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134 x 176
Oil on cardboard
2013 - Carlo Aloë

Carlo Aloë Quotidien 134 x 176 Oil on cardboard 2013



Made off - Fredy hadorn

Fredy hadorn Made off
Alusion to Bernie madof


The antennas are mounted on the left and right side of the frame. They are old car antennas. The antennas are synchronized with the film. As soon as the antennas extend, the people start to run over the "bridge".

Schwarzes Haar (Black hair) - MARCK MARCK

MARCK MARCK Schwarzes Haar (Black hair)

Exhibiting Artists

  • Carlo Aloë  (+)

    Biography : Born 1939

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS

    2018 LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel
    2014 LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel
    2005/06 Salon des dessins, dessins à l’huile
    2003 Galerie Hans-Trudel-Haus, Basel
    2003 Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
    2000 Galerie Tony Wüthrich, Basel
    1997/98 Galerie Tony Wüthrich, Basel
    1996 Galerie Priska Meier, Zell, LU
    1994/95 Galerie Tony Wüthrich, Basel
    1989 Galerie Littmann, Basel, Katalog
    1989 Galerie Anton Meier, Genf, Katalog
    1988 Galerie Rosenberg, Zürich
    1988 Galerie Littmann, Basel
    1986 Galerie Littmann, Basel
    1986 Galerie Priska Meier, Zell, LU
    1985 Galerie Anton Meier, Genf
    1982 Galerie Anton Meier, Genf
    1982 Kunsthalle Basel, Katalog
    1981 Kunstmuseum Luzern, Publikation
    1981 Galerie der Stadt Kornwestheim, D
    1980 Stampa, Basel
    1979 Galerie Maurer, Zürich
    1976 Galerie Maurer, Zürich
    1976 Stampa Basel
    1971 Galerie 2016, Peseux
    1971 Space, Wiesbaden, D
    1971 Galerie Katakombe, Basel, «Landscapes»
    1968 Galerie Katakombe, Basel
    1968 Galerie Niklaus Knöll, Basel
    1966 Galerie Niklaus Knöll, Basel
    1966 Galerie Pater, Mailand, I
    1965 Galerie Katakombe, Basel
    1963 Galerie Niklaus Knöll, Basel
    1962 Lycéum-Club, Neuchâtel

    2011 LICHT FELD 11, Basel
    2011 Espace d’Art contemporain Fernet-Branca, St. Louis, F, mit Samuel Buri
    2010 LICHT FELD 10, Basel
    2009 LICHT FELD 9, Basel
    2009 40 ans Galérie 2016, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Neuchâtel
    2007 1967, Farnsburg, Ausstellungsraum, Klingental, Basel
    2006 Casaforte, Basel, 6 Werke 2006 Druck, Grafik, Künstler der Ateliergenossenschaft Basel Ausstellungsräume der Schule für Gestaltung, Basel
    2004 Littmann Kulturprojekte, Basel, «Punktleuchten»
    2003 Littmann Kulturprojekte, Basel, «Strassenbilder»
    2001 Littmann Kulturprojekte, Basel, «Frontside»
    1997 Galerie Tony Wüthrich, Basel, Ausgesuchte Werke
    1996 Galerie Tony Wüthrich, Basel, Editionen 1+2, mit Corsin Fontana
    1996 Musée des Beaux Arts, Mulhouse, mit A. Wiesendanger und Matthias Haeberli, Publikation
    1996 Musée d’Art et d’H

    Detailed Description :

    Artist's Objects:

    • Carlo Aloë - Quotidien
134 x 176
Oil on cardboard
2013 Quotidien 134 x 176 Oil on cardboard 2013

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  • Peter Dauphin genannt Muth  (+)

    Biography : 1978 - 1982 study of theater dramatics, art history and newer german literature in Nürnberg 1982 - 1988 study of free painting, advanced student 1984 artaward from the city of Fürth 1989 may - october, of the state of bavaria for „Cite international“ des Arts – Paris

    Exhibition : Exhibitions ex 1999

    1999 Dec. „Kunstwerk 2“ Nürnberg, Germany
    2000 Nov. Theater of Nürnberg, Germany
    2001 Oct. Palais Sutterheim, Erlangen, Germany
    2002 May Gallery Bernsteinzimmer, Nürnberg
    2002 July (contemporary art in Franken) artassociation Erlangen, Germany
    2002 Oct LICHT FELD 2 Exhibition, Nürnberg (ex. empty commercial center Nürnberg)
    2003 June LICHT FELD 3 Exhibition, Basel (formerly Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
    2003 Aug. Positions and tendez, Nürnberg
    2004 June LICHT FELD 4 Exhibition, Basel formerly Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
    2004 Nov. Feedback, Art academy, Nürnberg
    2005 June LICHT FELD 5 Exhibition, Basel (modern building from the architekts Zwimpfer
    Partner, Basel)
    2006 June LICHT FELD 6 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. Industry areal sulzer burckhardt)
    2007 Aug. LICHT FELD 7 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. American optical building)

    Exhibitions 10 comeing up

    2010 Sept. LICHT FELD 10 Exhibition, Basel (formerly. American optical building)
    Vernissage 18. Sept. 2008 19h

    Artfairs 07-10 represented by LICHT FELD

    2007 Dec. SCOPE Miami
    2008 March SCOPE NYC
    2008 June SCOPE Basel
    2008 July SCOPE Hamptons
    2008 Oct Contemporary Istanbul
    2008 Dec. SCOPE Miami
    2009 March SCOPE NYC
    2009 June SCOPE Basel
    2009 Dec. SCOPE Miami
    2010 March SCOPE NYC
    2019 December ArtMiami


    - Ellyn and Saul Dennison NJ, USA
    - GRANDE FINALE Collection and Artfabric, in France
    - Philip Berman, privat Collector New Jersey/Miami, USA
    - Ruedi Sutter, privat collector, Basel, Switzerland
    - K. Kovalenko, privat collector, NYC, USA

    Detailed Description : Peter Dauphin aka Muth, born in 1958 in Nuremberg is a master-class graduate of the academy of arts Nuremberg. He studied theater sciences and contemporary German literature. Muth works in three directions. His grand cityscapes of London, New York, Rio, Dubai etc. are fascinating views of Babylonian cities. The artist spends weeks roaming the target city experiencing its essence, comparable to a lone wolf driven by instinct, he ultimately creates picturesque large-scale projects of technical brilliance and almost maddening attention to detail. In the second work group "power and paralysis ", the artist is inspired by the old masters devoting himself to Delacroix, Vermeer, Cranach, Balthus and others. These are small scale works on canvas (50x70 or 70x50cm) depicting human suffering caused by tragedies and the incomprehensible pain humans can inflict upon each other. In Miami, we are proud to premier creations from Muth's third "work cycle"; The Fukushima series. This series of paintings was inspired by the recent Tsunami/Nuclear catastrophe giving birth to intensely beautiful images. Hidden within, revealing itself to the beholder upon a second or third glance, lies the tragedy itself, framed by the relentless human drive for reproduction. All of Muth's third cycle work is presented in the ancient Japanese Shunga style. Further examination, with an eye for detail, reveals various markers within the work expressing the artists rage towards a society incapable or unwilling to learn.

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  • Fredy hadorn  (+)

    Biography : Born 1960 After the School of Applied Arts in Basel and a 4 -year apprenticeship as decoration designers and a further training as advertising assistant he rediscovered the origin and power of the visual arts . In the formative years repeatedly active as an artist in secret , he decided to live his passion and founded in 2001 on the former industrial site “ Gundeldinger field “ in Basel , the exhibition series light field. For this art project that now exists for 16 years came in 2007, LICHT FELD Gallery His work has evolved over the years to actual conceptual art. Them as war, water, lust, death characterize his work. Hadorn is mainly active as an art mediator because as an artist since the inception of the gallery and President of the Association filter4. Nevertheless, he has set itself the goal every year to realize a work.

    Exhibition : Einzelausstellungen / Preise / Projekte2011 Eröffnung LICHT FELD Gallery2006 Initiant des Projektes FILTER 42003 Gundeldinger Feld. eoipso Arbeit für WINOMATvon Glenn Hürzeler (Hyperwerk Basel) Kulturprojekte 2001 Preisträger Kunstwettbewerb sun 21 mit der Arbeit«IMAGINE – THERE IS NO WATER»2001 Projektpartner bei CHinA (Ausstellungsserie CH-Kultur in Österreich)Initiant Ausstellungsserie LICHT FELD2000 Preisträger Kunstwettbewerb sun 21 mit der Arbeit «TRASHBACK» 1999 Preisträger Kunstwettbewerb sun21 mit der Arbeit «WERKKRAFTNATUR»1999 Handorgie 2, Galeriekeller Restaurant Aeschenplatz, Basel 1996 Goldenes Fass, Basel 1995 Handorgie 1, Galerie Götz, Basel 1993 Petite Four, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 1992 Atlantis, Basel Gruppenausstellungen2011 LICHT FELD 11, Basel2010 LICHT FELD 10, OpenArt Roveredo2009 LICHT FELD 9, OpenArt Roveredo.2008 LICHT FELD 8, Basel. OpenArt Roveredo.2007 LICHT FELD 7, Basel. Mediacampus, Zürich. OpenArt, Roveredo2006 LICHT FELD 6, Basel. OpenArt, Trii / Roveredo. Nürnberg, alte Dampfbäckerei 2005 LICHT FELD 5, Basel. OpenArt, Trii / Roveredo 2004 LICHT FELD 4, Basel. OpenArt, Trii / Roveredo 2003 LICHT FELD 3, Basel. OpenArt, Trii / Roveredo. Regionale, Basel 2002 LICHT FELD 2, Basel. LICHT FELD 2, Nürnberg 2001 LICHT FELD 1, Basel. LICHT FELD 1, NürnbergKunstmessen2011 SCOPE ArtShow, New York, Basel, Miami. Art Chicago2010 SCOPE ArtShow, New York, Basel and Miami. Slick Artfair Paris2009 SCOPE ArtShow, New York, Basel and Miami2008 SCOPE ArtShow, New York, Basel and Miami. Contemporary Istanbul2007 SCOPE ArtShow, Miami

    Artist's Objects:

    • Fredy hadorn - Made off Made off

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  • MARCK MARCK  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • MARCK MARCK - Schwarzes Haar (Black hair) Schwarzes Haar (Black hair)
    • MARCK MARCK - Antenne Antenne

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  • Tom Senn  (+)

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Other Represented Artists

  • Geneviève Morin



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