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Ecriture(描法) No. 77-74 -

Ecriture(描法) No. 77-74

Umber-Blue - Hyong Keun Yun

Hyong Keun Yun Umber-Blue

Ecriture No.920502 - Seo-Bo Park

Seo-Bo Park Ecriture No.920502

Untitled 94-2-5 - Sang-Hwa Chung

Sang-Hwa Chung Untitled 94-2-5

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  • CHUNG, Sang Hwa  (+)

    Detailed Description : After Sang-Hwa Chung repeatedly employs the method of action consisting of “taking off/removing” and “re-painting,” small trace forms such as squares or triangles remain. This action of “formless” goes beyond the representation expression of pictorial dimension. That is, the subtle edges of the squares or triangles are created in the process of taking off the surface rather than painted directly onto the surface. They are subtle traces randomly generated in a series of “repeated” working processes as additional elements, and yet, at the same time, these vestiges are the clandestine essence of his oeuvre. Indubitably, Chung’s work deals with the awakening of the surface, or a reduction process toward the surface, through a logical and structural procedure. As much as the artist’s simple, repeated action is consistent, the colors on which he depends are quite limited, the main focus being given to the contrast of black and white; when blue and white are treated as gradation, dark brown tints are frequently visible. His recent work is characterized by blue hues; the tension in the contrast of black and white is replaced by the convergence of bright and transparent depth. There may be a compelling correspondence between the frequent use of blue color and blue sea, which he personally experienced, having been born in a harbor city and spending his adolescent years there. The artist most likely immersed himself in the sensibility and depth of blue color, which he directly observed. The shiny reflection on the surface of the water with sunlight overlaps on the surface of Chung’s work, which appears to create peaceful riffles. The artist cultivates his dreams while contemplating the blue sea and enduring the ages from a distance of time; he now looks back on the past of his traces as a form of meditation. - [The Surface of the Canvas as a Form of Contemplation: Sang-Hwa Chung’s Oeuvre], Kwang Su Oh (Art Critic)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sang-Hwa Chung - Untitled 94-2-5 Untitled 94-2-5

  • HA, Chong Hyun  (+)

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2012 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea 2010 Severance Art Space, Seoul, Korea 2009 Seok Gallery, Daegu, Korea Winter Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany 2008 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2004 Gallery Bizutsu Sekai, Tokyo, Japan 2003 Mudima Fondation for Contemporary Art, Milano, Italy 2002 Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea 2001 Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1999 Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, France 1997 Samtuh Gallery, Seoul, Korea Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1996 Biever-Risch Gallery, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1995 Hanlim Gallery, Daejeon, Korea 1994 Waserman Gallery, Munich, Germany 1992 Nabis Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1990 Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1985 Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1984 Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 1979 Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1977 Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea Group Exhibitions 2015 The Art of DANSAEKHWA, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy 2014 From all Sides : TANSAEKHWA on Abstraction, Blum and Poe, L.A, U.S.A The Art of DANSAEKHWA, Kukje Gallery, Seoul. 2012 Dansaekhwa: Korean Monochrome Painting, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea 2011 Qi is Full, The Opening Exhibition of Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea 2009 Monochrome Art in Korea, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China 2008 Korean Abstract Art 1958-2008, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea The Color of Nature: Monochrome Art in Korea, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2007 Contemplation on a Space, Gana Art Busan, Busan, Korea Abstract Art: Amusement on the Border, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2004 Korean Contemporary Paintings: Past and Now, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2003 The Seoul Art Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2002 Age of Philosophy & Aesthetics, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea 2001 Development of the Korean Contemporary Art, National

  • KWON, Yong Woo  (+)

    Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Blum & Poe, New York, UA 2015 Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2014 The 1st Memorial Exhibition: Kwon Young-woo, Gallery EM, Seoul, Korea 2007 Kwon Young-woo Retrospective: , Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 2004 Gwangju Art Award, Gwangju, Korea Suga Gallery, Busan, Korea 2002 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2000 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITONS 2015 Korean Abstract Painting- 45th Anniversary of Gallery Hyundai, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea Dansaekhwa, Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice, Italy 2014 The Artistic Spirits of Modern Artists on Paper, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea From All Sides: Tansaekhwa on Abstraction, Blum & Poe, LA, USA 2012 Dansaekhwa in Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea The 33th Fine Art Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea 2011 23 Artists of the Year, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea Chang Chang Life, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea 2010 Korean&Japanese Contemporary Art, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea The 32th Fine Art Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea 2009 Korea-South America Contemporary Art, Gallery Bellarte, Seoul, Korea The 31th Fine Art Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea 2008 The 30th Fine Art Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea 2007 Hangookhwa 1953-2007, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea Korea Art Center, Busan, Korea Woljeon Museum of Art, Icheon, Korea The 29th Fine Art Exhibition, National Academy of Arts, Seoul, Korea 2006 Korean&Japanese Contemporary Art, Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea Th

  • LEE, Ufan  (+)

    Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia 2016 Château La Coste, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France 2016 Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, France 2015 Pace Gallery New York, USA/London, UK/Hong Kong 2015 Lisson Gallery, London 2015 Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice 2015 Pace Gallery, New York 2014 Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2014 Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2014 Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France 2013 Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France 2012 Asia Society, Houston 2011 SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo 2011 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York 2010 Galeria Elvira Gonzalez, Madrid 2009 Kukje Gallery, Seoul 2009 Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris 2008 The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels 2008 Pace Wildenstein, New York 2008 Dahlem Museum, Berlin 2007 Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna 2007 52nd La Biennale di Venezia, palazzo Palumbo Fossati, Venice 2006 Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp 2005 Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama 2005 Musée d’Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne 2004 Musée Fernet Branca St.Louis, Alsace 2003 Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul 2002, 07 SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo 2001 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITONS 2016 When Process Becomes Form: Dansaekhwa and Korean Abstraction, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium 2016 Dansaekhwa& Minimalism, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles/ New York, USA 2016 Reminiscing on Past Times…, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju, Korea 2016 ​The Earth, Fire and Spirit, Grand Palais, Paris, France 2015 Enrico Castellani and Lee Ufan: Surgaceset Correspondences, Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, Italy 2015 Korean Abstract Painting: 45th Anniversary of Gallery Hyundai, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 2015 Dansaekhwa, Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice 2015 Avant Garde Asia: Lines of Korean Masters, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, H

    Also represented by:

  • HunChung LEE  (+)

    Exhibition : SOLO SHOW 2016 Hun Chung Lee: The Act of Artwork, R & Company, New York 2014 Lee Hun Chung - The 26th Journey: Hands, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul GROUP SHOW 2016 Blue Heaven by Tony Ingrao, R & Company, New York 2016 Pop Art: ‘A Catalyst for Dreams,’ Abstraction and Figuration, Collective by Jeff Lincoln, Southampton 2016 Naturalism: In Modernization and Destruction, SEOMI International, Los Angeles 2015 A Case Study in Lighting, SEOMI International, Los Angeles 2015 Living in Art III: Metamorphosis, SEOMI International, Los Angeles 2015 KOREA NOW! CRAFT, DESIGN, FASHION AND GRAPHIC DESIGN IN KOREA, SEOMI International, Seoul 2015 Living in Art II: Connect, SEOMI International, Los Angeles 2015 Living in Art I: Let's Art, SEOMI International, Los Angeles 2014 PAINTING NOT PAINTING, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul 2014 Korean Contemporary Design: Kang Myung Sun, Bae Se Hwa, Bahk Jong Sun and Lee Hun Chung, Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art LLC, New York 2013 Contemporary Korean Design 2, R & Company, New York

  • PARK, Seo-Bo  (+)

    Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 (upcoming) Tina Kim Gallery, New York Empty the Mind: The Art of Park Seo-Bo, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo White Cube Gallery, London Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong 2015 Galerie Perrotin, New York Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon Johyun Gallery, Busan 2014 Galerie Perrotin, Paris 2012 Daegue Art Museum, Daegue 2010-2011 KUKJE Gallery, Seoul Park, Seo-Bo, a Forerunner of Korean Avant-garde: Record His 60 years, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan Johyun Gallery, Busan 2010 ART TAIPEPI 2010, Wellside Gallery(Booth NO.43), Taipei 2008 “Empty the mind”, Gallery ARARIO NEW YORK, NEW YORK “Empty the mind”, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai. 2007 PARK, SEO-BO Today Playing with Color, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan. Gallery ARARIO BEIJING, Beijing. 2006 Cabinet des Dessins, Musée D ‘art Moderne, Saint-Etienne Métropole, Saint-Etienne. 2002 REMBA Gallery, LA. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITONS 2016 New Beginnings: Between Gesture and Geometry, Athens Dansaekhwa and Minimalism, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, New York Dansaekhwa, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels Dansaekhwa: The Adventure of Korean Monochrome from 70s to today, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Bignan 2015 Dansaekhwa, Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice Avant Garde Asia: Lines of Korean Masters, Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery, Hong Kong 2014 The Art of Dansaekhwa, Kukje Gallery, Seoul 2014 From All Sides: Tansaekhwa on Abstraction, Blum & Poe, LA 2010-11 Soul of Line, Ungno Lee Museum of Art, Daejeon 2010 FIAC 2010, Kukje Gallery, Grand Palais & Louvre, Paris Special Planned Exhibition Clayarch Gimhae Museum 2010 ‘OFF THE WALL’ Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae The Opening Exhibition of Seongbuk Museum of Art ‘The PRESENCE’, Seongbuk Museum of Art, Seoul ART HK 2010 (Hong Kong International Art Fair), Keumsan Gallery (Booth No.04), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Cente

    Artist's Objects:

    • Seo-Bo Park - Ecriture No.920502 Ecriture No.920502

  • YUN, Hyong Keun  (+)

    Detailed Description : Modern Korean art masters and their monochrome paintings are getting attention internationally. An official from Christie's office in Korea said most of the works were traded at higher prices than estimates. "Collectors from various regions showed interest in Korean modern and contemporary art," the official said. >>For more information, please click and see the news article by Kwon Mee-yoo Among them, Yun Hyong-keun(1928-2007) has long obtained a significant attention from Korean arts arena, Dansaekhwa, which roughly translates to “monochrome painting,” with his characteristic practice and unrelenting passion for arts. Yun Hyong-keun was influenced by the aesthetic concept of Informel during the period of Korea's abstract expressionism in the late 1950s, created expressionist paintings drawn by vertical painting gestures in the early 1960s. From the 1970s, he produced abstract paintings consisting of color surfaces or belts, then drew paintings using only green tea and blue colors as he gradually minimized the colors. His major work series are "Umber-Blue." *Dansaekhwa was initially conceived as a reaction to the ponderous academic style of the National Art Exhibition and a clarion call to responding to the wider philosophical concerns embodied by abstract art movements elsewhere in the world. Although Dansaekhwa partially emerged out of a respect for and desire to vindicate the strengths of indigenous Korean materials, such as raw burlap, hemp, and tak and hanji paper, what really distinguished it from other abstract traditions was its focused studio process that functioned almost as a form of hyper-aware meditation.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Hyong Keun Yun - Umber-Blue Umber-Blue


Modern and Contemporary Art, Dansaekhwa, Tansaekhwa


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