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Sonia - Yigal OZERI

Yigal OZERI Sonia

A Morning in Havana -  Xiao GE

Xiao GE A Morning in Havana

2017-YF&FH-9 - Yefu WANG

Yefu WANG 2017-YF&FH-9

2017-YF&FH-8 - Yefu WANG

Yefu WANG 2017-YF&FH-8

A-35 - Qian Mei QU

Qian Mei QU A-35

A-41 - Qian Mei QU

Qian Mei QU A-41

Perfect Vacation 1 -   THEY

THEY Perfect Vacation 1

Country -   THEY

THEY Country

Increase one meter  -   THEY

THEY Increase one meter

Encounter in the coffee shop at night - Dan MA

Dan MA Encounter in the coffee shop at night

Mountains and Clouds - Yujie LIU

Yujie LIU Mountains and Clouds

N/A -  Chunhui KANG

Chunhui KANG N/A

N/A -  Chunhui KANG

Chunhui KANG N/A

N/A -  Chunhui KANG

Chunhui KANG N/A

The Birth of Venus - Yajuan HAN

Yajuan HAN The Birth of Venus

Worldview - Yajuan HAN

Yajuan HAN Worldview

A Flower it Seems -  Qian GAO

Qian GAO A Flower it Seems

"Not self-contradictory" -  Didi WU

Didi WU "Not self-contradictory"

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • GAO Qian  (+)

    Biography : Gao Qian (b. 1973 in Nanjing, China. In 1995, Gao Qian graduated from the Nanjing Art Institute with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Painting. In 1998, she obtained her master's degree from the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts of Chinese painting. From 1999 to 2012, she worked at Shanghai Museum of Art. In 2016, she obtained her PhD. From the Chinese National Academy of Arts, in the study of fine art. Gao Qian is currently working as a professional artist at the department of literature and art, Chinese National Academy of Arts. She is the artist at the national level. Graduate supervisor.

    Exhibition : JOINT EXHIBITIONS 2016 Herb Garden - Gao Qian and Yanzi Zhang, Miu Art Space, Shanghai, China Visiting Faery Caves - Gao Qian and Luo Ying, Sunyard Sincerenart, Hangzhou, China SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Reason in Art, Long Museum, Shanghai, China An Affinity with Iris—A Special Exhibition of Chinese Artists Traveling to France, Bridge 8 Art Space, Shanghai, China Loom - The Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China The Silk Road and Celestial Clothes, The Imperial Ancestral Temple Art Museum, Beijing, China 2017 Hangzhou Art Fair, Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China Temperature Ⅱ, Hangzhou, China Sinceren Art in Ink, Sunyard Art Work Exhibition, Sunyard·Sinceren Art Center, Hangzhou, China 137 KM, an Exhibition of Ink and Wash of Beijing and Tianjin, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin Han Yin Ju Hua - an Exhibition of Selective Works of Elaborate Style Painting from the Chinese National Academy of Arts, National Art Museum of China, Beijing Painting : 20 x 20, Hong Kong PHD Graduation Exhibition -Chinese National Academy of Arts, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing The Arts Creation Exhibition—Chinese National Academy of Arts, National Art Museum of China, Beijing 2016 Hangzhou Art Fair, Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center, Hangzhou, China Art Beijing 2016, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing An Exhibition of Chinese Painting of National Academy of Painting of China, National Academy Museum, Beijing The Tenth Exhibition of Chinese Elaborate Style Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing Opening the View wide: The Ecology of Ink Painting Art - Academic Invitational Exhibition of

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Qian GAO - A Flower it Seems A Flower it Seems

  • Xiao GE  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1969 in Nanjing, Lives and work in Nanjing

    Exhibition : Solo Show: 2017 – C-Space+Local, Beijing, 2 Group Show: 2017 - C-Space+Local, Beijing, Turning A deaf Ear Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai. COLLAGE: The Cards Players 2015 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, Before It All Starts 2014 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, PRESENT-ING RECITAL LOUDER THAN PAINT 2013 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, SOME LIKE IT HOT

    Detailed Description : Through all sorts of brilliant photographs, the artist Xiao Ge expresses his understanding of the world. There are many different types of photography, but when it touches upon someone’s memory, there is only the fleeting glimpse of a passing beauty – that glimpse of a “frightened goose flying off”, as the Chinese expression has it – and while that glimpse of beauty may not be the most amazing thing in the world, it belongs to that very someone; the magic of the photography consists of the capture of a real and objective “moment”. Xiao Ge, alias little garreteer, is an expert on painting and a photographer. He graduated from the Faculty of arts of the Jiangsu University. He has been Director General of the Center for Art and Culture of the Jinling (Nanjing) Hotel, Director of the Jiangsu Jinling Fine Arts Institute, and vice-chairman of the Nanjing city Professional Association of auctioneers, etc. Beginning in 1998, he set foot in Arts and Humanities, receiving the teachings of professors like Shao Huaze or Deng Wei. In 2017 he joined the Magnum Master Class, studying photography from Patrick Zachmann. While traveling around the world, Xiao Ge was attracted as a tourist by the local habits, customs, and mores of the places he visited. As a photographer, he is good at capturing those “moments” of the beauty of the earth. Xiao Ge was born in an artists’ family, he started to study at a very small age by listening and watching, seeing so many arts, past and present, while following his father, acquiring a very high aesthetic taste and creativity. Photography is a particular mean of expression; Xiao Ge through each of his vivid pictures expresses the symbolism, individual or collective, of society’s conscious travelers, his understanding of the societies and the habits and customs of the people. At the same time, of course, he wants to impress on his viewers his own artist’s thinking. The “Decisive moment” is a photographic artisti

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Xiao GE - A Morning in Havana A Morning in Havana

  • HAN Yajuan  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Yajuan HAN  - Worldview Worldview
    • Yajuan HAN  - The Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus

  • KANG Chunhui  (+)

    Biography : The value of Kang Chunhui’s work lies first in her uniqueness. She possesses a traditional sensibility, affirming the traditional rationality found in ink painting, while also expressing through her works a belief that tradition is not merely something to be respected, but also something to be developed in modern times. In her work, we see her attention to tradition, but a tradition that is living, that is open to development, as she successfully avoids allowing her creativity to become tethered to the past. Thus, in her eyes, tradition becomes a creative resource to be drawn upon, and her respect for tradition a personal principle that she upholds in the creation of her works. For example, when painting flowers, Kang Chunhui recreates nature in her work, recording the changes the flower undergoes from blooming to withering, condensing both the form and spirit of the living object into the ink she puts onto paper. In the words of GuKaizhi, her works demonstrate an instance of “transference in imagination bringing an unexpected acquisition,” as neither the form nor the spirit of the objects represented is neglected in her work.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Chunhui KANG - N/A N/A
    •  Chunhui KANG - N/A N/A
    •  Chunhui KANG - N/A N/A

  • LIU Yujie  (+)

    Biography : 1984 Born in Chongqing 2006 Graduated with an undergraduate degree from the oil painting department of the Sichuan fine arts institute 2009 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Oil Painting Department, MA Lives and works in Beijing

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions: 2013 Grand views form small images, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu 2008 ‘Radiance’, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Art Museum, Chongqing   Group Exhibitions: 2018 - Pursuing Art: The First Decade, 10 year anniversary of Amy Li Gallery, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China. 2016 - Neo-Perception, China's New Generation of Women Artists, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, State of Michigan, USA 2015 - 10th Shanghai BIENNALE 2014 City Pavilion: Urban Work & Shop, Jingan Kerry Centre, Shanghai "Luo Zhong Li scholarship" the 10th anniversary of the retrospective, CAFA ART MUSEUM, Beijing “Luo Zhong Li scholarship” the 10th anniversary of the retrospective, Luo Zhongli art Museum, Chongqing Key in Landscape, FM Art Space, Guangzhou Ruins of reality, misguided visions, AMY LI Gallery, Beijing Neo-Perception-China’s New Generation of Women Artists, Pearilam Galleries, Shanghai 2014 - She-Era, Time Art Museum, Beijing Chinese Contemporary Art of Excellence at Galaxy,Galaxy Macau, Macau Artists from Academy The first Invitational Exhibition of Oil-Painting, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai 2013 - Pure Views: New Painting from China, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan The Visual Rhetoric of the Young’ Generation, Jinji Lake Art Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Be Conscious of Yourself-The Experimental Practices from the oil Painting, Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou Art Sanya-2013 International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yalong Bay Flowers Gallery Please a Little Story, Hongkong Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing 2012 - Samadhi, Siemens Art Space, Beijing A Close-up and Meditation, Nest Art Center, Chengdu MicroGraph, L-art gallery, Chengdu CYAP Young Artist Support Program, Beijing Unlimi

    Detailed Description : Liu Yujie (b. 1984, Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China) is an easy-going fine slender maiden, but when she is painting she is extremely rational, persistent, serious; from two-dimensional to multi-dimensional works. Flat to voluminous, concrete to abstract, positive to negative space, her exceptional gift for sensing the physical and structural forces gives to initially monotonous space more accuracy and purity; the expression of her concepts do not decline into a rational way of thinking but can create a reasonable integration of the work and her self, with rigor and steadiness.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Yujie LIU - Mountains and Clouds Mountains and Clouds

  • MA Dan  (+)

    Biography : 1985 Born in Yunnan Province, China 2008 Bachelor of Art and Design, Art and Design Institute of Yunnan University 2011 Master of Arts, Art and Design Institute of Yunnan University Currently works and lives in Yunnan, China

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2014 Stage - Ma Dan Solo Exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2012 An Exploration From the Clouds, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2011 Lucky Field - Ma Dan Solo Exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China   Group Exhibitions 2014 Art Taipei, Amy Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Art Southampton, Amy Li Gallery, Southampton, NY, USA Asia Contemporary Art Show, Amy Li Gallery, Hong Kong, China Green and Natural Attitude, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming, China Art Beijing, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2013 Art Southampton, Amy Li Gallery, Southampton, NY, USA Art Beijing, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China Art Taipei, Amy Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Enlightened Nature, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2012 Context - Art Miami, Amy Li Gallery, Miami, USA Art Taipei, Amy Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Quiet Energy - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China Art Beijing, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China Modern road-Yunnan modern & Contemporary Art Exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2011 Art Asia Miami, Amy Li Gallery, Miami, USA Art Beijing, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China Art Taipei, Amy Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Young Art Taipei, Amy Li Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Chengdu Biennale 2011 - To Be Audience in Guishan - Yunnan Contemporary Art Special Exhibition, Chengdu, China Time and Sunlight - On the Other Side of the Clouds Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu,Blueroof Art Gallery, Chengdu, China Chinese Contemporary Art,Museum of the Orient, Lisbon, Portugal 2010 Art Asia Miami, Amy Li Gallery, Miami, USA Go! Yunnan Rice Noodles - Yunnan Young Artists’ Group Exhibition, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China Four Seasons·Spring, Yunnan Female Artists’ Exhibition, Nordica Gallery, Kunming, China Reshaping History 2000-2009, New Art of China Youth Invitational Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing , China 2009 Four Seasons·Winter - Yun

    Detailed Description : Life is short as if a dream. The enchanting sceneries Ma Dan creates are based on her self-recognition of sub-consciousness and her personal sentiment. This surrealistic style of naïve art explores the hidden fragments of memories and inspirational imagination, which takes an exclusive peek at her ego and selectively analyzes her surroundings. Her work is like an oxygen machine, controlling the breath of viewers; she possesses the purest innocence in the real world, speaking straight to the heart; and just like the little girl with her back to us in the paintings, Ma Dan is unique in the mundane world, thoughtfully staring into the distance.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Dan MA - Encounter in the coffee shop at night Encounter in the coffee shop at night

  • Yigal OZERI  (+)

    Biography : Yigal Ozeri (b.1958, Israel), currently lives and works in New York City, USA

    Exhibition : Selected Solo Exhibitions 2018 A New York Story, Louis Meisel Gallery, New York, USA 2017 The Storm, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel Dual Tones, Gallery Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany Recent Works, Opera Gallery London, England Selected Group Exhibitions 2016 Arena, Gallery Ernst Hilger , Vienna, Austria 2013 Photorealism 50 Years of Hyper realistic Painting, Traveling European Museum Show Hiperrealismo, Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru Art at The Core: The Intersection of Visual Art, Performance & Technology, HVCCA, Peekskill, NY Obsession, Eileen S Kaminsky Family Foundation, Jersey City, NJ

    Detailed Description : In recent years, the style of taking pictures first and then painting them on the canvas has become very popular. This genre, known as " Photorealistic " is as realistic as photographs. At first glance, Ozeri’s works appear to be photographed. Only after careful inspection does the viewer begin to see evidence of the brushstrokes that animate his lifelike paintings bringing an uninhibited sensibility to his work. Ozeri has taken the Photorealistic figurative painting to a new level of unsurpassed refinement. Aside from his mastery of technique, Ozeri’s work rejects the still and unemotional. His pieces meditate in the space between reality and fantasy and fill the gap between physical and metaphysical. The artist Ozeri is good at capturing the charm of women and using special painting techniques to make these faces appear on the paper with elaborate composition. Most of his inspiration comes from movies, full of fantasy and youth, his works appear almost like a dreamy reality, the look in the eyes of the girl seems ethereal and as his photograph reflects with nature, it makes people difficult to forget them.   Ozeri’s combination of hyper-realistic and abstraction result in paintings which are open for interpretation rather than merely being a skillful rendering of appearances. Making paintings that appeal to our senses. Ozeri also seeks to resolve the critical conflict that was at the heart of modernity; the disparity between traditional art forms and the emergent popular modes of representation that stemmed from photography, which threaten painting’s position as a principal means to model the representation of the real.   Ozeri’s painterly practice involves using the codes of portraiture to maximize the density of meaning accessible for himself and for the viewer. The artist alters the established protocols of photographic realism, creating pictures that serve as vehicles for awareness about what constitutes perception and how we apprehend, intimately

    Artist's Objects:

    • Yigal OZERI - Sonia Sonia

  • QU Qian Mei  (+)

    Biography : 956 Born in Rui An, Zhejiang province 1979 Studied in Rui An Normal College after artist QIU Yuren, major in painting. Participated in Youth Art Exhibition in Rui An hold by Rui An Bureau of Culture 1985 Resided in France, continued Chinese Painting creation 2001 Transformed to abstract painting 2008 Studied at China Central Academy of Fine Arts for mixed material research 2015 Studied at China Central Academy of Fine Arts for Tempera research

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2018 Beijing Foundation Art Museum “In Spring” 2017 Modern Gallery, Taiwan “Daily Spiritual Course” Beijing Foundation Art Museum “Daily Spiritual Course” 2016 Beijing Today Art Museum “The convert” Galerie NICHIDO ,Paris “Universe 2” 2015 Galerie Phillippe STAIBE, Shanghai “ Soul.Tibet” City Government of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, France “Universe 2” 2014 Asia Art Center, Beijing “ The Invisible and The Intangible” 2012 “Ciel, Terre et Temps” Invitation Exhibition held by UNESCO, Paris, France 2011 Shanghai Art Museum, “ Circumstances. Experiences” Modern Gallery, Taiwan “Circumstances. Experiences” 2010 Beijing Foundation Art Museum, “Circumstances. Experiences” 2008 ID Olympics Ville de Castellon, Spain “Voice of Peace” 2007 Naville Duke Palace, “Voice of Peace” Paris Foreign Church, “Voice of Peace” Nantes Congress Centre, France “Voice of Peace” “Hopes 2008” First Exhibition held by UNESCO, Paris, France 2004 People Gallery, Paris, “Nirvana”

    Artist's Objects:

    • Qian Mei QU - A-41 A-41
    • Qian Mei QU - A-35 A-35

  • THEY  (+)

    Biography : Lai Shengyu, born in 1978, got his Bachelor Degree of Fine Art (Print-making Department) in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, and his Master Degree in 2004. Yang Xiaogang, born in 1979, got his Bachelor Degree of Fine Art (Print-making Department) in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, and his Master Degree in 2005.

    Exhibition : Selected Publications 2014 THEY were interviewed and published by Chile's art magazine Arte al Límite, and selected into catalog SpotLight: 100 Contemporary Artists; 2013 THEY was selected by Emily Leisz Carr, who is a renowned art critic, curator, and professor of University of California, Berkeley, in her book 25 Contemporary Chinese Artists You Need to Know; 2012 THEY's painting was selected as the cover picture of The Next Generation: Young Chinese Artists, published by Prestel; 2010 THEY were selected by art historian Lv Peng’s Contemporary Art in 21st Century China, 2000-2010.   Awards and Prizes 2006 Best New Comer Award, Critics Award at China Contemporary Art & Literature Document Exhibition 2006 Nominated by CCAA Chinese Contemporary Art Award 2004 Outstanding Post-Graduate Work Award, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (Lai Shengyu) 2001 First Prize of the Okamatsu Family Art Fund of Japan, Gold Prize of Graduation Artwork at Central Academy of Fine Arts (Lai Shengyu) 1999 Gold Award at the Nokia Asia Pacific Region “I See the Future” Art Grand Prix (Yang Xiaogang)   Solo Exhibitions 2018 Crossing: Solo Exhibition of THEY, AMYLI Gallery, Beijing 2018 8 Immortals—Solo Exhibition of THEY, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai 2018 Mobile Theatre: THEY Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Singapore 2017 One World One Dream—Solo Exhibition of THEY Painting, Rong Bao Zhai(Hongkong Branch), Hongkong 2016 A Floating World—THEY Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Beijing 2015 Small Thought Exhibition of THEY, and Book Launch, Guangzhou Yuexiu Library, Guangzhou 2014 Outside Within—New Works by TA MEN, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai 2013 Leaving the Past in the River: THEY Solo Exhibition, Hunan Fine Arts Museum, Changsha 2012 Collective Memory: Works of THEY, Canvas International Art, Amstelveen, The Netherlands 2011 THEY Solo Exhibition, Beyond Art Space, Beijing 2009 THEY—The Lost Heaven, Museum of Hunan Province, China THEY, Canvas In

    Detailed Description : The artistic duo THEY set up by Yang Xiaogang and Lai Shengyu, has been constantly active and at the forefront of Chinese contemporary arts since 16 years ago when the duo was formed .The diverse art forms and unique style make them outstanding representatives amongst the Idea Art artists born in the 70s. They created a method of platform painting that allows them to open a dialogue between the duo and the canvas and to describe the profound influence of time and anxiety in modern time. They use a wide range of materials in their artworks, which is rare among contemporary artists. Through their keen grasp and profound interpretation of this day and age, they are widely recognized by international academics.

    Artist's Objects:

    •   THEY - Increase one meter Increase one meter
    •   THEY - Country Country
    •   THEY - Perfect Vacation 1 Perfect Vacation 1

  • Wang Yefu  (+)

    Biography : Wang Yefu (b. 1962, Xinjiang, China) works and lives in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. He graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.

    Exhibition : Group exhibition: 2018 "PURSUING ART: The First Decade"10-year anniversary exhibition of Amy Li Gallery, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China 2017 WOLF Amy Li Gallery, Beijing, China

    Detailed Description : Wang's creation invite us to look into his abstract conceptions, rigorous exigency for form, generalization of lines and structures, minimalist but subtle control of the image, spiritualized expression of the abstract space he appreciates the most, which is simple, straight or ward but also authentic in the extreme. He no longer applies the perspective law to his paintings, instead he accomplishes the spiritual discursive depiction with meaningful forms and subjective aesthetics instead; his abstraction is built upon the basis of non-representation. The form, media, space, color gamut, lines, lights and other forces together to fully output his abstract language. The unified representation of the positive and the negative concepts in the same pictorial space is also the phenomenal representation of the most vivid contrasts. The third period shows his current exploration for the individual spiritual space. The works of this period abandoned the design sense in the paintings and started to inquire the spiritual world generated from the artist's consciousness, in other words, spontaneity, introspection, innovation in standards and images. His aspiration for the unreal world of spirit has been formulated in a much more ideal way, silent, and simple yet profound.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Yefu WANG - 2017-YF&FH-8 2017-YF&FH-8
    • Yefu WANG - 2017-YF&FH-9 2017-YF&FH-9

  • WU Didi  (+)

    Biography : (b.1976, Chongqing, China) completed her postgraduate degree in oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art in 2004 and has been a lecturer at the Central Academy of Dramatic Art ever since. Her subject matters evolve from elements of traditional Chinese humanities. The artist had held solo exhibitions in Beijing and New York, and her previous important exhibitions include “CHINE NOW” (London, 2016), “Beyond the Mirror Phase” (Era of Art Museum, Beijing, 2016). “Wu Didi” (New York, 2015) and “Temperature of History” (Shanghai Museum of Art, China, 2015). The artist currently lives and works in Beijing.

    Exhibition : Solo Show: 2017 – C-Space+Local, Beijing, 2 Group Show: 2017 - C-Space+Local, Beijing, Turning A deaf Ear Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, COLLAGE: The Cards Players 2015 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, Before It All Starts 2014 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, PRESENT-ING RECITAL LOUDER THAN PAINT 2013 - Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, SOME LIKE IT HOT

    Detailed Description : Wu Didi draws the subject matter of her paintings from the simplest elements of nature, such as vines, bamboo, stones, insects, and weed. She gives each of her subjects a new life and a unique identity. The paintings serve as the artist’s poetic study to examine spirituality in humanity as well as her own meditative process during the long creative process. Wu Didi’s work serves as her poetic and pictorial study to examine spirituality in humanity. In her Still Life – Bamboo series, the bamboos are “bent” into different geometrical shapes; the unnatural forms are closed with split parts, conveying bamboo’s qualities of resilience and toughness. The subjects float in the middle of the canvases with an air of serenity, freezing in time and playing with the figurative within abstraction. By applying layers and layers of paint to the background, the resulting color reminisces that of celadon glazes, giving it texture and depth. The spaces she creates instantaneously project a spectacular visual appearance, transcendentally engaging the viewers and attracting them to explore further outside the visual dimensions. In China, stone collecting had traditionally been considered a reflection of the owner’s tastes and sophistication. It was well documented way back to the Song Dynasty, that famous poet and painter Mi Fu was fanatic in this hobby, studying all aspects of the stones from texture to luster, scents, and solidity, while the moss represents energy and vitality of every life form, however small or unnoticeable. Both of them coexist in peace, impacting nature in a humble manner, quietly demonstrating the wisdom of remaining calm and still which is much lacking in our current society.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Didi WU - "Not self-contradictory" "Not self-contradictory"


Amy Li who lived for many years in New York and Paris, opened her first gallery “Dialogue Space” in 2008 with a grand opening exhibition of Chinese and American artists including Lü Peng, Ma Liuming, Erin Kornfeld and Charles Schultz with the goal of promoting current art creations and the decoding of their artistic expressions.
5 years later the space renamed Amy Li Gallery, relocated in Caochangdi Art District on the outskirt of Beijing in a building design by internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei offering two exhibitions halls for a total of 800 sqm and staging 8 to 10 exhibitions a year of emerging and internationally established artists.
10 years later, from its first location at 22 Pinggod Art Plaza to its current location in Caochangdi, Amy Li Gallery is continuously devoted to offer a unique international platform for stimulating artistic expression with a rich program that features the work of talented artists such as Han Yajuan, Henning Olav Espedal, Wang Jianwei, Ma Dan, publishing as well exhibition catalogues.


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