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Mirror- Glass - Ken Matsubara

Ken Matsubara Mirror- Glass

Mysterious Creature - Ai Makita

Ai Makita Mysterious Creature

Liquid nature  - Ai Makita

Ai Makita Liquid nature 

I just want to start a flame in
your heart - Ken Matsubara

Ken Matsubara I just want to start a flame in your heart

Dancing Table - Ken Matsubara

Ken Matsubara Dancing Table

N/A - Nobuaki Onishi

Nobuaki Onishi N/A

Liquid nature  - Ai Makita

Ai Makita Liquid nature 

Rainfall[Sax] - Ai Makita

Ai Makita Rainfall[Sax]

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Ai Makita  (+)

    Biography : 1985 Born in Chiba, Japan 2008 Tsukuba University, B.A. in Art and Design 2010~ Teaching painting for children after school at "Palette" 2013 Tokyo National University of Arts, M.A. in Art and Education 2014~ Professor of production of children’s literature in the Department of Early Childhood Education at Toky

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2017 “Gradation”, Gallery Vask, Manila 2017 “Moving”, Gallery Inage, Chiba 2015 “Behave As a Named Existense”, Roentgen Kunst Institut von Tsutomu Ikeuchi Gallery AG, Tokyo 2013 “13・17”, Ai Kowada Gallery, Tokyo “SIGNS OF LIFE”, Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo 2012 “jewels”, Gallery Kunimatsu, Tokyo Group Exhibitions 2016 “Chronicle,Chronicle! ”, Creative Center Osaka, Osaka 2015 “Speak Soft, Listen Hard ”, Gallery Underground, Manila “RAN-SHO KOH-JUTSU chapterⅥ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Gallery Ten, Kanazawa ”Sou-zou Kaigan INAGE”, Gallery Inage, Chiba “18th. Taro Okamoto Award”, Okamoto Taro Museum, Kanagawa 2014 “1st. Terrada Art Award”, T-Art Gallery, Tokyo “HYOH-BYOH KOH-JUTSU chapterⅤ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo “Summer Art Festival”, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo “The Future”, Gallery Nichido, Tokyo 2013 “TOH-KAI KOH-JUTSU chapterⅣ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo Graduation Show, Tokyo National University of The Arts, Tokyo 2012 “Art Award Next 2012”, Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo “C-DEPOT 2012 Tokyo-Yokohama”, Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama 2011 “Nine Colors”, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo “Ai Makita and Yoshiharu Makita: Parent and Child Exhibition”, Tokyu Nagano, Nagano “Exhibition C-DEPOT 2011 gravity”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

    Detailed Description : A fear for a corruption of this world motivates me to create artwork. Currently, there are severe issues created by human beings, such as environmental disruptions, the disaster of nuclear plant in Japan known as 3.11. At the same time, I am interested in the sublime how human being trying to reach the God by their technology. People have been seeking a perfect beauty and an absolute truth, by reproducing the artificial sublime. Our pursuit of convenient human life, modern society has gradually shifted towards an inhuman nature. Our technological advancement reaches the point, where people cannot handle with fully. I believe art is the only way to alter parts of the world, and this leads me to continue to produce pieces of art. I prefer to take time to change to life and influence people’s unconsciousness from creations rather than how politicians leave issues behind or ignore them. The role of artists is to create a present time from considering a time frame of the past, presence and future. I always aim my production to become a point leading to the future. J. Gilbert Rolf, a British art critic, pointed out that human creative activities have changed its feature throughout modern history, from painting by a “craft by hand” to what he called “the photographic”. Especially, it is important for me that an aspiration of the “modern sublime”, in which people have pursued artificial and homogeneous texture, represented by plastic and polyester. From my work, I depict pieces of work looking like photographs, expressing the “modern sublime” by using the mechanical objects how Rolf stated the “ordinal, artificial texture”.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Ai Makita - Rainfall[Sax] Rainfall[Sax]
    • Ai Makita - Liquid nature  Liquid nature 
    • Ai Makita - Mysterious Creature Mysterious Creature
    • Ai Makita - Liquid nature  Liquid nature 

  • Ken Matsubara  (+)

    Biography : Lives and works in Tokyo Japan 1949 Born in Tokyo Japan Until 1974 Musashino Art University Tokyo Japan

    Exhibition : select exhibitions 2018 | Cologne [de], COLLUMINA International Light Art Project 2017 | Tokyo [jp], MA2 Gallery 2017 | Oregon [us], Schneider Museum of Art 2017 | London/Ontario [ca], Museum London of Visual Art and Material Culture Since 1981 | regular exhibition practice worldwide

    Detailed Description : Ken Matsuabra’s artistic research focuses on the relationship between the present and the past. His film-objects are objects of everyday life that are extended by film projections. In doing so, he understands photography and the viewing of photographic material as a pendulum movement between the present and the past, between experience and memory.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Ken Matsubara - Mirror- Glass Mirror- Glass
    • Ken Matsubara - I just want to start a flame in
your heart I just want to start a flame in your heart
    • Ken Matsubara - Dancing Table Dancing Table

    Also represented by:

  • Nobuaki Onishi  (+)

    Biography : 1972 Born in Okayama prefecture,Japan. 1998 Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School program complated 2013 Studied in Germany by The Gotoh Memorial Foundation/

    Exhibition : 2017 “Through the looking-grass, and what she founds there” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo 2016 “Aki Eimizu & Nobuaki Onishi” Galerie Nicola von Senger AG , Zurich, Swiss 2014 "Takamatsu Contemporary Art Annual vol.04 Regarding the Reality" Takamatsu city museum of Art ,Takamatsu "What is Print?-Beyond the Border" Ichihara Lakeside Museum ,Chiba 2013TESTING GROUND : DISAPPEARING INTO ONE" Zabludowicz Collection,LONDON, U.K "Moon Salto" Studio +Plus, Berlin

    Detailed Description : Nobuaki Onishi created object by casting transparent resin into molds which were made out of object found in our daily life. Onishi then skillfully painted parts of his work in order to replicate a realistic look of the objects, and this leads his work to become a unique piece of art. He makes art which is hard to tell if it was real at first sight. He is interested to see how viewers respond to the superficial appearance of the objects and how they distinguish the artificial objects from the real. He uses these ideas to criticize the consumerism of modern society through his artwork.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Nobuaki Onishi - N/A N/A


MA2Gallery opened in Tokyo in 2006. The gallery devoted to the representation
of international contemporary artists.
The gallery exhibits established, mid-career and emerging artists whose
works in a variety of styles and a range of media that includes painting,
sculpture, photography and new media at the unique MA2Gallery space by
Japanese architect, Manabu Chiba.
The gallery has participateed in art fairs worldwide for showing in particular
seminal Japanese artists, who create contemporary art with distinct Japanese style.
MA2Gallery mission is to develop and promote gallery artist’s carrers and
support their projects, we belive that the works we presented can be shared
by people all over the world.


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