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p1712-Electronic Nostalgia - Young Hun Kim

Young Hun Kim p1712-Electronic Nostalgia

Porcelain Bowl (Joseon)  - Sang Min  Lee

Sang Min Lee Porcelain Bowl (Joseon)

N/A - Jun Young Kang

Jun Young Kang N/A

N/A - Jun Young Kang

Jun Young Kang N/A

Halo 16-0316 -  Hyung-Dae Kim

Hyung-Dae Kim Halo 16-0316

There is no essence-Buddha -  Ho Yoon Shin

Ho Yoon Shin There is no essence-Buddha

Halo 15-0214 -  Hyung-Dae Kim

Hyung-Dae Kim Halo 15-0214

Floating view10100x100cm_mixed media on cavas_2017 -  Yu Sob Kim

Yu Sob Kim Floating view10100x100cm_mixed media on cavas_2017

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Jun Young Kang  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jun Young Kang  - N/A N/A
    • Jun Young Kang  - N/A N/A

  • Young Hun Kim  (+)

    Exhibition : Solo exhibitions 2016 KIM YOUNG-HUN - VIRTUAL SCAPE , Choiandlager Gallery. Korea 2016 Noise-Electronic Nostalgia, Gail Art Museum. Gapyung, Korea 2013 Cloud Map, Space K, Daegu, Korea 2012 Cloud Map, ZAHA Museum, Seoul, Korea Cloud Map, Nuovo gallery, Daegu, Korea

    Detailed Description : Kim’s works are about mapping the virtual realities. He sometimes maps 2 dimensional images into a 3 dimensional way to make digital images look more realistic, othertimes he maps this modern landscape where the real and the virtual are mingled together. However, the artist uses traditional painting materials to express his digital landscapes rather than with a computer. He often uses Hyeokpil (drawing with a brush-like leather with Korean traditional ink) style multi-colored parallel lines, sometimes blurred. Clouds between the reality and the virtual world, and those that appear in Kim’s works all bloom at the border of digital and analog, future and past, concrete and abstract, melody and noise, and me and others. Beyond the clouds are the hidden truths or signs of the future yet to come.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Young Hun Kim - p1712-Electronic Nostalgia p1712-Electronic Nostalgia

  • Yu Sob Kim  (+)

    Biography : Education 1978 Abschluss der High School, Chosun University Kwangju 1983 Abschluss Department of Fine Art, Chosun University Kwangju 1991 Zeichung,Drucktechnik, Kunsthochschule Ostberlin 1995 Abschluss Hochschule der Künste Berlin, Meisterschüler von Prof. Wolfgang Petrick 2001 Graduate School, Chosun Univerity Kwangju 2007 Gastprofesor for Painting, Udk Berlin, Germany

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 1987 „Ich, Kim, Yusob“, Zeichnungen, HdK Florgalerie, Berlin 1994 „Schwarze Malerei“, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin 2001 „Bis hierher und weiter“, Gana Openspace, Seoul 2002 „Members only“, Kyunggi Culture and Arts Foundation, Gallery Jauro, Illsan 2003 „Die Verteidigung“, Maronnier Arts Center, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul 2004 „Limit and boundary“, Gallery Baiksong, Seoul 2005 „Four views of Cutting Edge“, Gallery Baiksong, Seoul “schwarze Bilder" Stadt Museum Ephraim-Palais, Berlin 2006 “Drawings” Yongin Culture and Arts Center, Yongin/ Korea 2007 “Energy Fields”, Michael Schultz Gallery, Seoul / Korea 2008 „Der Mensch im Quadrat“, (mit Feng Lu), Kunstkabinett Regensubrg 2009 “Pieces of Paradise” Michael Schultz Gallery, Seoul / Korea 2010 Mountain Paradise Zyklus, Galerie CAS, Salzburg / Österreich Openart/ Pieces of Paradise, Galerie Helmut Leger, Muenchen 2011 “Gebanntes Licht” Michael Schultz Gallery, Berlin floating view, Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul / Korea 2012 Mountain Paradise Zyklus, Galerie CAS, Salzburg / Österreich Energy Development, Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany Energy Fields, Gallery s.e, Bergen, Norway Spirit-Pure, Gallery Gahoedong60, Seoul, Korea 2013 piece of Paradise, Gallery Namu, Busan From Time to time, Chonbuk National Univ. Arts Center, Jeonju, Korea 2014 Energy Flash, Gallery Schultz Contemporary,Berlin, Germany Time to Time, Aramruri Arts Center, Illsan, Korea Transmission, Anni Galllery, Seoul Primal Landscape, Kwangju Museum of Art, Sangrok Exhibition Hall, Kwangju,, 2015 Color Field, Gallery Pirang, Heyri Paju 2017 floating view, Gallery Riche, Gwangju, Korea Group Exhibitions / Selected 1996 experimentelle Druckgrafik mit Jim Dine 2000 „Flower and Art“, Goyang world exhibition hall, Illsan, Kwangju District Court Exhibition, Kwangju District

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Yu Sob Kim - Floating view10100x100cm_mixed media on cavas_2017 Floating view10100x100cm_mixed media on cavas_2017

  • Hyung-Dae Kim  (+)

    Biography : 1936 Born in Osan, South Korea 1961 Graduated Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University 1977~2002 Professor of Department of Western Painting, College of Formative Arts, Ehwa Women's University, Korea

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2016 Korean Contemporary Artist Series kim Hyung-Dae Retrospective 2003 Gana Art Center (Seoul) 2001 Youngeun Museum (Kwangju) 1965 The Press Center Gallery (Seoul) 1968 Shinsegye Art Museum 1984 Shiroda Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) 1991 Gallery Hyundai (Seoul) 1993 Andre Zalet Gallery (New York) Elga Wimmer Gallery (New York 1994) 1995 Aggie Arachi Gallery (Paris) Manif Hangaram Art Hall (Seoul) 1996 Park Yeong-deok Gallery (Seoul) '96 KUNSTRAI Art Fair. Gallery Mareucent (Amsterdam. Netherlands) 1998 TOTAL Gallery (Seoul) 1999 Gallery In (Seoul) Group Exhibition 1971 Carpi International International Woodcut Print Exhibition (Italy) 1974 Today's Asia Art Exhibition (Italy) 1981 Korea Contemporary Woodcut Print Exhibition 1981-82 (Denmark) 1982 India Triennial (India) The 2nd Space International Print Exhibition (Space Arg Gallery) 1983 Korea Contemporary Art Fair (Milano. Italy) The 4th Seoul International Woodcut Print Biennale (National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Korea. Seoul) 1984 The 16th Cagnes International Painting Exhibition (France) 1985 The 2nd Taiwan International Print Double Year Exhibition 쌍년전 (Taipei City Gallery) 1986 Adventure into Print '86 (Hokkaido Province Modern Art Gallery. Japan) 1989 The 4th Chinese International Print Exhibition (Taipei City Art Gallery) 1991 The 19th Lyubljana International Engraving Biennale (Lyubljana) 1995 50 Korean Artists Invitational Exhibition (UNESCO, Paris) 1999 Korea Contemporary Art Exhibitoin, Jacob Jordaens (Art Center. Belgium) 2000 Gwangju Biennale 2000 Special Exhibition, the Profil Exhibition of Korea and Japan's Modern Art, (Gwangju Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea) and other Awards 1961∼'68 Specially selected 6 times at the art exhibition, Kukjeon (the 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th) 1961 Awarded the Special Prize of the Chairman of the Supreme Council for National Rehabilitation Exhibition in the Korea Art Exhibition 1982 Awarded Grand

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Hyung-Dae Kim - Halo 15-0214 Halo 15-0214
    •  Hyung-Dae Kim - Halo 16-0316 Halo 16-0316

  • Sang Min Lee  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sang Min  Lee - Porcelain Bowl (Joseon) Porcelain Bowl (Joseon)

  • Ho Yoon Shin  (+)

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2014 'Island' Post Modern Gallery Artery, Bangkok, Thailand 'Island', Gwangju, Korea 2013 There is in essence,Post Modern Gallery Artery, Bangkok, Thailand 2012 'Island', Unit one, 798 Beijing, China 2011 There is in essence, Gwangju, Korea 2007 Strange Flower: secret factory vol.2, Gwangju, Korea 2005 Strange Flower: secret factory vol.2, Gwangju, Korea Group Exhibition 2014 What is essence of "I"?,LWH gallery, Shanghai, Chaina Art Nova 100(K11 Art Mall, Hongkong 2013 Art Nova 100, Shanghai 1929 Artspace, Shanghai, China HFAF, George R. Browen Convention Center, Houston, USA Kobe Biennale, Meriken Park, Kobe, Japen Art Nova 100, 798 space, Beijing, China Korean Contemporary,Schultz Gallery, Berlin, Germany All About Korea, White Box, Munich, Germany 2012 Media Variegations, AAW, 798 Beijing, China Korean Zone, ARTMIA, Beijing, China Mudeung Tales, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 2011 'Luggage-2nd Bangkok-Asia Young Artist Festival',Post Modern Gallery Artery, Bangkok, Thailnad 11th Ha Jung Woong Young Artist Invitaiton, Gwangju Musewum of Art, Gwangju Sofia International Paper Art Biennial, National Art Gallery& Alley Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2010 Artfair21, Staatenhaus, Am Rheinpark, Cologne, Germany Residence Prpgram Gwangju City Museum of Art Studio in Beigjing(2012.01 ~) Dae-in Art Market Program of Art Studio Gwangju City Museum of Art Studio Prize Grand Prize of Republic of Korea Paper Art Contest 1th Ha Jung Woong Young Artist Invitation Silver Medal of Republic of Korea Paper Art Contest Special Prize in busan benniale in See Art Festival Collection Lester Marks's Collection,USA Yung's Collection,Korea Crown&Haitai,Korea Jianye Housing Group, China

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Ho Yoon Shin - There is no essence-Buddha There is no essence-Buddha


Paik Hae Young Gallery is a contemporary art gallery found in 1977 and located in the most vibrant and diverse region called Itaewon. The gallery director Paik Hae Young first became interested in art as an art collector and decided to be a gallerist. As a Korean gallerist, she has been devoted to promoting Korean artists overseas and introducing world renowned artists to the Korean market such as James Turrell and Charles Sandison. Also she has been very effective in spreading Korean art to foreigners using her house in Itaewon, in which she had turned into a gallery space. The Gallery has been broadening its role to agency for cultural affairs, including art consulting for corporations, academy program for collectors and architectural consulting.


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