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Bubble Gum Series No.2 (Liz Taylor Eyes) -

Bubble Gum Series No.2 (Liz Taylor Eyes)

Coyoacan (Frida Kahlo Eyes) - BNS Mariano

BNS Mariano Coyoacan (Frida Kahlo Eyes)

Too Cool For School - BNS Mariano

BNS Mariano Too Cool For School
41 x 29 in, 104 x 74 cm
Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint, concrete, cardboard, and synthetic flower on wood

Unique work, signed

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Other Represented Artists

  • Lina Condes

    Biography : Lina Condes was born in Cherkassy, Ukraine in 1988. As an artist of a new generation, Lina Condes incorporates principles of bionic architecture and design into her work. Her sculptures reflect the emptiness and anonymity of common actions that have no attachment to color, creed, gender, religion, language or sexual orientation. They are hysterically self-aware and shameless in their straightforward crudity. Condes render her work via computer technology, but the end result is far from mechanized. She presents her figures as nameless, featureless entities performing a physical act that only living beings can observe and appreciate. Solo presentations of her work have been held at the M17 Contemporary Art Center and in the Trade Chamber of Ukraine in Kiev. In 2016, Lina Condes was awarded on “IEAA Best of International Emerging Artist Award” in Dubai (UAE). In 2017, Condes presented her solo project “Extraterrestrial Odyssey” at the Venice Biennale.

  • Florian Eymann

    Biography : Self-taught artist, Florian Eymann was born in Auxerre, France in 1980. He is best known for his oil paintings where he explores dark themes, and experiments with form and content by deconstructing and reinterpreting faces and expressions of the traditional portraiture. He makes the viewers discover that the representational standards can transcend by explosive and abstract touches of paint which partially camouflage the work and thus let the imagination be carried away. In 2018, Eymann’s works were shown with Avant Gallery at the Art New York art fair and SCOPE during Art Basel in Switzerland.

  • Skyler Grey

    Biography : Skyler Grey has become an eighteen-year-old contemporary art anomaly, often referred to as “The Fresh Prince of Street Art.” He is also sensationally known as the youngest artist ever to be internationally exhibited in art fairs including SCOPE during Art Basel in Switzerland, and Art Wynwood in Miami. In his paintings, Grey mashes images of pop culture icons such as Popeye, Olive Oyl, Mickey Mouse, and Wonder Woman, and fuses them with luxury and fashion iconography via inclusion of logos such as Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, allowing the artist to create his own commentary on what he considers Pop today. Inspired by, and often compared to contemporary art masters such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Keith Haring, Grey combines bold colors, silk-screening layers, acrylic, spray-paint, and touches of diamond dust, to create his own distinctive flair and style. Grey’s works have been acquired by celebrities including Hip-Hop artist The Game, Swizz Beats, and the pop singer, Ashlee Simpson. His works were exhibited at venues in London, Vancouver, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Dubai. In 2017, Grey was featured in Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” Art and Style Edition. Earlier in the same year his work was added to the permanent collection of the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

  • Will Kurtz

    Biography : Will Kurtz was born in Flint, Michigan and received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University in 1981. He practiced as a landscape architect for 25 years, throughout the United States and Canada. It wasn’t until he was in his mid thirties that he began creating art as a self-taught artist. Eventually his passion for art superseded landscape architecture and he moved to New York at the age of 50 to attend graduate school at the New York Academy of Art. After graduation with an MFA he was selected to remain and do a one-year fellowship. The artist has said: “Newspaper is my medium of choice because it gives a raw, imperfect, ephemeral quality that reminds us that we are only here on this Earth for a short while.” Will Kurtz had several solo and group shows in New York, Miami, Paris and Belgium. His works appear in many prominent collections around the world. Currently, he works and lives in New York city.

  • BNS  (+)

    Biography : Mariano, known by his tag BNS, is a Buenos Aires-born, Brooklyn-based street artist. BNS is best known for pulling pop cultural memes into a frenzied burst of color accompanied by dry humor, from bespoke-suited Stormtroopers to a tatted-out Mona Lisa. He uses aerosol paint, acrylic, and silkscreen to create his non-stationary murals and lustrous canvases. By including make-believe tattoos and lending tongue-in-cheek titles to his paintings, BNS is able to provide humorous commentary on popular culture. His canvases and murals appear in cities throughout the U.S., Spain, Australia, Russia and Argentina. In 2017, his work was shown with Avant Gallery at the international SCOPE Art Fairs in Miami and Basel, Switzerland, as well as Art Wynwood in Miami.

    Artist's Objects:

    • BNS Mariano - Too Cool For School Too Cool For School
    • BNS Mariano - Coyoacan (Frida Kahlo Eyes) Coyoacan (Frida Kahlo Eyes)


    Biography : Greek street artist STMTS is best known for the politically and emotionally charged, large-scale drawings of children he wheat pastes on various public buildings throughout Athens. Of his own motivations, the artist says: “I care about the social problems and more specifically about the kids and the new generations. The political circumstances affect all the problems of society, so they possibly also affect my work and inspiration.” Beginning with a lengthy pre-planning process in his studio where he makes repeated sketches of his subjects, he then takes the completed work to the street for pasting. STMTS deliberately chooses old and dilapidated walls for his work to draw the attention of spectators to the physical and economic conditions surrounding the work. STMTS has exhibited in the US and Europe, including shows at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago and The Onassis Cultural Center in Athens.

  • Jacqueline Suowari

    Biography : Born and based in Nigeria, Jacqueline Suowari is a full-time ballpoint pen artist and draughtswoman. Her foray into art started from the early age of five and for the past decade, she has stunned her ardent collectors with magnetic pieces which over time, have grown larger than life. Jacqueline is motivated by the power inherent in the intriguing art of drawing. The thousands of ballpoint pen strokes which make up every single piece of her work, reveal the countless hours which it takes to achieve perfection in her eyes, with a single piece sometimes taking several months to complete. In each painting, she combines various elements of design to share her experiences and inspiration with the viewers. Suowari has participated in select group exhibitions in her country and has been featured in notable domestic publications including Chukwuemeka Ben Bosah’s book “The Art of Nigerian Women”, which chronicles some of the best artists Nigeria has to offer.


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