. S., Jae Ko's father was a calligrapher and she grew up watching him working with inks on paper. When she began to study art she studied calligraphy. Ko initiated her mature work in paper she created an elegy for her deceased father by setting in sand at the Atlantic shore a large roll of paper slit vertically to its center, and exposing it to the rhythms of the tides. The resulting natural chaos in the forms of the paper constituted the beginning of her inquiries into the poetics of flow, which have continued in her recent works.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jae Ko - JK 368 Black, 2008 JK 368 Black, 2008
    • Jae Ko - JK383 RED, 2019 JK383 RED, 2019

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  • John Waters  (+)

    Biography : Best known for directing the cult film classics Pink Flamingos, Polyester, Female Trouble, and Hairspray, John Waters explores the same provocative themes of race, sex, gender, consumerism, and religion in photography, montage, and, more recently, sculpture. Featuring retro imagery from the 1950s, Waters’ work is rife with humor and puns. For instance, in Ham (2009), Waters photographs a large glazed ham hanging on the wall of a movie star or casting agent. Catholic Sin (2009) is an illustration from his own childhood catechism book that equated the purity of the soul with fresh milk. Two oversized sculptures—Rush (2009), a gigantic “popper” bottle and its spilled contents, and La Mer (2009), a jar of face cream—poke fun at our cultish obsession with beauty products and drugs.

    Artist's Objects:

    • John Waters - Illusion-O, 2014 Illusion-O, 2014

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Other Represented Artists

  • Dovrat Amsily-Barak

  • Markus Baldegger  (+)

    Biography : Born 1947, Altstätten, Switzerland Education: 1984 Art School Cologne, Cologne, Germany 1974 University of Fribourg, Switzerland and Bonn, Germany

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Recent Paintings 2010 Gallery Triangle Bleu, Stavelot, Belgium Art Gallery Lippstadt, Germany St. Ludgerus Church, Essen-Werden, Germany Mäder Gallery, Basel, Switzerland (with Sylvie Aubry) 2008 Gallery Hofmatt, Sarnen, Switzerland 2007 Kreismuseum (County Museum) Heinsberg, Germany Siegerlandmuseum, Siegen, Germany 2006 Gallery Triangle Bleu, Stavelot, Belgium (with N. Joosen) Wall painting Buchental School, St. Gallen, Switzerland 2005 Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2004 von Geymüller Gallery, Essen-Werden, Germany 2003 Geiger Gallery Konstanz, Germany Gallery Triangle Bleu, Stavelot, Belgium 2002 Rechtsanwaltskammer (Bar Association) Hamm, Germany 2001 Gallery Pin, Bielefeld, Germany Geiger Gallery, Konstanz, Germany 2000 Galerij S 65, Aalst, Belgium Town Hall Gallery Lippstadt, Germany Hofmatt Gallery, Sarnen, Switzerland 1999 Artothek, Cologne, Germany Galerij S 65, Aalst, Belgium (with P.Tollens) Daniel Pöppelmann Museum, Herford, Germany Siegerland Museum, Siegen, Germany 1998 Gallery Raum für Kunst, Aachen, Germany Kunstverein im Rütli, Bielefeld, Germany Gallery Pin, Bielefeld, Germany 1997 Gallery Adlergasse, Dresden, Germany (with T. Matauschek) Weiße Galerie, Cologne, Germany 1996 von Geymüller Gallery, Essen-Werden, Germany Silvia Steiner Gallery, Biel, Switzerland (with C. Kronenberg) Christian Schneeberger Gallery, St. Gallen, Switzerland Kath. Bildungszentrum Education Centre), Mülheim a. d. Ruhr, Germany Christuskirche, Bielefeld, Germany 1995 Kunstverein, Synagogue Oerlinghausen, Germany 1994 Gallery Hofmatt, Sarnen, Switzerland Raum für Originalgrafik, Alpnach, Switzerland Koepke-Haus and Steinkamp Gallery, Schwalenberg, Germany 1993 Trudelhaus Gallery, Baden (with P. Küng), Switzerland Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany 1992

  • Willem de Kooning  (+)
  • Madeleine Dietz

  • Frank Dituri

  • Cheryl Goldsleger  (+)

    Biography : Born 1951, Philadelphia, PA Education: 1975 MFA, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 1973 BFA, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Detailed Description : Cheryl Goldsleger is intrigued by the symbolic use of mazes and labyrinths, enigmatic structures with architectural roots. With the circle, square, and triangle as her building blocks, she blends drawing and painting. Goldsleger is based in Athens, GA and has exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia, PA), among many other national and international institutions. Her work belongs in numerous museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Harvard University Fogg Art Museum, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art

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  • Jon Isherwood

  • Hidenori Ishii

    Biography : Hidenori Ishii’s recent work explores the destruction at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan in 2011. These dreamlike compositions posit a series of meditations on what utopia might be possible after nuclear collapse and how beauty might persist as landscape turns mutant. The works on view feature the artist’s signature use of synthetic resin Kuricoat C-720, a neon-green substance sprayed at Fukushima Daiichi after the reactor meltdown in an effort to resist the airborne spread of radiation. The painted surfaces have a slick and sensuous quality, inviting the viewer into an improbable hybrid environment. The reflective pool depicted in Nostalgia VII and Nostalgia VIII suggest a flow of hazardous material which might nourish or poison its surroundings. Ishii describes these paintings as a response to Monet’s water lilies: examinations of how space shimmers between surface and reflection, between visible and invisible. Ishii is a graduate of the Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Joan Mitchell MFA Fellowship Nominee.

  • Jannis Kounellis

  • Dimitra Lazaridou  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION: 1996 Meisterschüler 1994 Hochshule der Künste, Berlin-D, Dpt. Visual Communications Diploma

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2010 A-D Gallery, Athens, Greece, Within the Mind 2006 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Unborderville 2005 A-D Gallery, Athens, Greece, Unborderville 2004 Kouros Gallery, New York, NY, Sacred Shadows 2003 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Sacred Shadows 2001 A-D Gallery, Athens, Greece, Sacred & Poetic References 2000 A-D Gallery, Athens, Greece, Artificial Enemy 1999 Recalcati Arte Contemporanea, Torino, Italy, Tripticon, New Index 1998 Artforum Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, Air Chicago 1996 Show Centre of Hdk, Berlin, Germany, The Untruth 1994 Show Centre of Hdk, Berlin, Germany, Poetry of the Moment-Photographic References GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2012 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Behind Walls C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Summer ‘12 2010 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Summer ‘10 C.Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Wasteland 2009 Xippas Gallery, Athens, Realities & Plausibilities, curator: A. Moschovi Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece, 10 Aspects of Hellenic Photography curators, Jean-Pierre Giusto and V. Loakimidis Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Athens, Greece, Art Athina 09 2008 Theatre de la Photographie et de l Image, Nice, France, Aspects de la Photographie Hellenique, curators Jean-Pierre Giusto and V. Ioakimidis 2007 Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France, The Athens Effect, curator: Birgit Hoffmeister 2006 Fondatione Mudima Milano, Milan, Italy, The Athens Effect, curator: Birgit Hoffmeister C.Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Through The Lens II The Beltzios Collection, Trikala Greece, An Outing, curator S.Bahtsetzis 2004 C. Grimaldis Gallery” Baltimore, MD & “A-D Gallery” Athens, Art Athina Sala de Exposiciones, Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, Spain, Self-Aboutness, curator: Marilena Karra White Box , New York, NY, Every Day Hellas, curator: Heather

  • Eugene Leake (Estate)

  • Sunmi Lee

  • Jane Manus  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Ben Marcin  (+)

    Biography : Born 1958 Augsburg, Germany

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2013 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD 2003 Villa Julie College Gallery, Stevenson, MD 2002 World Trade Center, Baltimore, MD 1997 Chesapeake Gallery, Harford CC, Belair, MD Montpelier Cultural Center, Laurel MD 1996 Maryland Hall For the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 Castell Gallery, Asheville, SC, NEXT C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Summer ‘14 Center for the Arts, Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, Towson, MD, Artscape 2014: Home: Human = Cage: Cockatoo Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, Winchester MA, 20th Annual Juried Exhibition Corden | Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads To Another, Curated by Jessica Johnston. Houston Center for Photography, Photolucida presents Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads To Another, Curated by Jessica Johnston. Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL, The Enigmatic Object, curated by: Kyohei Abe of the DCCP and Caroline Picard 2013 Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University - Towson, MD, American Photography x2 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Summer ‘13 Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA Nepalese Academy of Fine Arts, Kathmandu, Nepal Newah Organization of American Convention in Silver Spring, MD 2012 FotoDC, Washington, D.C. Case[werks] Gallery, Baltimore, MD Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD, Sondheim Semi-Finalists 2011 FotoDC, Washington, D.C. Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD, Sondheim Semi-Finalists 2010 Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore MD, Sondheim Semi-Finalists Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO BCC - Dundalk, MD

  • Beverly McIver  (+)

    Biography : Beverly McIver’s paintings are a voyage in self-revelation from her earlier self-portraits in white face (the clown) to black face (confronting the black stereotype); to more recently, the unmasking of her skin, body and feelings as she explores her identity as an artist and as an African American. Her primary subjects are her family members, in particular her sister Renee and mother, who worked as a maid for fifty years. She is currently the Ebenshade Professor of the Practice in Studio Arts at Duke University. McIver has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, most notably the Rome Prize Fellowship, 2017; Purchase Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, 2017; Marie Walsh Sharpe Fellowship, 2012-2013 and 2003; Radcliffe Fellowship from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, 2002; Creative Capital Grant, 2002; John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2001; and the Anonymous Was A Woman Grant, 2000. Her work is in numerous public collections, including the Baltimore Museum of Art, Crocker Art Museum, North Carolina Museum of Art and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. In December 2011, HBO presented a feature length documentary about the life and painting of Beverly McIver, titled Raising Renee, directed and written by Jeanne Jordan and Steven Ascher and produced by West City Films.

    Also represented by:

  • Neil Meyerhoff

  • Raoul Middleman

  • Christopher Myers

  • Marja Pirilä  (+)

    Biography : Born 1957 Rovaniemi, Finland

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2015 Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland, Carried by Light (solo retrospective) En Écho, Beauvais, France, Les Photaumnales 2015 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, USA, Within/Without Photo London/ Lens Culture, London, UK The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland, Darkroom Museum Centre Vapriikki,Tampere, Finland, Six Artists on Tammerkoski Villa Roosa, Orimattila, Finland, Real/Unreal 2014 Galería Juan Pardo Heeren ICPNA, Lima, Peru, Bodies, Borders, Crossings Zebrastraat, Genth, Belgium, Rediscovered Photography, curator Stefaan De Wolf
 Maryland Art Place / Baltimore Washington International Airport, USA, Light touch, curator Liz Wells 2013 Preus Museum, Horten, Norway, Bodies, Borders, Crossings Pori Art Museum, Finland, Bodies, Borders, Crossings The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland, Photography into Art: Hannula & Hinkka Collection 2012 CRIO II Creativity World Biennale, curator Liana Brazil, Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Redesign and Urban Transformation Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallin, Estonia, Mazzano! – 20 years for Art TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere, Finland, Inner Landscapes Näsilinna, Tampere, Finland, Paths to Milavida 2011 Governors Island, NY, Bodies, Borders, Crossings Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland, Nature morte Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Finland, Water 5th Triennial of Photography, Hamburg, Germany
Northern Photographic Centre / Rantagallery, Oulu, Finland, Pirilä & Nuutinen 2010 Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere, Finland, 115th Exhibition of the Artists’ Association of Finland Gallery Menoparkas, Kaunas, Lithuania, Interior/Exterior

  • Caroline Ramersdorfer

  • Leland Rice  (+)

    Detailed Description : Renowned San Francisco-based artist Leland Rice operates as a documentarian, translator and archeologist through his texture-rich photographs, most famously of the graffiti on the now collapsed Berlin Wall. Tied to the concerns of art history's overlapping meanings through the visage of street art and photography, Rice's rich tableau of selections call to the forefront of our imaginations the content of our most common urban surfaces: the exclamations of culture found on every wall. As a historical note, this year is the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall.

  • John Ruppert  (+)

    Detailed Description : Utilizing inspiration from geological forces, architectural forms and the natural landscape, artist John Ruppert melds distinctions between these influences through his large installations, video projections, photographs and sculptural objects. Ruppert's sculptures have been exhibited in a number of environments, but are at their most powerful when seen in a natural landscape - animated by light, shadow and season.

  • Annette Sauermann  (+)

    Biography : Born 1957 Essen, Germany. Education: 1987 Visual communication, The Technical College of Aachen, Germany

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2015 Summer ‘15, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD Accrochage, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany 2014 Lichtspiele, Museum Biedermann, Donaueschingen, Germany (catalog) Licht und Energie, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany Weiss Inspiriert, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany 2013 Galerie Christian Fochem, Krefeld, Germany Summer ‘13, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD Solo Exhibition, Galerie Christian Fochem, Krefeld, Germany ArchiSkulptur, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn, Germany 2012 Künstler der Galerie und Neuentdeckungen, Galerie Linde Hollinger, Ladenburg, Germany 2011 Elements, Art Box, Thessaloniki, Greece Elements, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece Solo Exhibition, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece 2010 Summer ‘10, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD Elements, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel, Germany Jahre 10, Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, Germany

  • John Van Alstine

  • Jan Van Munster  (+)

    Biography : Biography: Born 1939 Gorinchem, Netherlands. Education: 1960 Institute of Applied Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1957 Academy of Visual Arts, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2015 Lekker licht [Nice and Light], Central Museum Utrecht, Netherlands Clouds, Mons, European Capital of Culture (BE) Pure Light, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary 2013 Lumineux! Dynamic! Grand Palais, Paris, France Ik hou van Holland [I Love Holland], Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Netherlands 2012 Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?, Maison Rouge, Paris, France 2011 Hollandse Meesters in de 21e eeuw [Dutch Masters in the 21st Century], Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2010 Thrice upon a time, Magasin 3, Konsthall, Stockholm (SE) Beeld Hal Werk [Sculpture Hall Work], Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Costas Varotsos

  • Bernar Venet  (+)

    Biography : Bernar Venet is a conceptual artist best known for his versatility in multiple mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, as well as stage design and musical composition. Venet became well known in the 1960s for his amorphous installations made by piling up loose gravel, coal, or asphalt; and “industrial paintings” from cardboard reliefs or tar. Shortly after, inspired by the works of Minimalist sculptors like Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and Carl Andre, Venet began to produce wall-mounted and freestanding metal sculptures. Among the best known are his torch-cut steel plates and beams resembling scribbles, lines, and arcs.

    Also represented by:

  • Joan Waltemath  (+)

    Biography : Born 1953 Nebraska, United States. Teaching Positions: 2010 – 2014 Director, Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2015 Bartha Contemporary, London, U.K., Expanded Field: Four New York Painters C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD, in the absence of grief (solo) Hionas Gallery, New York, NY, one does not negate the other (solo) 2014 Hionas Gallery, New York, NY, between level This Red Door, Kunsthalle Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY, G Gallery, Houston, TX, curated by B. Mac Adam, New York Woman 2013 Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, OR, Latencies (solo) Brooklyn, NY, Come Together Sandy: Surviving Sandy, Year 1 Susan Eley Fine Art, New York, NY, Paper Goods This Red Door at Reh-Kunst, Berlin, Germany, Works on Paper Schema Projects, Bushwick, NY, the dinwoodies (solo) Hewitt Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College, NY, Self-similarity in Math, Nature and Art Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY, Works on Paper Ventana, Brooklyn NY, curated by Mark Dagley, Banned in D.C. Das Kleine Museum, Kultur auf der Peunt, Weissenstadt, Germany, Invisible Collector Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany, >>Betreff 28<< 2012 Works on paper, von Bartha Contemporary, London, The Red Door, Galapagos, Brooklyn NY, Forays 2011 Peregrinprogram, Chicago, IL, Contingencies (solo) Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY, Drawn/Taped/Burned: Abstraction on Paper Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY, It’s all Good (Apocalypse Now) Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, The Artist as Collector: Olivier Mosset OK Harris, NY, AAA 75th Anniversary Exhibition Spaces, Cleveland, OH, Portability and Network 2010 Frederico Sève Gallery, New York, NY, The Machine Eats Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY, Winter Salon B Ressle 2009 Art-on, Bonn, Germany, passages/passagen (solo)


The gallery specializes in post WWII American and European art with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture.


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