Fabien Castanier Gallery , Stand n° AM514

Chaos Theory X -  Faith XLVII --

Faith XLVII -- Chaos Theory X



Picasso Woman - Speedy Graphito

Speedy Graphito Picasso Woman

Dark Ocean - Jan Kalab

Jan Kalab Dark Ocean

Young Man A - Robert & Renato Miaz

Robert & Renato Miaz Young Man A

Untitled (I REALLY CARE DON'T YOU...) - Rero Rero

Rero Rero Untitled (I REALLY CARE DON'T YOU...)

Untitled 2 -   Tilt

Tilt Untitled 2

The Story of the Gallery and the Artist - JonOne Perello

JonOne Perello The Story of the Gallery and the Artist

Scoring Lotus - Mark  Jenkins

Mark Jenkins Scoring Lotus

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Fabien Castanier Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents both established and emerging international artists. The gallery cultivates an interdisciplinary program through emphasizing contemporary art including: painting, sculpture, installation, and new media. Fabien Castanier Gallery founded in 2011 in Los Angeles (CA) and in 2017 opened a space in Miami (FL) in the Wynwood Arts District. In addition to a foundation of exhibitions throughout the year, the gallery participates in a number of international art fairs, continuing to expand its exhibition program by introducing cutting edge contemporary artists to audiences worldwide.


Fabien Castanier Gallery w:  http://www.castaniergallery.com Founded:  2011 Fabien Castanier Martine Marchand Claire Lem