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Miami Vibes -  Christophe  Pouget

Christophe Pouget Miami Vibes
24 Hours Time Lapse of Ocean Drive

Puddle -  Hung   Yi

Hung Yi Puddle

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  • Christophe Pouget  (+)

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    •  Christophe  Pouget - Miami Vibes Miami Vibes

  • Tigran Tsi  (+)

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  • Hung Yi  (+)

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    •  Hung   Yi - Puddle Puddle

  • Alea Pinar Du Pre

  • Johnston Foster  (+)

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  • Nemo Jantzen  (+)

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  • Jean Philippe Kadzinski  (+)

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  • Young Sam Kim

  • Jeff Koons  (+)
  • Julian Lennon  (+)

    Biography : Born in Liverpool, England, Julian Lennon began his artistic trajectory at a young age with an inherent talent for playing musical instruments. Those talents would soon broaden into the cinematic and visual arts. As an observer of life in all its forms, Julian developed his personal expression through such mediums as music, acting, and documentary filmmaking. In 2007, the door opened to yet another… photography, as Julian captured images during a musical tour for his half-brother, Sean. ‘Timeless’, his first photo exhibition, staged in Manhattan in September 2010, debuted Julian’s considerable talents behind the camera, as seen in photographs of Sean Lennon, U2 and his painterly landscapes. His ability to immortalize moments of intimacy and introspection is perhaps best captured in his portraits of Bono and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Taken while U2 were recording a new album, and ten minutes before Charlene Wittstock became a real life Princess, this small collection of images reveals how Julian “brings the subjects down to earth in a way few photographers have been able to accomplish,” notes celebrity photographer Timothy White. Around the same time came the establishment of Julian’s charity, The White Feather Foundation, and with it a new seed for documentary photography. The principal goal behind Julian’s latest series, ’Horizon,’ is to marry photography with philanthropy. “I have always felt that I observed life in a different way than others, probably because my life has always been very different than most,” says Julian. His attuned worldview recently led him to see first-hand, the results of a Charity: Water and The White Feather Foundation initiative, bringing critically needed clean drinking water to parts of Africa. Simultaneous, his conservation and humanitarian efforts overlapped with support work being developed with Millennium Villages Project. During these travels through Kenya and Ethiopia, Julian captured a wide vari

    Exhibition : Horizon at Emmanuel Fremin gallery

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  • Melisa Mizrakli

  • MOBY

  • Ardan Ozmenoglu  (+)

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  • Antoine Rose

    Biography : Originally from Belgium, Antoine Rose is a self-taught photographer who started acquiring the necessary skills to capture and model the light through the lens of his camera at the age of 8 years old. Over time, he developed an ardent passion for photography, travels and the sea. He was the official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup for several consecutive years and has traveled around the globe, from South Africa to Istanbul, in order to immortalize those magic moments. Antoine Rose is a published artist with major international brands, who have commissioned his materials for worldwide advertising campaigns. In his latest series, Rose’s approach to photography became more minimalist, trying to convert ordinary scenes, landscapes or objects into pieces of Art. UP IN THE AIR Series Antoine Rose has commenced working on “Up in the Air” series in 2002, while he was shooting the Kitesurfing World Cup in Rio de Janeiro; being perfectionist, he dedicated a couple of years on refining his ideas. The latest images of the series, on display in the current show, were shot around the Hamptons shorelines and have recently been featured at the Fotofever Art Fair in Brussels, Belgium and at the 2012 fall edition of the Affordable Art Fair in New York, receiving a very warm welcome from the audience. In an interview, the artist confessed about his adventurous working process: “Shooting from helicopters, all doors removed, 300 feet above earth at 20 knots and getting tack sharp images that can be printed as large as 120 inches is quite a challenge”. Indeed, his works are oversized photographs (up to 3 meters wide), mounted with a patented Diasec process. They offer seaside panoramas captured from a bird’s eye view. Connected to art history, the subject of Rose’s photographs evokes the famous “bathers” series of the French post-impressionist painter Cézanne. They also call to mind the more recent works of the Italian photographer Massimo Vitali

  • Drew Tal

  • Nathan Vincent

    Biography : athan Vincent lives and works in New York City and received a BFA from SUNY, Purchase. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the US and abroad, and has received attention in international publications. With residencies at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC and 7 Below Arts Initiative in Burlington, VT, Vincent was also a finalist of the prestigious West Prize in 2008. In his artistic practice, Vincent explores power structures and the roles we play in society at large but also in our own smaller communities, constantly questioning the relationships between those worlds. Through the medium of crochet he has moved across ideas of gender permissions and how societal constructs often dictate the roles we play to larger and more universal ideas of vulnerability, power and control, surveillance, and technology. Knitting and crochet have traditionally taken form to dress or envelop the body – in this way, humans have an undeniably strong physical connection with fiber. In Vincent’s fiber installations, this connection is explored, enhanced and pushed as the viewer encounters a familiar scenario of human proportions made completely of the craft materials you find in the banks of nostalgia. In creating his pieces, he is interested in the juxtaposition of craft and gender as well as the relationship of soft, malleable materials to firm, solid sculpture, pushing the boundaries of gender, medium and form. Vincent’s work with gender permissions and fiber comes together very succinctly and powerfully in the life-sized installation “Locker Room.” Not only was this a turning point for the conceptual aspects of his work, it was a launch pad for his artistic practice as he moved from single items reproduced in yarn to large scale installations that entice and encourage the viewer to move about the space and become a part of the piece. Crafting a stereotypically masculine space with a stereotypically feminine process brings to surface questions a


Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is an art gallery founded in 2007, dedicated to a contemporary program that now represents more than a dozen emerging and mid-career artists. Committed to presenting primarily photographic work, the Gallery also embraces oeuvres from across all media including painting, sculpture, and installation. Since its inception, the Gallery has launched and fostered the careers of an eclectic group of artists, providing many of them with their first solo exhibitions in New York and, for some, their respective debuts in the United States.

The distinctive signs of Emmanuel Fremin Gallery are proposals that invite to think about the society and the individual, maintaining a close look to the soulful engagement of each artist’s approach to their medium. There is strong cross-pollination between subjects ranging from identity and spirituality, space, architecture, design, and last but not least technology. We believe both form and content are vital factors in successfully aestheticizing the ‘real,’ which makes for the discovery of talented and committed artists. Our space in the heart of New York’s most popular gallery district acts as unconventional intercultural agent, fully encouraging the realizing of the artists’ provocative visions. The works we showcase share a deep commitment to the exploration and revelation of the essential values that underlie contemporary society. Each of them draws from a rich cultural heritage to develop a style and a visual language that is both powerful and universal.

It is the Gallery’s vision to sustain the artists’ freedom of expression by exhibiting them in a setting that is fertile for both the artist and the collector alike. The robust nurturing of an active creative environment, in a neighborhood historically known for its artistic engagements, solidifies the Gallery’s mission to continue building an identity centered on the idea of an exigent ‘now’, paradoxically freed from a rigid canon of spatial and temporal demands, but always sensitive to an ever-evolving dynamic between art and an increasingly educated and inquisitive public.

Since its inception, the Gallery has successfully maintained a rigorous exhibition schedule that features more than eight rotating exhibitions by our artists each year. As each artist continues to refine their voice, the expanding collection of ideas evolves, exponentially multiplying its reach.Alongside its internal programming, the Gallery places great importance on supporting their artists through fostering dialogue and relationships with public institutions, private foundations, museums, and commissioning bodies.


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