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Chrome Mini Meltdown (With White Stick) - Desire Obtain Cherish (aka Jonathan Paul)

Desire Obtain Cherish (aka Jonathan Paul) Chrome Mini Meltdown (With White Stick)

Who's Watching Who? - Jessica Lichtenstein

Jessica Lichtenstein Who's Watching Who?

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Hisao Hanafusa

  • Marcello Lo Giudice  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Eugenio Merino  (+)

    Biography : b. 1975 Madrid, Spain

    Detailed Description : The works of Spanish-born artist Eugenio Merino deal with matters such as politics, religion and society with the purpose of making us doubt all supposed truths. For this he may use irony, humor, metaphor or oxymorons, or anything to make art a space for thought and finding the beauty in the idea.

  • John Messinger

  • C. Michael Norton

  • Josh Rowell

  • Llewellyn Xavier


UNIX Gallery was founded in 2008 in Miami with a distinctive focus on the primary contemporary art market and in 2013 expanded with a location in New York. Representing an international group of established and emerging artists, the gallery stimulates the careers of artists with compelling, unique visions who utilize exquisite artistic execution.


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