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Cownose Rays - Mark Coreth

Mark Coreth Cownose Rays

Pothecary III -  Rupert Merton

Rupert Merton Pothecary III

Minotaur - Sophie Dickens

Sophie Dickens Minotaur

Praying Mantis - Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet Praying Mantis

Leopard Eyes - Rose Corcoran

Rose Corcoran Leopard Eyes

Contrappunto No.1 (Flamingo and frogs)
 - Nicola Lazzari

Nicola Lazzari Contrappunto No.1 (Flamingo and frogs)

Ipervanitas IV & V (Diptych) -  Sandra and Roberto Casagrande and Recalcati

Sandra and Roberto Casagrande and Recalcati Ipervanitas IV & V (Diptych)

Boxing Boy with Hat (No. 173) - Mario Dilitz

Mario Dilitz Boxing Boy with Hat (No. 173)

Still Water  -  Nic Fiddian Green

Nic Fiddian Green Still Water

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Casagrande and Recalcati  (+)

    Biography : Sandra Casagrande and Roberto Recalcati work together on every piece, sometimes moving from one to the other or meeting over another, a fascinating and unusual process that has to be seen to be believed. Until 2014 they cooperated with Costa Crociere and are now represented by the Sladmore where their first show with us was sold out before the opening night. “Ipervanitas is a reference to the traditional still life paintings of the XVII and XVIII centuries called "Vanitas" where the painters portray flowers and skulls and other ephemera in order to signify the passing of time and the delicate nature of existence. We add the prefix "Iper" because we wanted to rise above this idea and would like to think of our paintings as a celebration of the sensual fragility of life”.

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Painters

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Sandra and Roberto Casagrande and Recalcati - Ipervanitas IV & V (Diptych) Ipervanitas IV & V (Diptych)

  • Rose Corcoran  (+)

    Biography : Rose Corcoran studied History of Art at Edinburgh University (1991-1994), Fine Art at City and Guilds, London (1995-1998) and completed her Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in 2000. A period living in northern India in 1990 was formative in her development, when she established a close relationship with the sub-continent. She first saw tigers in the wild at Kahna (the setting of Kipling's 'Jungle Book'), where she was stunned and moved by the contrast with the tigers she had seen in captivity . The endangered status of these awesome animals became a passionate concern as she met the renowned animal campaigner Valmik Thapar, and through him visited Ranthambor. Rosie believes in making art for a purpose, and intends her work to highlight the magnificence of the nature she depicts, but also the terrifying fragility of its existence. As much as depicting individual animals, she aspires to evoke the essence and the vitality of the spieces in each image. Like her great predecessors in the depiction of animals, such as Rembrandt Bugatti, Antione-Louis Barye or George Stubbs, she seeks to convey movement and the potential for movement as well as the 'fearful symmetry' of her beasts and the very large scale of many of her drawings adds a further powerful Dimension to the work. Corcoran is an artist both deeply traditional and clearly contemporary. Her work is dedicated to a secure future for her animal subjects in their natural habitat, which also assures her own future in the wider art world.

    Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS 2014 Bold & Beautiful at Asprey London 2012 Wild & Wonderful at The Sladmore Gallery, London 2009 Spirit at The Sladmore Gallery, London 2007 The Others at The Sladmore Gallery, London 2007 The Others at Gerald Peters, New York & Santa Fe 2007 Instincts at The Sladmore Gallery, London 2004 Endangered at The Sladmore Gallery, London 2001 Galerie La Cymaise, Paris 2000 The Sladmore Gallery, London

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Drawing

    Artist's Objects:

    • Rose Corcoran - Leopard Eyes Leopard Eyes

  • Mark Coreth  (+)

    Biography : Mark Coreth was born in London in 1958 and was immediately dispatched to the family farm in the Kenyan highlands where the Equator ran through the house. Black and white Colobus monkeys leapt amongst the branches in the trees behind the house where leopard and cheetah also lived. This idyllic childhood surrounded by exotic Flora and Fauna fostered Mark's early and continuing passion for wildlife and the sculpting of it. After prep school in Kenya, Mark attended Ampleforth public school in the north of England and on leaving joined The Blues and Royals, serving with the Regiment as a regular officer. He has spent time in England, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland and the Falkland Islands during the 1982 hostilities. On his return to England he was commissioned to make a silver sculpture of his regiment's drum horse "Belisarius", for the Warrant Officer's Mess and later a second cast in bronze became the Household Cavalry's wedding present to The Duke and Duchess of York; his first commission, a taste of many more to come. He held his first exhibition at the Sladmore whilst still a serving soldier, and has now shown with the gallery for over 20 years. Mark has had no formal art school training, his ability is based quite simply on dedication and hard work coupled with an acute and perceptive eye, drawing heavily on experiences gained during his early years in Kenya, and regular sculptural safari's around the world , with his "Backpack Studio ". His sculptures reflect his instinctive understanding of the behaviour and physicalityof the animals he sculpts. Working with extraordinary speed, if the original plasticine or clay fails to speak to him within a couple of hours Mark destroys it and starts again. He captures violence, speed, and movement , or even tranquility and pathos with deceptive ease, and is now internationally recognised as the master sculptor of the animal in motion. As well as his regular one-man exhibitions at Sladmore Contemporary Mark shows regularl

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mark Coreth - Cownose Rays Cownose Rays

  • Sophie Dickens  (+)

    Biography : Sophie is the great, great granddaughter of the Victorian novelist Charles Dickens, who has won awards such as the Owen-Rowley Sculpture Prize and the Sculpture Prize at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The movement, vitality and exuberance calls to mind some aspects of the Vorticist movement in particular Henri Gaudier- Brzeska, but her sculptures are very much her own, created with superb technical craftsmanship. One of her collectors, Luke Syson, the New York based curator and art historian, says: “Dickens’ forms are bold – models of concentrated action – the surfaces almost architectural and the lines always graceful. I find her pieces powerful, funny, sexy, innocent and passionate "

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sophie Dickens  - Minotaur Minotaur

  • Mario Dilitz  (+)

    Biography : The ability to give expression to the human form, to transmit and translate its language is an ability, which the sculptor Mario Dilitz definitely has. He combines traditional sculptural knowledge and technical skills with contemporary issues and thereby manages to create sculptures of great intensity and appeal. His work does polarize. There is a contrast between the aesthetic beauty of his sculptures and the content of the issues, where a profound confrontation with the vagaries of human existence takes place. On the one hand Mario Dilitz manifests the contradictions occuring in human nature, on the other hand he knows to unite them in his work. Even his choice of material reveals these contradictions. His sculptures, most of them lifesized, are created out of high quality laminated wood. After a process of destruction and then construction the wood has reached a new form of stability, which wouldnʼt have been possible in its natural condition. This process is made visible by the joints of glue in the laminated wood. Mario Dilitz chooses red glue thereby signing his creations unmistakably.

    Exhibition : ARTFAIRS 2018 Contemporary Istanbul / Turkey 2018 Masterpiece London / UK 2018 VOLTA 14 / Basel /Switzerland 2018 Solo_Show@Art Karlsruhe / Germany 2018 KunstRAI Amsterdam / Netherlands 2017 SCOPE Miami Beach / USA 2017 Kunst 17 Zürich / Switzerland 2017 SWAB Barcelona / Spain 2017 Contemporary Istanbul / Turkey 2017 Masterpiece London / UK 2017 Art Bodensee / Messe Dornbirn / Austria 2017 Scope_Basel / Switzerland 2017 Scope New York / USA 2017 Art Karlsruhe / Germany 2017 London Art Fair / UK 2016 Contemporary Istanbul / Turkey 2016 ART Fair Cologne / Germany 2016 YIA Artfair / Paris / France 2016 Art Élysèes / Paris / France 2016 Crossroads Art Show / London / UK 2016 SWAB Barcelona / Spain 2016 Kunstsalon Burg Perchtoldsdorf / Vienna / Austria 2016 Art Bodensee / Messe Dornbirn / Austria 2016 Scope_Basel / Switzerland 2016 Art Austria / Leopoldmuseum Vienna / Austria 2016 Art Karlsruhe / Germany 2015 Slick art fair Paris / France 2015 Schweizerische Triennale der Skulptur / Bad Ragaz / Switzerland 2014 Slick art fair Paris / France 2012 One Artist Show / Art-Karlsruhe / Germany 2011 One Artist Show / Art-Karlsruhe / Germany 2011 Munich Contempo / Germany 2011 Contemporary-Art-Ruhr / Germany 2010 One Artist Show / Art Innsbruck / Austria 2010 Art Bodensee / Dornbirn / Austria 2010 Munich Contempo / Munich / Germany 2009 Art Innsbruck / Austria SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Contemporary Sladmore Gallery / London / UK 2017 Artdepot / Innsbruck / Austria 2016 Gallery Victor Lope / Barcelona / Spain 2015 Gallery LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects / Brussels / Belgium 2014 Mario Dilitz, Galleria Sacchetti / Ascona / Switzerland 2013 Gallery LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects / Brussels / Belgium 2012 Mario Dilitz, Galleria Sacchetti / Ascona / Switzerland 2010 Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne / Munich / Germany GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 Gallery Victor Lope / Barcelona / Spain 2017 Gallery LKFF / Brussels / Belgium 2016 Contemporary Sladmore Gallery / London / UK 2016 Gal

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mario Dilitz - Boxing Boy with Hat (No. 173) Boxing Boy with Hat (No. 173)

  • Nic Fiddian Green  (+)

    Biography : Nic Fiddian-Green has had many successful exhibitions both here and abroad in the many years the Sladmore has represented him, and whilst it is evident he still has an authentic affinity with the nineteenth and twentieth century masters also exhibited by the gallery - from Barye, Mene or Bonheur, to Bugatti, Degas and Frink. His growing international reputation testifies to the totally original and deeply involving nature of his work. Nic's expressive, often romantic equestrian studies are the main signature motif of his work, and they are spectacularly represented in recent exhibitions. The tenor of these works varies from the reposeful and meditative to the vibrant and near-violent. As with his illustrious predecessors, the training that led to his style has been a combination of formal art-college study and private, passionate self-teaching, absorbing lessons both from art and from nature. As a young art student in London, he was inspired by the Parthenon frieze at the British Museum. Later, time at a stables gave him the familiarity with living horse anatomy. Such are exactly the kinds of formative experience that created the great romantic and early modernist sculptors, as when Barye, versed in classical sculpture of the French collections, took to visiting the city's zoological gardens to draw the animals in life,or Bugatti's many hours spent at Antwerp zoo. Some discussion of Fiddian-Green's works has concentrated on whether he is romantic or classic in spirit. The truth is that he assimilates both these perennial human tendencies within a completely original and contemporary vision that is vital, exciting and modern. His sculpture has huge dynamism and animation, yet at the same time an underlying repose and calm. This paradox is encapsulated in the very technique by which he creates his pieces - the highly physical, raw form of his bronze casting. For Fiddian-Green has developed a strong and personal involvement with the processes of bronze casting. Ma

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Nic Fiddian Green - Still Water Still Water

  • Nicola Lazzari  (+)

    Biography : Trained as a painter and a sculptor Nicola fashions unusual narrative sculptures of a rare complexity and beauty. He incorporates self-portraits in many of the works, which have something of a renaissance quality to them, yet borrow also from Giacometti and other modern masters. Charming, intriguing, witty and exquisitely sculpted his bronzes have a keen international following. His “Boatman” fetched a record price at the Keeneland auction in Kentucky in 2014. Nicola Lazzari ‘s bronzes display the possibility that they might have been discovered rather than made, a vestige of some now lost world in which their exact meaning was clear.

    Exhibition : Sladmore Contemporary at London Art Fair 2017, Sladmore Contemporary The Mayfair Dog Show, Sladmore Contemporary, 2017 Nicola Lazzari - Fatti a Mano, Sladmore Contemporary, 2016

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    • Nicola Lazzari - Contrappunto No.1 (Flamingo and frogs)
Contrappunto No.1 (Flamingo and frogs)

  • Edouard Martinet  (+)

    Biography : Martinet has become the art world’s virtuoso insectophile, transforming parts culled from flea markets and car boot sales into exquisitely executed insect forms. What sets Edouard Martinet’s work apart is the brilliant formal clarity of his sculptures, and their extraordinary elegance of articulation. His degree of virtuosity is unique: he does not solder or weld parts. His sculptures are screwed together. This gives his forms an extra level of visual richness– but not in a way that merely conveys the dry precision of, say, a watchmaker. There is an X-Factor here. A graceful wit. This video on his working method featured on the National Geographic website and won the Vimeo staff pick award

    Detailed Description : Contemporary Sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    • Edouard Martinet - Praying Mantis Praying Mantis

  • Rupert Merton  (+)

    Biography : Rupert Merton is a potter based in South West London working in stoneware and porcelain fired in an electric kiln. He uses a wheel but also hand makes and alters shapes after throwing. He trained as an apprentice at Tingewick Pottery, read History of Art at Cambridge and later did a ceramic design course at Roehampton College. His careers have taken him from finance, to music producer, to established ceramicist. When Merton was ten years old he was given a tiny blue and white Chinese snuff bottle by an eccentric godfather. It was an unlikely but very successful present, and Merton likes to think that it was his reason for seeking out the pottery classes at Eton run by Gordon Baldwin. “We disagreed about almost everything. He made monochromatic abstract pieces – I wanted to make colourful oriental ceramics; he taught me sound technique and showed me that pottery did not have to be functional.” Presumably having succeeded in keeping his corner, Merton continued to accumulate knowledge and skill, with brief sojourns of ceramics between everything else – his apprenticeship at Tingewick Pottery, an art history degree at Cambridge, a course in ceramic design at Thames College, majolica earthenware and throwing pots in Tuscany. His interest has now settled on the more delicate and crisp stoneware and porcelain. His ceramics still have that colourful oriental flavour that has stayed with him since school. His arrangements, china cabinets that have emerged as contemporary wall installations, show the influence of the groupings of Rupert Spira, Gwen Hanssen and Edmund deWaal, but combined with the colours of Warhol and bright clarity of modern advertising. Merton’s installations stand out in their bold use of colour and the rhythms and patterns of his arrangements. He says that his discovery and understanding of Andy Warhol led him to the Velvet Underground and “15 years in the cauldron of the music business.” Music informs his installations, the repe

    Detailed Description : Contemporary sculptor

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Rupert Merton - Pothecary III Pothecary III


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