Kandy Red Sentinel -  C. Michael Norton

C. Michael Norton Kandy Red Sentinel
Acrylic on linen
103 x 94.5 in | 262 x 240 cm

Licensure In Crimson -  Llewellyn Xavier

Llewellyn Xavier Licensure In Crimson
Oil on canvas
96 x 72 in | 244 x 183 cm

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UNIX Gallery was founded in 2008 in Miami with a distinctive focus on the primary contemporary art market and in 2013 expanded with a location in New York. Representing an international group of established and emerging artists, the gallery stimulates the careers of artists with compelling, unique visions who utilize exquisite artistic execution.


UNIX Gallery w:  http://www.unixgallery.com Founded:  2008 Alex Cesaria Daniela Mercuri