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Perseverance (Table-Top), 2019 -  Carole Feuerman

Carole Feuerman Perseverance (Table-Top), 2019

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  • Kaï  (+)

    Biography : Los Angeles-based artist Kai has been called America’s “last street artist,” and is the future of alternative art at just 25 years old. A veteran of prestigious schools including L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, he is the only artist in America today to use a specialized technique to emboss an impression into cement. Kai’s work can be considered a social commentary on the most fundamental — yet often overlooked — trends​ ​in​ ​culture​ ​today. His work is now on display in leading cities including New York, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and he has been featured on countless covers of newspapers and magazines in recognition of his forward-thinking​ ​craft.

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS SOLO 2016 - Markowicz Fine Art - Modern relics Art Basel week 2014 - « Now Royalty » at Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA 2013 - Lab Art « Lost Values », Los Angeles, USA 2013 - Exhibit at Louvre Rivoli « Illegal », Paris, France 2012 - Now Royalty at Guetta Gallery GROUP 2015 FAAM urban art auction, Miami, USA The Revolution, Wall Street Gallery, New York, USA 2014 Art Basel at Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA Lab Art Texas Grand Opening, Texas, USA Tagliatelle NYC showing, New York, USA Lab ART, Los Angeles, USA Studio Bancs, Los Angeles, USA 2013 Art Basel Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA Tagliatelle NYC showing, New York, USA Solo Exhibit at Louvre Rivoli Illegal, Paris, France 2012 Lab Art, Los Angeles, USA Under Ground Gallery, Collinsville, USA

  • Metis Atash  (+)

    Biography : Fine Art artist, Metis Atash, is as dynamic as the pieces that she meticulously sketches, sculpts, and brings to life. German by nationality but truly a citizen of the world, Metis’s vast global travel to places far and wide eventually lead her to the location of Miami Beach. After successfully operating her own investor relations consultancy boutique in Munich, Germany in 2006, Metis, a graduate of political science and economics, decided to turn her devotion and passion for art, and design into the creation of one-of-a kind sculptures. Metis sculpts in fiberglass and uses acrylic paint, automotive lacquer and SWAROVSKI Crystals to enhance her pieces. All of her creations are subject to a multi-step process involving clay modeling, molding, sculpting, sanding and lacquering. The objective of her work is inspired by the ancient teachings of the DAOISM. The word DAO translates as "path" or "way" of life. Metis' pieces are aimed to be perceived as the mirror of our eternal souls. They showcase the duality in life and the merging of our inner beings with our physical beings. Metis’s fierce entrepreneurial spirit and gift for business has lead to the meteoric rise of her work in visibility around the globe. Her creations have been exhibited in select galleries and showrooms throughout the United States and Europe. Metis’s intention is to create pieces that breathe and exhale uniqueness and individuality. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and awards the living space with an aura of captivating experience. “In order to understand my work, one must understand my journey and my ongoing search to connect with something greater than myself... with the source of my inner being." Metis Atash

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  • Arno Elias

    Biography : Arno Elias, was born in Paris, France. He is a multi-talented musician, painter and photographer. Arno is known for his compositions of the globally renowned Buddha Bar music. Through his involvement with UNICEF, Arno composed the music for their worldwide campaign with Latin recording artist, Shakira. Arno is the only Artist in the history of Buddha Bar to have composed, and produced the first original Buddha Bar album titled, “BUDDHA BAR Nature”. Buddha Bar sold millions of his Albums worldwide, From 2001 to 2009, Arno produced and composed some of the most significant Buddha Bar classic hits such as Amor Amor, El Corazon, Guide Me… He was also chosen by Brigitte Bardot to compose special music for her Animal Rights "Brigitte Bardot Foundation" which was created to help protect animals from abuse. Arno’s creative talents did not stop at his prodigious musical career, but continued to his artistic career, leading him into the world of painting and photography. The European contemporary artists from the 60’s and 70’s and the American pop art movement inspired his work and working alongside such greats as Jean Paul Gaultier and Mario Testino in the fashion industry, further influenced and informed his creative direction. To date, Arno has exhibited in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Basel, Los Angeles. His work has been reviewed in ‘The New York Times’, PBS Television, U.S.A today, NBC, the Miami Herald, Miami Magazine, Florida International, Haute Living, and the Chicago Tribune. His paintings and photographs have been featured in Art Fairs throughout North America to include Scope Miami, Scope Basel, Art Chicago, and San Francisco Art Mrkt, Art Miami, as well as at the prestigious Art Basel Switzerland. He was commissioned by the St. Regis Hotel in NYC to create two unique works of arts for the hotel's permanent collection, one of which, is a painting of the founder John Jacob Astor IV,

  • Carole Feuerman  (+)

    Biography : Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealistic sculpture. Together with Duane Hanson and John De Andrea, Feuerman is one of the three artists that started the Hyperrealism movement in the late seventies by making sculptures portraying their models in a life-like manner. Dubbed ‘the reigning doyenne of super-realism’ by art historian John T. Spike, Feuerman has solidified her place in art history. Feuerman’s prolific career spans over four decades and four continents. Through her sculptures, she creates visual manifestations of the stories she decides to tell: of strength, survival, balance. She seeks to connect with her viewers on an intuitive level, evoking emotion and engagement. It is often the viewer’s participation, or the object/viewer relationship, that completes her stories. She has produced a rich body of work in the studio and the public realm. By combining conventional sculptural materials of steel, bronze, and resin, with more unconventional media like water, sound, and video, she creates hybrid works of intricate energy and psychology. She has taught, lectured, and given workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Columbia University, and Grounds for Sculpture. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation.

    Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Body as a Work of Art: More Than Skin Deep, The Health Museum, Houston, TX Swimmers: Carole Feuerman, Mass MOCA, Artist Book Foundation, North Adams, MA Carole Feuerman & Rabarama, 25 edition of Sculpture Link, Knokke-Heist, BE The Ripple Effect, Art New York, Markowicz Fine Art, New York, NY Carole Feuerman: London, Bel Air Fine Art. London, UK Strength, The National Hotel, Miami Beach, FL Art Affair at Culture Lab, West Palm Beach, FL 2017 Art Miami, Markowitz Fine Art, Miami, FL Bathers, Madison Gallery, La Jolla, CA Personal Structures open borders, ECC in conjunction with GAA Foundation, Bel-Air Fine Art, Giardino Della Marinaressa, Venice, IT L'Oro di Venissa, giardino dell'arte, Venissa Hotel, Fondamenta di Santa Caterina, 3, Burano, IT Swimmers, Liquid Art System, Piazza Umberto I, Capri, IT Relationships, San Clemente Palace Kempinski, Venice, IT New Work, Bel Air Fine Art, Campo Santo Stefano, Venice, IT Perception, Chashama Foundation in partnership with C24 Gallery, New York, NY International Sculpture Day 2017, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ Articles, Galerie des Lices, Saint-Tropez, FR New Works for Art Basel, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL 2016 The HuanTaiHu Museum, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, CN Hero and Leander, C24 Gallery, New York, NY Body of Work, DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL Perception, KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA Monumental Quan, Lotte Palace Hotel, NY The Golden Mean, The National Hotel, Miami, FL Swimmers, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL Rated X, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL Contemporary Istanbul, Aria Art Gallery, Istanbul Convention Center (ICEC) and the Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, TR Two Sculptures, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL New Work, Galerie Des Lices, Hotel de Paris, Saint-Tropez, FR Paradise in Paradiso, European Council of Art Foundation, 2016 International Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, IT 2015 Art Miami, C24 Gallery, Miami, FL Exploring The Twenties, National Hotel in M

    Detailed Description : Feuerman exhibits in private and public collections, sculpture parks, galleries, and museums worldwide. Her works are often integrated with architecture and landscaping in the creation or renovation of buildings and sites. An important example is her monumental ‘Double Diver’ spiraling 36 feet in the air, and permanently sited in Silicon Valley, owned by the City of Sunnyvale, California. ‘Survival of Serena’ has been exhibited by New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and was also recently chosen to be installed in Central Park for their celebration 'It's Happening! 50 Years of Public Art in NYC Parks'. Currently, it is being exhibited publicly in the Piazzetta in Capri, Italy. ‘Monumental Quan’ was first exhibited in the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan, next in the Venice Biennale and is current on the beach in Knokke, Belgium. One of Feuerman’s most recognizable pieces, ‘The Golden Mean’, is owned by the City of Peekskill, NY, and can be seen in Riverfront Green Park overlooking the Hudson River. There are four full-color monographs written about her work: Carole Feuerman Sculpture, both editions published by Hudson Hills Press; La Scultura incontra la Realtà, available in multiple languages; and Swimmers, published by The Artist Book Foundation. Her first swimmer, ‘Catalina,’ in included in A History of Western Art, published by Harry N. Abrams, and written by Anthony Mason and John T. Spike. Feuerman has had nine solo museum retrospectives, exhibited extensively worldwide, and is included in the permanent collections of 19 museums. In Italy, she exhibited in Palazzo Grazie in the Piazza della Repubblica in Florence, the Teatro Romano e Museo Civico in Fiesole, and the Musei di Rimini. In China, she has had solo shows in Hong Kong, the National Museum of China, and Huan Tai Hu Museum in the Jiangsu province. She has exhibited in Korea at the Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Daejeon Museum, and Suwon Museum. In

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Carole Feuerman - Perseverance (Table-Top), 2019 Perseverance (Table-Top), 2019

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  • Alain Godon  (+)

    Biography : Alain Godon was born 1 November 1964 in Bourges, France and learned to draw at the age of 11 in Achicourt, France at the side of his artist uncle. In 1985 he moved to Paris and then to Brighton (England) earning his living as a pavement graffiti artist. In 1988 in the French ski resort of Courchevel, he began the first period of what he refers to as "Infantine Art". By 1989 he had moved to Saint Tropez and started to paint his first oils on canvas. Alain currently lives in London. Of Godon's art, Jean-Pierre Delarge declares that it is "aligned with free figuration drawing on the caricature figures of his graffiti origins. His representations are simplistic, his colors vivid, his outlines defined by thin black strokes; his figuration achieves contour and definition in the composition of curved and straight lines. In 2009, Alain Godon founded the "Rendez-vous Annuel des Artistes de Demain" (an annual festival for artists of tomorrow). The event aims to exhibit up-and-coming artist both to the public and professionals helping these artists to attain a public profile and to access the commercial art world. Nearly 600 participants, representing all schools of contemporary art, will be attending the second festival taking place in Le Touquet in 2010. Through this initiative, Godon hopes to support unknown artists and offer them the opportunity to escape obscurity and achieve recognition.

    Exhibition : 1994: First personal exhibition at Le Palais de I`Europe in Le Touquet. 1996: Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery (Poliakoff, Herbin, Paul Jenkins…) in Le Touquet. 1997: Personal exhibition at the Lustman Gallery, rue Quincampoix, Paris. 1998: Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery in Lille, France. Exhibition at La Tour des Cardinaux Gallery in Iles sur Sargues, France. Purchase by the collector Guessas of a series of paintings for an exhibition in the United States. 1999: Private exhibition with Artcote in Paris, France. Exhibitions at the Krix Gallery, Amsterdam, the Guessas Gallery, Denver USA and a personal exhibition at La Tour des Cardinaux Gallery. Exhibitions of thirty paintings by the museum of Le Touquet for permanent and travelling exhibitions. 2000: Personal retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Le Touquet Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. 2001: Personal exhibition in the Great Hall of Lille City Hall. Exhibition in the National Assembly of France at the invitation of the Deputy Mayor Léonce Deprez. First partnership with Pascal Lansberg of the Lansberg Gallery, rue de Seine, Paris (Matisse, Magritte, Fernand Léger…). His painting "Jules Vernes" was accepted into the public collection of the Museums of France. 2002: Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. Private exhibition with Artcote, Paris. Private exhibition in Megève, France. 2003: Exhibition at Seine 51 Gallery, Paris. 2004: Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. Retrospective of one hundred paintings in the town hall of Le Touquet at the invitation of the Deputy Mayor Léonce Deprez. Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery, Lille. 2005: Personal exhibition at the Seine 51 Gallery, Paris. Travelled to Rhodes and studied the Greek community and its culture. At the request of Pascal Lansberg travelled to Bali, Indonesia and worked for two months on a series of oil paintings Exhibition at the Darga Gallery, Bali (Basquiat, To

  • Kai Guetta

    Biography : Born in Los Angeles, Kai was raised by a French-Tunisian father and Mexican-American mother. He is often referred to as America’s “last street artist,” and is the future of alternative art at just 25 years old. A veteran of prestigious schools including L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, he is the only artist in America today to use a specialized technique to emboss an impression into cement. Kai’s work can be considered a social commentary on the most fundamental — yet often overlooked — trends​ ​in​ ​culture​ ​today. His work is now on display in leading cities including New York, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, and he has been featured on countless covers of newspapers and magazines in recognition of his forward-thinking​ ​craft.

  • Sébastien Preschoux  (+)

    Biography : Sebastien Preschoux was born in 1974 in Paris. Deeply touched by the optical art, but also by the values of the teaching of the Bauhaus lauding an instruction centred on the fundamental value of the manual labor, Sébastien created indefatigably more and more complex drawings being able to compete with what a machine could produce in a few moments. By this approach he knew how to create a visual confusion at the spectator who can bring this last one to wonder about the origin (human or mechanical) of his works. But only while approaching the spectator will have been able to identify the stigmas of the passage of the human hand, the attitude which Sébastien names the reward of the curious. His work does not limit itself to a production in 2 dimensions, but finds a correspondence in 3 dimensions by means of thread installations, often realized in natural environment, so offering him a perfect freedom both in term of size and variety. For it he works in association with the photographer Ludovic LE COUSTER, who works with argentic cameras. During his previous personal exhibition «Mechanical Sensivity», in September, 2010, in David Bloch Gallery, Sébastien presented us a set of, sometimes complex, often hypnotic, drawings, including an exploration of the color while playing at most on the confusion between human or mechanical production.

    Exhibition : 2017 [ July ] : - COULEURS PLURIELLES (EXPOSITION COLLECTIVE) - 29 juillet - 17 septembre - Florence WAGNER Gallery (Le Touquet - FRANCE) - URBAN ART FAIR PARIS (art fair) - 30 juin - 3 juillet - David BLOCH Gallery (New-York - USA) [ June ] :- PJJ - (Installation) - 30 juin - 31 août - Palais de Tokyo (Paris - FRANCE) [ May ] : - CONSTRUCTION - (exposition collective) - 20 mai ñ 30 juin - Galerie Gilbert Dufois (Senlis - FRANCE) [ April ] : - URBAN ART FAIR PARIS (art fair) - 20 - 23 avril - ART IN THE GAME (Londres - UK) [ March ] : - TROPISME (exposition personnelle) - 10 mars - 9 avril - David BLOCH Gallery (Marrakech - MORROC) 2016 [ October ] : - EN-VIE - (exposition collective) - 20 octobre - 23 octobre - The French Art Dealer (Paris - FRANCE) - NUIT BLANCHE PARIS - (Installation) - 1er octobre - (Paris - FRANCE) [ September ] : - SENSITIVE EYE - (exposition collective) - 23 septembre - 17 octobre - David BLOCH Gallery (Marrakech - MAROC) - JAVA - (Installation) - 6 septembre - RENKLAME (Oslo - NORVEGE) [ June ] : - 14 ARTS (installation extérieure) - 12 juin - mairie du 14ème arrondissement (Paris - FRANCE) [ April ] : - URBAN ART FAIR (art fair) - 21- 24 avril - MMART Project (Paris - FRANCE) - FRENCH CONNECTION (exposition collective) - 1er avril - 7 mai - galerie SLIKA (Lyon - FRANCE) [ March ] : - SARAI (exposition collective) - 12 mars - 12 juin - David BLOCH Gallery (FES - MAROC) [ Feburary ] : - FRENCH CONNECTION (exposition collective) - 29 janvier - 27 février - Gallery Speerstra - (Paris - FRANCE) 2015 [ October ] : - YIA ART FAIR (exposition collective) - 22- 25 octobre - MMART Project (Paris - FRANCE) [ September ] : - SENSITIVE EYE (exposition collective) - 11 septembre - 3 octobre - David BLOCH Gallery (Marrakech - MAROC) - AUDI R8 (installation monumentale) - 5 au 12 septembre - Gillette Building - Curated par Vinny Olimpio, BBH London, (Londres - UK) - CAMPAIGN FOR WOOL (intervention artistique) - 25 au 27 septembre -

    Detailed Description : Sébastien Preschoux is a self-taught artist known for his handmade thread installations and geometric drawings. The main characteristic that differentiates his art among many contemporary aesthetical concepts is his insistence on manual labor. Drawing inspiration from the values of the Bauhaus movement that proclaims the fundamental importance of manual work, Preschoux tends to stay true to the notion and for in his opinion the only art that has sense is one that is handmade. An approach that is quite in a confrontation with contemporary culture in which technology prevails, is essential for his critique of arts and modern lifestyle.

  • Antoni TAPIES

  • Idan Zareski  (+)

    Biography : Idan was born in Haifa, Israel and he has French nationality. Life though, would take him through many countries, bearing witness to multiple races and cultures, which are now a fundamental element in his work. His efforts led him to understand, that his salvation had always been, literally, at his fingertips. Idan has never attended Art School or any sort of anatomy course. His gift came to him as a need, which he understood he could no longer resist. “I don’t plan or organize, I don’t draw sketches. My raw emotions serve as the only guide. Ninety percent of my creations are shaped in less than an hour. When I work, I feel in absolute communion with a force greater than myself”. Idan shapes his creations out of clay, water and fire, to later set them in bronze. He is still amazed by the fact that emotions cannot only take shape, but be shared, without a word... in absolute silence.

    Exhibition : 2015 Solo Show Panama, Steinmetz Contemporary, Panama Best of France – Times Square, New York, USA Sorpresa Event – Hotel Villa Caletas, Costa Rica Mouche Gallery – Beverly Hills, USA 2014 Village de marques – Nailloux, France Miami Art Garden – Miami, USA ValoArte, San Jose, Costa Rica NY Southampton, USA 2013/2014 - Avenida Escaau, Costa Rica 2012/2014 Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, USA Botanical Garden Miami Beach, USA Tore del Lago, Italy – Puccini Festival 2013 Context Miami, USA NAO Cartagena, Columbia 2012 Art Monaco Top Marques Monaco Scope Basel, Switzerland Art Miami Carla-Bayle, France 2011 Via Lindora Santa Ana, Costa Rica Metalogik - Hotel Villa Caletas/Zephyr Palace, Costa Rica Valoarte, Costa Rica Jacob Karpio, Who? ARTBO, Colombia Scope Miami, USA 2008 Mazeres, France

    Detailed Description : Idan Zareski's Bigfoot is a world traveler. He travels around the world to be exhibited. Already exposed in Latin America where he was conceived, and having recently finished his North American journey, he is now on his way to Europe and Asia. It is said that his last stop will be in Antarctica where an acoustic concert will be held in his honor for a select public of only penguins. It is a call for awareness that raises the essential questions of “who we are, and, where is it that we really live!” With its African roots and Latin American genealogy, Bigfoot is not a denunciation to racism, as it might first seem, on the contrary, it is a peaceful call for hope, for unity amongst the human race. His huge feet evoke the roots of our past, our anchor to this small fragile planet. Reminding humans that we are all from the same small world. His relaxed attitude and the appearance of contemplation that emanates from Bigfoot is a testimony: No matter what our race or color is, where we live or who we are, we are all enslaved to our paradisiac planet, our home. At ease in all continents, Bigfoot will carry his awareness message about cultural differences and origins in a peaceful way, without offending. Born out of the hands of a French-Israeli sculptor that lived in Africa, Europe, North America and now Latin America, Idan Zareski, a true globetrotter, has been immersed at an early age in the multicultural mold that makes up our beloved planet. His sculpture, a peaceful African with big feet, bares witness to human stupidity. It carries the odors of mass deportation, forced labor, slavery and abuse that countless cultures suffered through history.


Since 2010, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery has showcased an array of established international artists such as Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselman, Damian Hirst and Fernando Botero in addition to emerging artists with exceptional creative talent such as Richard Orlinski, Idan Zareski, Carole Feuerman, Metis Atash, Rudolf Burda and progressive street artist, Kai. Markowicz is also the exclusive agent to French artist, Alain Godon, showcasing works that represent his innovative Bildoreliefo technique. Located in the heart of the Miami Design District, Markowicz Fine Art Gallery has become a premier destination to visitors from all over the world.


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