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  • Pablo Dona  (+)

    Biography : Born in Argentina and based in Miami, Pablo Dona is renowned for his works in two and three dimensions that manifest the whimsy and joy inherent to childhood nostalgia. Often incorporating small figurines into his compositions, Dona harnesses both the aesthetic and tactile essences of a child’s play through materials that evoke pure sensory euphoria. Dona states of his work, “I aim to create a bridge to childhood, tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life, those that when seeing through the eyes of a child become magical.” Indeed, Dona’s playful materials inspire his viewers to experience the world first through their hearts rather than solely through their minds.

    Exhibition : Art Miami, Art Palm Beach, Unix NY, The Hamptons, Art SF

    Detailed Description : Mixed Media, Japanese Eraser, Tea pots, Gummy Bears, Aspirin

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  • Valeria Rocchiccioli  (+)

    Biography : Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Valeria Rocchiccioli uses mass-produced discarded objects as her main medium; Rocchiccioli's sculptures remind us that ordinary can become extraordinary. This is evident when the artist shifts the material's original intention of existence by weaving plastic bottles, caps and zip ties into unpredictable forms. The densely patterned and colorful sculptures draw inevitable comparisons to Sao Paulo's landscape, large population and diverse society. Valeria received a B.A. in Industrial Design from the school of Architecture and Communications, University Mackenzie, Sao Paulo. In 2008 the artist joined the University of Miami as a graduate student, Teaching Assistant and Instructor of Record, receiving her MFA in the spring of 2013. From 2013 to fall 2014 she has taught sculpture as an adjunct professor at New World School of the Arts (Miami Dade College). Between 2015 and 2018 Valeria spent her time between Europe, South America and United States where she conducted investigations, installations and work. Her works are in private collections in the Europe, South America and U.S.

    Exhibition : Valeria has exhibited in different occasions at American galleries, private collections and at the Lowe Art Museum where she received
    several awards, including 2012 "Juror Best in Show Award, MFA Candidates Exhibition", 2011 "Jean Ward
    Sculpture Award", 2010 "Dr. Marion F. Jefferson Award", and 2009 "Juror Choice Best in Show Award".

    Detailed Description : Mixed Media

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