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Imagen paisaje I - Olga de Amaral

Olga de Amaral Imagen paisaje I

Circo  - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero Circo
Oil on canvas
160 x 200 cm.

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  • Fernando Botero  (+)
  • Claudio Bravo

  • Olga de Amaral  (+)

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    • Olga de Amaral - Imagen paisaje I Imagen paisaje I

  • Nadir Figueroa

  • Rafael GomezBarros

  • Ana González

  • Julio Larraz  (+)

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  • Julio le Parc  (+)
  • Roberto Matta

  • Pablo Picasso  (+)
  • Omar Rayo  (+)

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  • Alejandro Sanchez

  • Jesús Rafael Soto  (+)
  • Fernando de Szyszlo  (+)

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  • Pablo Tamayo  (+)

    Biography : Born in Bogotá, Colombia 1972 1992-1996 Bachelor in Fine Arts. Art Institute of Florence, Florence, Italy 1996-1997 “Especialización en Grabado” Scuola Internazionale di Specializzazione di Grafica D’Arte, Florence, Italy

    Exhibition : INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS, 2009 Espacio, Arte Consultores, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. 2007 Cutting Edge Portraiture: Miami Art Crowd, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami Florida. 2003 Digital Realism, Kevin Bruk Galery. Miami, Florida. 1999 Retratos. Fundación Santillana, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS 2009 Fundacion Cardio Infantil, Galería La Cometa, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. Subasta Fundación Ayuda a la Infancia, New York, New York. Scope Basel Summer Show, Galerie b-146. Zurich, Switzerland. La Selección Colombia, Colección Suramericana, Medellín, Colombia. FORMARTE, Fundación Corazón Verde, Bogotá, Colombia. 2008 Selections from the Permanent Collection, Miami Art Museum, Miami, Florida. Salón Nacional de Artistas, Cali, Colombia Salón Regional de Artistas zona centro, Tunja- Santafé de Bogotá. Artista Invitado, Galería Nueve Ochenta, Santafé de Bogotá. Siguiente por favor, Galería Nueve Ochenta, Santafé de Bogotá. 2007 December Show, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, Florida In Your Face. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Miami, Florida. Exposición Abierta. Centro Colombo Americano. Santafé de Bogotá. 2006 A Timely Response. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Miami, Florida. Influenced identity. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Miami, Florida. 2005 Sweet Basil. Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Miami, Florida. 2003 Digital Realism. Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, Florida. 1999 Dos Pintores un Escultor, Galeria Espacio Alterno. Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. 1997 Il Bisonte Show Fine Anno, Jun. Pizza del Duomo, 4, Il Bisonte, Saletta ATAF ART FAIRS 2009 Pinta, RJFineArt. New York, New York. Scope Miami, Imaginart, Barcelona, Spain. Zurich International, B-146 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. ArtBo 2009, Galería La Cometa, Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. Scope Basel, B-146 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. 2008 Pinta, RJFineArt. New York, New York. ArtBo 2008, Alonso Arte Galería. Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. ArtBo 2007, Mauricio Ruiz

    Detailed Description : There are two very clearly defined forces in Pablo Tamayo´s work; on one hand he looks back in time, tradition and art history and on the other he tries to look as far ahead as he cans. These are two opposite forces that Tamayo tries to bring together with his work. Depending on how you see them they might be opposite to each other; but in his case, he struggles to bring them together, have them coexist and complement each other. Since the early 2000’s Pablo Tamayo has done extensive formal research, experimenting with a variety of techniques using cutting edge technology. Always working with a process, a language and a concept that reflects the times we live in and uses technology that in most cases was not available only a few years ago. His Works are constructed using a combination of techniques ranging from technology (computers, computer numerically controlled routers, laser cutters, vynil cutting plotters and video) to laborious traditional art techniques, like painting, collage, silk screen, printmaking and drawing. The two main bodies of work can be defined as figurative and geometric abstraction and both have clearly defined links by design with science, religion, psychology and spirituality. In the figurative portion of the work he works exclusively with portraits, considering portraits the simplest but at the same time richest and most complex way to reflect humans. It is a very elegant way to work with appearance, spirit and scence using formal artistic methods and means. “His geometric abstraction body of work explores the way in which the observer interacts and perceives space, volume and perspective. The work is designed to create a dialogue with the observer, it gives the observer hints and clues which he then uses to complete the work in his or her mind”.

  • Joaquín Torres García


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