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Chronicle, 2016 -  Orit Hofshi

Orit Hofshi Chronicle, 2016

Untitled; Olya - Yigal Ozeri

Yigal Ozeri Untitled; Olya

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  • Kobi Assaf  (+)

    Biography : Kobi Assaf Born in 1982, Israel Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel Kobi Assaf brings the cultural spirit of the 19th century to the 21st. His paintings are drenched in a non-Israeli brown mist, illuminated with a dim twilight, to create the look of paintings made before the era of electricity. The imprint of Romanticism is in his paintings, with its yearning for distant realms, like the European Romantics, yet they also contain sober self-aware modernism. To achieve this goal, Assaf shatters the philosophical harmony of thought, leaving sections of his paintings bare and unfinished. He depends on his sharp painterly power and scatters hints that suffice to construct a world that is “similar” but restless. Assaf ‘s work fundamentally differs from the conventions of Classism and Romanticism that strived to achieve a sensation of peacefulness, as he rises to the threshold of consciousness a demonic, seductive and dark universe.

    Exhibition : KOBI ASSAF CV Born 1982, Israel Lives and work in Tel-Aviv, Israel EDUCATION 2009 BFA Fine Art Department Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, (Graduated with Honors) SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 Else-Where, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel -Aviv 2012 Guest House, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel-Aviv GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2016 40,30,20, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2015 Studios, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2015 Concrete Fantasy, Zemack Contemporary Art. Tel Aviv 2013 Dual Exhibition with Ido Markus, Feinberg Projects, Tel-Aviv 2012 Group Show, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2012 Flat Land, 39 Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2012 Plenty, Minshar Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2010 Behind the Fantasy, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2010 Tiyul, Minshar Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2010 Survivor, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel-Aviv 2009 Corridor, Pyramid Gallery, Haifa 2009 Search Engines, Dollinger Gallery, Tel- Aviv PRIZES & AWARDS 2010 America Israel Cultural Foundation the Ted Arison Family Foundation 2009 Loren and Mitchell Perser Award, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2009 Shnaidinger Award, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2008 America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship, the Ted Arison Family Foundation 2002 The Hecht Foundation –excellence mark – Hecht Museum University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel SELECTED COLLECTION Amos Shoken Collection, Tel-Aviv Serge Tiroche, ST-ART Collection, Tel Aviv Private Collections: Israel and abroad.

  • Oded Balilty  (+)

    Biography : Oded Balilty (b.1979, Jerusalem, Israel) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Israeli photographer. Oded Balilty was born and raised in Jerusalem, he has been a staff photographer for AP since 2002. Balilty lives in Tel Aviv and photographs current events and documentary features for AP in Israel, the Palestinian Territories and around the world. His work has been commissioned for editorial assignments by Time Magazine, National Geographic, and many others. In recent years, Balilty has been working on personal projects focusing on the thin line between photojournalism and fine art. While these two styles appear drastically different, for Balilty, they inform one another. His fine art photography has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Israel and around the world. Balilty has won numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize (2007), World Press Photo (2008, 2007), Picture of the Year International (2014, 2012), Overseas Press Club of America (2013), UNICEF Photo of the Year (2008), National Geographic All Roads Photography Program (2007) and the Sigma Delta Chi Award (2007). His solo exhibitions include: Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (2015), Projex Connect, San Francisco (2014), N&N Amana Gallery, Tel Aviv (2011), Photo Festival, Gijon, Spain (2008), Coalmine Photo Gallery, Zurich (2007, 2005), and the Musée d’ethnographie de Neuchâtel, Switzerland (2007). Selected group exhibitions include: International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv (2016, 2012), A Road To Nowhere, Ashdod Museum, Israel (2011), and Portraits of Holocaust Survivors, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem (2008).

    Exhibition : Oded Balilty (Born 1979, Jerusalem, Israel) Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Oded Balilty: Selected Works, Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, JCC Manhattan, NY, US 2016 Miss Trans Israel, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY, US 2015 Vets, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY, US 2015 Sabra Traces, N&N Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2015 Sabra Traces, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel 2014 In Observation, Projex Connect, San Francisco, US 2013 Restraint, N&N Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 Israel, Soviet Style, Russian Photo Forum, Moscow, Russia 2011 Marginal Notes, N&N Amana Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2009 Hide and Seek, Artist House, Jerusalem, Israel 2008 China, Photo Festival, Gijon, Spain 2007 Chernobyl Today, Coalmine photo gallery, Zurich, Switzerland 2007 Along the Lines, Lucca Digital Photo Festival, Lucca, Italy 2007 Along the Lines, Ethnography Museum Neuchâtel, Switzerland 2005 Along the Lines, Coalmine photo gallery, Zurich, Switzerland 2006 Chernobyl Today, Festival du Scoop, Angers, France 2000 Reflected Reality with artist Anna Shapira, Z.O.A House, Tel Aviv, Israel GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 The Deluge, Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod, Israel 2017 Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel 2017 To Draw Freedom, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel 2014 The Double Exposure Project, Shpilman Institute For Photography, Tel Aviv 2012 International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 2011 A Road to Nowhere, Ashdod Museum, Ashdod, Israel 2008 Portraits of Holocaust Survivors, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem 2005 Conflict Inherited, joint exhibition of Israeli and Palestinian photographers, War Photos Limited Gallery, Dubrovnik, Croat

  • Dede Bandaid  (+)

    Biography : Dede (Born in Israel). Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dede is an Israeli artist who has been working in the public sphere since 2006. His works can be viewed at galleries, exhibition spaces, various art events and mostly in the streets of art capitals around the world, such as London, New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Dede conducts his way as an urban tourist, wandering the ever-changing city streets and visually reacting to them. The urban landscape, together with the social and the personal questions it evokes are the main drives behind Dede’s work. In his works, Dede examines and questions the man-made urban lifestyle people create for themselves, as he reflects on absurd, paradoxical human existence. His body of works concerns problems and mental phenomena shared by all the individuals of the urban society. He deals with loneliness, with the inability to align in the assembly line or to integrate in the group, and with the constant need to move forward to new territories, to run away to new places, both physical and mental ones. Inspiration arises anywhere and everywhere, in the architecture, rhythms, sounds, and passersby who create the city’s pulse. His inspiration is depending on faith and on state of mind, always unpredictable, impulsive and dynamic. Dede uses various techniques and different tools each time; since the ideas leading him arise from within the experience of the hectic urban life, every question requires a new and fresh approach. His works are always site-specific, both in the theoretical and the practical aspects: they facilitate a solid relationship between the concept that generates them, the specific location where they appear, and the materials and methods used to create them. Therefore Dede considers the streets to be the ultimate space for creation, the most fitting and true platform for communication of messages, and self-expression. The city is an integral part of Dede’s creative process, as well as of the final work. Ded

    Exhibition : Dede CV Born in Israel Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel EDUCATION 2017 Mana Professional, A career-Development Platform for Artists, Mana Contemporary, New Jersey 2007-2010 BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2009 Head, Academy of Arts, Geneva, Switzerland (Specialization with press, print and screen print) SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Duet, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel. A dual Show with Nitzan Mintz, Curator: Yaron Haramati 2017 Out of Place, Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel. A dual Show with Nitzan Mintz, Curator: Svetlana Rein gold 2017 Out of Place, Die Ferberei, Munich, Germany. A dual Show with Nitzan Mintz, Curator: Kerstin Horner 2017 Out of Place, Jan Arnold, Vienna, Austria. A dual Show with Nitzan Mintz, Curated by the Gallery 2016 Dede Artist Book, Artist studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Hagar Bril 2016 Salon, The Jewish Salon, Hamburg, Germany. Curator: Barbara Guggenheim 2015 Do Not Feed the Animals, Dan Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curated by the Gallery 2014 Holy Land, Bezalel 7 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Hagar Bril 2014 Try to Levitate, Beit Ariela, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Maayan Nevo 2013 Real-Estate, P8 gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. A dual Show with Latzi, Curator: Ora Reuven 2013 Phantom, Tzadik gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. A dual Show with Latzi, Curator: Hana Coman 2012 Human Nature, Alfred gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Adi Bezalel 2011 Lost & Found, Bazel Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curated by the Gallery 2011 Side D,The Third Ear, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Shiran Mostovoy GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018

  • Michal Baratz Koren  (+)

    Exhibition : Michal Baratz Koren | CV Born 1978, Israel Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel EDUCATION 2007-2008 Accademia di Belle Arti Di Brera, Milan. Photography studies. 2000-2004 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. B.DES in Communication Art. Graduated with Honors. 1999-2000 Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Fashion Design Studies. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Cumulus Blimp, A Transnational Platform of Discourse (Duet Exhibition), 1335 Mabini, Manila, Philippines 2016 Mayne Tayere, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2008 Wonderful Scratch, The New Ars Italica Gallery, Milan SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2018 Group Show, Tivon Gallery, Tivon, Israel 2016 Topography, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016 Zemack Contemporary Art at Art New York, New York, US 2016 Zemack Contemporary Art at Art Market San Francisco, US 2015 Corridor Contemporary at Art15 London, London, England 2014 Corridor Contemporary at SCOPE Miami Beach 2014 2012 Hidden Treasures not in the Clouds, Diaghilev, Tel Aviv, Israel 2007 Streetwise Art, Detroit, US 2007 Who Arted, Detroit, US 2006 Rosh Pina Film Festival, selected graduate projects, Bezalel Academy, Rosh Pina, Istael GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS 2007 Govermental Scholarship by the Israeli and Italian ministries of Foreign Affairs PRIZES & AWARDS 2004 Sansberg Award, Unique Achievements in Design. 2000 First Place Award, “Fun Project” Annual Competition, Shenkar.

  • Matan Ben Cnaan  (+)

    Biography : Matan Ben Cnaan (b.1980) is an Israeli painter whose work combines classical elements and biblical narratives with contemporary art and present-day themes. Ben Cnaan is the first and only Israeli artist to receive 1st place in the most prestigious award for realistic painters: The BP Portrait Award (2015), The National Portrait Gallery, London for his painting ‘Annabelle and Guy’. The painting narrates the tragic and harrowing tale of Jephthah and his daughter. The main focus of his work is “scene painting” in which he creates and exposes the viewer to complex moral situations, and explores moral dilemmas, inter-personal relationships, and human behavior. Adopting classical elements into his figurative paintings creates a pictorial language whose vocabulary allows him to express these complex issues on the canvas. The basic sentence structure of this language consists of gestures and positioning acting as verbs and shapes and colors as nouns and adjectives. Ben Cnaan draws considerable inspiration from the codex of complex, morally laden stories – the bible. He reinterprets the stories and recast them with present day people, to communicate the ageless quality of these basic issues.

    Exhibition : Matan Ben-Cnaan | CV Born 1980 Israel Lives and works in Israel EDUCATION 2011 MFA, Haifa University 2007 BEd in Fine Arts and Educational Sciences, Oranim Academic College SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2018 Solo Show, Tel Aviv Museum 2018 Solo Show, Zemack Contemporary Art 2015 BP portrait Award 2015, National Portrait Gallery, London 2014 Group Show, Fresh Paint “Special Edition” Art Fair, Tel Aviv 2013 Solo Show, Ha’tahana Gallery, Tel Aviv 2012 Group Show, Ha’tahana Gallery, Tel Aviv 2012 Bound/Unbound, JLima Gallery, Easton, PA. 2012 Hai-Fa: Construction of Reality, Grand Art Contemporary Art Gallery, Haifa 2011 Shvartse Vilde Haye, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2010 Frame to Reality, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa 2009 Lolita, The office Gallery, Tel Aviv 2009 Group Show, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv 2008 Solo Show, Emek-Yisrael’s College Gallery 2008 Solo Show, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv 2008 Giluy Shem; Works by Promising Graduates from all of Israel, Haifa University 2007 Graduation Show, Oranim College AWARDS & PRIZES Winner of the 2018 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realistic Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art Winner of the prestigious BP PORTRAIT AWARD 2015 at the National Portrait gallery. Winner of prestigious “Giluy-Shem”, University of Haifa, Department of Fine Arts. Recipient of the Honor Scholarship For Excellence in Arts Graduated Magna Cum Laude

  • Martin C. Herbst  (+)

    Biography : Martin C. Herbst (Born 1965, Salzburg) Lives and works in Vienna, Austria Martin C. Herbst pushes the limits of traditional painting. Most of his delicately executed paintings expand to the third dimension without denying their two-dimensional origin. He devoted his attention over the last decades more or less exclusively to the human image. His work demonstrates an innovative and unconventional approach to the portrait and to painting in general, which the artist liberates from its bondage to the two-dimensional surface, conquering the third dimension. Martin C. Herbst made his international breakthrough with the spheres, which he presented for the first time at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2007. Half of each mirror-polished stainless steel sphere carries an expressive face, while the other remains bare metal, a convex mirror displaying fascinating reflections of the surrounding space. In this strikingly natural symbiosis, painting factually and virtually conquers the third dimension. It fluctuates and offers multiple points of view. Resting simply on the floor without a base, the spheres can be turned in any direction. The faces painted upon them can be looked at from a variety of perspectives, whereby their expressions seem to change according to the beholder’s standpoint. Herbst has shown extensively around the world including solo exhibits in New York, Miami, Toronto, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Budapest, Vienna, Basel, Düsseldorf.

    Exhibition : Martin C. Herbst (Born 1965, Salzburg) Lives and works in Vienna, Austria EDUCATION 1989 Hochschule Mozarteum, Salzburg: magister artium, class of painting SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Positions, BEGE-Galerien, Ulm, Germany 2015 WUNDERKAMMER, Várfok Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 2015 Martijn van Wenen, Wanrooij Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2014 Take My Eyes, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2014 Afterimage, Juan Ruiz Gallery, Miami, USA 2013 Der Schöne Schein; GPL contemporary, Vienna, Austria 2013 Wahre Illusion; Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm, Deutschland 2013 Martin C. Herbst, Boloix Fine Arts, Ketchum/Idaho, USA 2012 Strange days, Jacob Karpio Gallery, San José, Costa Rica 2012 Vom Sein und Schein der Welt, Várfok Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 2011 Metamorphosis, Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon 2011 Precious, Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris, France 2010 Traces, Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2010 Garden of delights ,Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm, Germany 2010 Metamorphosen,T-40 Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany 2009 Most Már Dereng, Várfok Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 2009 Ariodante, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2007 Speculum-Spectaculum, MITO, Barcelona, Spain 2007 Das Archiv der Blicke – Paintings on Aluminium, Fischerplatzgalerie, Ulm,German 2007 The Presence of Memory/az emlékezet jelene, Várfok 2007 Inspired (by), Leonhard Ruethmueller Contemporary 2006 Pontormo, Rudolf Budja Galerie / Artmosphere, Graz, 2005 Angelus und Pomona, Rudolf Budja Galerie / Art

  • Carole Feuerman  (+)

    Biography : Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealist sculpture, which emerged around 1970 in relation to photorealist painting. Together with Duane Hanson and John De Andrea, her contemporaries, she was one of the three leaders that started the movement by making life like sculptures that portray their models precisely. While Hanson used uniforms and props to achieve a Pop Art irony, and De Andrea continues to explore the love relationships of men and women, Feuerman’s sculptures have always visualized a natural beauty and a sense of inner peace. Dubbed ‘the reigning doyenne of super-realism’ by art historian John Spike, Feuerman has solidified her place in art history. Feuerman’s prolific career has spanned over four decades. She has been the subject of eight museum retrospectives to date and four catalogue raisonnes. Her works continue to be exhibited worldwide. In Italy, she has exhibited four times in the Venice Biennale, in the Piazza della Republica; and the Teatro Romano e Museum Civico in Fiesole. In Asia, she has exhibited in Harbour City, Hong Kong; The National Museum of China, Shanghai, Huan Tai Hu Museum, Jiangsu, China; and the Clayarch Museum, Daejeon Museum and Suwon Museums in Korea. Numerous public sculptures have appeared in outdoor venues, including Petrosino Square in New York City and the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of Feuerman’s most recognizable pieces, The Golden Mean, can be seen in Riverfront Green Park overlooking the Hudson River owned by the City of Peekskill, NY. Her Monumental Double Diver is owned by the City of Sunnyvale, CA. in Silicon Valley. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation in order to generate excitement, interest and passion for the arts and to inspire and award deserving artists with education grants. This year 2016, Feuerman had a solo show, Hero and Leander, at C24 Gallery, in NY; a solo show called, Carole A. Fe

    Exhibition : Carole Feuerman CV Born 1945 Connecticut, United States Lives and works in the United States EDUCATION BFA, The School of Visual Arts, NY BFA, Temple University, PA BFA, Hofstra University, NY SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Carole Feuerman in Sculpture Link, Knokke-Heist, Knokke, BE 2018 The Ripple Effect, Art New York, Markowicz Fine Art, New York, NY 2018 Carole Feuerman: London, Bel Air Fine Art, London, UK 2018 Strength, The National Hotel, Miami Beach, FL 2018 Art Affair at Culture Lab,West palm Beach, FL 2017 Art Miami, Markowitz Fine Art, Miami, FL 2017 Bathers, Madison Gallery, La Jolla, CA 2017 Personal Structures open borders, ECC in conjunction with GAA Foundation, Bel-Air Fine Art, Giardino Della Marinaressa, Venice, IT 2017 L’Oro di Venissa, giardino dell’arte, Venissa Hotel, Fondamenta di Santa Caterina, 3, Burano, IT 2017 Swimmers, Liquid Art System, Piazza Umberto I, Capri, IT 2017 Relationships, San Clemente Palace Kempinski, Venice, IT 2017 New Work, Bel Air Fine Art, Campo Santo Stefano, Venice, IT 2017 Perception, Chashama Foundation in partnership with C24 Gallery, New York, NY 2017 International Sculpture Day 2017, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ 2017 Articles, Galerie des Lices, Saint-Tropez, FR 2017 New Works for Art Basel, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL 2016 The HuanTaiHu Museum, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, CN 2016 Hero and Leander, C24 Gallery, New York, NY 2016 Body of Work, DeLand Museum of Art, DeLand, FL 2016 Perception, KM Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA 2016 Monumental Quan, Lotte Palace Hotel, NY 2016 The Golden Mean, The National Hotel, Miami, FL 2016 Swimmers, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL 2016 Rated X, Markowicz Fine Art, Miami, FL 2016 Contemporary Istanbul, Aria Art Gallery, Istanbul Convention Center (ICEC) and the Istanbul Congress C

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  • Orit Hofshi  (+)

    Biography : Orit Hofshi (born in 1959, Kibbutz Matzuva, Israel) Lives and works in Herzliya, Israel. Hofshi received her MA in Arts from Leeds University, UK following her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where she majored in painting and printmaking (1986-1990) and her studies at The NB Haifa School of Design (1980-1985). Orit practice has for many years focused on printmaking, works on paper, installations, and woodcutting as her primary mediator. Concerned with the past/present political realities, Orit imagery projects the perception of one self in relation to natural and manmade topographies and investigates broader personal and social narratives. She has exhibited widely in Israel, Europe and the United States including The Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel; Israel Museum Jerusalem; Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia, Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Contemporary Art Collection of the German Bundestag in The Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany; Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA; Haifa Museum of Art, Israel; The Open Museum, Israel; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel; Swarthmore College, PA, USA; Asheville Art Museum, North Carolina, USA; Philagrafika 2010: “The Graphic Unconscious” PAFA Arts Museum, Philadelphia, PA, USA; The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA ; International Print Center, New York, USA and The Royal Academy, London, England.

    Exhibition : Orit Hofshi (born in 1959, Kibbutz Matzuva, Israel) Lives and works in Herzliya, Israel. EDUCATION 1998-2002 MA, University of Leeds – Bretton Hall College, Leeds, UK 1986-1990 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. PA, USA 1981-1985 The NB Haifa School of Design SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Crossing, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Slovakia 2017 Innuendo, The Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem, Israel 2016 Beacon, Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2015 Changing Perspectives- The Epoch of Space, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel 2015 Time out of Mind, Hoch+Partner, Leipzig, Germany 2013 Cessation, Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, Los Angeles, California 2012 Pharos, Locks gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2011 Resilience, List gallery, Swarthmore College, PA, (catalogue) 2010 Ephemeral Passage, The Open Museum, Omer Industrial Parks (catalogue) 2009 Ephemeral Passage, The Open Museum, Tefen and Omer Industrial Parks (catalogue) 2009 If the Tread is an Echo, Gallery 39, Tel Aviv 2008 The Road Not Taken, The Print Center, Philadelphia 2008 The Geography of Time, The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design, Haifa, Israel 2006 The Disenchanted Forest, Anna Ticho House –The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (catalogue), Israel 2006 Datum, traveling show in The Czech Republic 2006 Kairos, Braverman By Art Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel 2005 Datum Collectanea, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (catalogue), Israel 2000 Golconda Fine Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel 2000 Stephan Gang G

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Orit Hofshi - Chronicle, 2016 Chronicle, 2016

  • Nitzan Mintz  (+)

    Biography : Nitzan Mintz (Born 1989 Tel Aviv, Israel). Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mintz is an artist and a street-poet based in Tel Aviv. She graduated from The Department of Fine Art and the Department of Creative Writing at Minshar College, Tel Aviv, and from the Helicon School of Creative Writing, Tel Aviv. Mintz’s work is created in the public sphere, outdoors and between the studio walls, indoors. Her process integrates her poetic work and the material that contains it and their physical, actual location in the street. Her poems combine the personal with the political; they are written out of an internal urge to verbalize mental process which response to the outside world. The locations she chooses for her work within the urban landscape charges them with social and political meanings. Mintz has showcased her works in galleries, art spaces and events in Israel and abroad such as; Die Farberei Gallery, Munich; NEUROTITAN Gallery; Berlin; Jan Arnold Gallery, museums quarter, Vienna; Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod Artist Village; Ilana Goor Museum, Jaffa; and Fresh Paint Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

    Exhibition : Nitzan Mintz CV Born 1969 Tel Aviv, Israel Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel EDUCATION 2010-2014 BFA, Department of Fine Art, Department of Creative Writing, Minshar College, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2015-2016 Diploma Studies in “Helicon”- Poetry School, Tel Aviv, Israel. SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 There is No Room, Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel. 2017 Out of Space, Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Curated by Andreas Nadar 2017 Out of Space Part 2, Die Farberei Gallery, Munich, Germany 2016 Hurdle, Jedna Dva Tri Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, Curated by Petrohradska Collective 2013 Self-Production, Pop-Up Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 212 Gallery, NYC, United States 2017 Scope Art Fair, Miami, United States 2017 Station 16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada 2017 Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016 100 Years of Dada, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, Curated by Rina Genosov 2016 Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016 Jaffa Salon of Art, Jaffa, Israel, Curated by Amir Noiman and Amir Rotman 2016 Creators, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Shahaf Dekel 2015 Baggage, NEUROTITAN Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Curated by Hagar Bril 2015 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015 Veiling and Unveiling, Bialik House, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Smadar Sheffi 2015 My Africa, Romano 2, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Tal Lanir. 2015 Temporary Crew, Street House Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2015 Group Exhibition, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2015 30 Yea

  • Yigal Ozeri  (+)

    Biography : Yigal Ozeri (Born in 1958, Israel) 
 Lives and works in New York City New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of distinctive young women in rich prodigious landscapes. With tinges of Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics, Ozeri brings an ethereal and uninhibited sensibility to his paintings. His portraits denote art historical foundations in romanticism, while also offering contemporary notions of sensual femininity. Rooted in Carl Jung’s concept of anima, Ozeri’s depictions of a revitalized connectivity to nature prompt a confrontation of subconscious effeminate identity, and reinstate the beauty of innocent authentic experience. His photorealistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects, giving way to a seductive power. As a result, the viewer is compelled to gaze into the allegorical domain between reality and fantasy. Ozeri has shown extensively around the world including solo exhibits in Spain, China, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Mexico. His work is featured on the cover, and included in the book Photorealism and the Digital Age. He is currently in a traveling Museum show titled 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting that was showcased in a number of venues including: Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, and Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao. He is also in the permanent collections of: The Whitney Museum of American Art, The McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, The Jewish Museum in New York, The New York Public Library, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Albertina in Vienna, among others. He is represented by Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City.

    Exhibition : YIGAL OZERI CV Born in 1958, Israel Lives and works in New York City, US SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Dual Tones, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany 2017 The Chameleon, Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria 2017 Recent Works, Opera Gallery, London, England 2016 Villa de Leyva, GE Galería, Monterrey, Mexico 2016 Shadows of Reality, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China 2015 Painting through a lens, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, (Catalogue) 2015 Bear Mountain, Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, New York 2015 Monochrome, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany 2014 Revolution at Giverny: A Return of Women in Nature, Galerie Dukan 2014 Fiction of Distance, Galería Álvaro Alcázar, Madrid, Spain 2014 Photorealism in the Digital Age, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, Illinois 2013 Territory, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2013 Triads, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2012 Territory, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2012 Photorealism, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada (Catalogue) 2012 The Boathouse, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich, Germany 2012 Territory, Karen Jenkins Johnson, San Francisco, CA 2012 Territory, Scott White Conemporary Art, La Jolla, CA 2011 Territory, Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (Catalogue) 2011 Territory, Zemack Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Catalogue) 2011 Garden of the Gods, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY (Catalogue) 2011 Luce silenziosa (Silent light), Bologna, Italy (Catalogue) 2010 Lizzie Smoking, Galería Senda, Barcelona, Spain 2010 Lizzie in the Snow, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (Catalogue) 2010 Desire for Anima, Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong, China 2010 Olga in the Park, Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2

    Artist's Objects:

    • Yigal Ozeri - Untitled; Olya Untitled; Olya

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  • Philippe Pasqua  (+)

    Biography : Philippe Pasqua (Born in 1965, Grasse, France) Lives and works in Paris Through his extraordinary journey, Philippe Pasqua has emerged as one of the major artists of his generation. From the beginning, his art made a great impression and challenged the certainties of those who rubbed shoulders with him, like the great critic Pierre Restany. With Pasqua, the taste for the monumental goes hand in hand with an attraction towards what is most vulnerable – bodies and faces, sometimes with stigmatising differences that the artist adopts and magnifies through his painting: for example, portraits of transsexuals, people with Downs syndrome, or people who are blind. Handicaps, differences, obscenity or the sacred: each canvas is the fruit of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and “tolerated”, and what is socially repressed or concealed. Pasqua’s painting strikes the visitor like an almost physical impact, but also like a vision that is at the same time explosive and incisive. The monumental format of the artist’s canvases is dictated by the breadth of his gestures – a dance where brutality and finesse, trance and lucidity alternate. He begins by painting the sort of fetishes or enigmatic silhouettes that evoke voodoo. Then, gradually, his gaze turns to those who are standing around him. He interferes with the twists and turns of people’s intimate depths, going right into the innermost areas of their being. As a counterpoint to this physical work, there are his grand drawings. The face or the body becomes a halo, mist, smoke, stroke, vibration. It is no longer so much a case of flesh as of sketched contours and delicate textures. There are also the “palimpsests” – works on paper mixing silk-painting techniques, printing and painting, where the painter goes back over his own work and adds patches of colour to them or redesigns them. Another major aspect of Pasqua’s work lies in his series of “vanities”. The technique employed evokes

    Exhibition : PHILIPPE PASQUA CV Born in 1965, in Grasse, France. Lives and works in Paris, France SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Memento Mori, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2017 Boarderline, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco 2012 Philippe Pasqua; Re:LIFE, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2012 Work in Progress: The Storage, Paris 2012 Philippe Pasqua, Galerie RX, Paris 2012 Philippe Pasqua in London, Opera Gallery, London 2012 Philippe Pasqua, Gallery Hyundai, Séoul 2011 Philippe Pasqua, White Moon Gallery, Paris 2011 Philippe Pasqua, Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris 2011 Philippe Pasqua – Absolute Art Gallery – Knokke, Knokke 2010 Palimpsestes, Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris 2010 Mea Culpa, The Storage, Paris 2010 Philippe Pasqua: Painting and Drawing, Moscow Museum of Modern Art 2009 Philippe Pasqua, Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte / Kestner Pro Arte, Hannover 2009 Crâne, ArtCurial, Paris 2009 Crâne, Isola di San Servolo, Venice 2007 Philippe Pasqua: Pulsion, Galerie RX, Paris 2006 Philippe Pasqua, Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica; CA Spike Gallery, NY 2005 Centre culturel de la ville de Metz, France 2004 Métamorphoses, Galerie RX, Paris 2003 Philippe Pasqua: Lucille, Galerie RX, Paris 2002 Philippe Pasqua, Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop, Hamburg 2002 Les miroirs de l’âme, Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, France, organisé par Erick Öge 2001 Trauma, Galerie Hengevoss-Durkop-Jensen, Hambourg GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2012 Inauguration, Avenue Matignon, Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris 2012 Plaisir, Galerie RX, Paris 2012 Gallery Collection, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore 2011 Wintersalon Knokke & Brugge, Absolute Art Gallery – Brugge, Bruges 2011 H

  • Angelika Sher  (+)

    Biography : Angelika Sher (Born 1969 Vilnius, Lithuania, USSR). Lives and works in Israel. Since graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Angelika Sher has established herself as a critically-acclaimed professional photographer through a series of exhibitions both in Israel and abroad. Notably, Angelika has held solo exhibitions in SepiaEye Gallery, New York, Fotografiya Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tina B biennale at Galerie Vernon, Prague, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel, Milan’s Camera 16 Gallery, the Pobeda Gallery in Moscow and the Zemack Contemporary Art in Tel-Aviv. Angelika Sher also took place in many group exhibitions and biennales world wide, including first and second Mediterranean biennale of contemporary art in Israel, 3d Moscow biennale of contemporary art and in Animamix biennale in China and Taiwan. Angelika’s work came in third place in Sony’s World Photo Awards in the Fine Art category. Her photographs subsequently travelled the world as part of Sony’s WPA tour and were exhibited in London, Tokyo, New York and Hong-Kong among others.

    Exhibition : Angelika Sher CV Born 1969 Vilnius, Lithuania (USSR) Lives and works in Israel EDUCATION 1991-1995 BA in Radiography, Bar Ilan University, Israel 2002-2005 College of Photography, Kiryat Ono, Israel 2007-2008 Special Program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 "Song of Debora", Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2015 “Disturbing Beauty”, SepiaEye Gallery, New York 2014 “Fifth Column”, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel 2013 “Art Nouveau Series“, Fresh Paint 6, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 “Twilight sleep“, Camera 16 Gallery, Milan, Italy 2012 “Femme Fatale“, special project with Gesher Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 “History of the beauty“, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel 2011 ”Survival“, solo show as part of Tina B biennale at galerie Vernon, Prague 2010 “Twilight sleep“,Tavi Dresdner gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2009 “Inside my life“, Reartuno gallery, Brescia, Italy 2009 “13“, Pobeda gallery, Moscow, 3d Moscow biennale of contemporary art 2009 “Twilight sleep“, Fotografiya gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2009 “13“, Tavi Dresdner gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2007 “My mother’s fur coat”, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 “Novy God”, Four Gallery, Tel Aviv 2017 “Odessa – Tel Aviv”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv 2016 “40,30,20”, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2014 “3D International Israeli Photography Festival”, Rishon LeZion, Israel 2013 “Reorientation”, 2nd International Mediterranean Biennale of contemporary art 2102 “What is real?”, ME Contemporary art, Copenhagen, Denmark 2011 “

  • Shirley Shor  (+)

    Biography : Shirley Shor (Born 1971, Israel) Part of an emerging generation of new media artists, Shirley Shor employs technological processes in the service of larger issues related to human experience and fine art. Shor creates real-time computer generated installations, and environments that alter our experience of concepts such as conflict, language, and the passage of time. Shor’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is part of many private and public collections in the US and abroad. Born 1971, Israel. Lives and works in New York City. M.F.A, Conceptual Information Art, San Francisco State University, CA. Post B.A, Visual culture: criticism, and theory studies, Camera Obscure, school of the art, Tel-Aviv, Israel. B.A, Art History and Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

    Exhibition : Shirley Shor Born 1971, Israel EDUCATION 2004 MFA, Conceptual Information Art, San Francisco State University, CA 1998 Post BA, Visual Culture: Criticism and Theory Studies, Camera Obscure, Tel Aviv, Israel 1997 BA, Art History and Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University, Israel SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2017-2018 Art and Math, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, US 2016-2017 Cryptomania, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016-2017 Drawn from a Score, Beall Center for art & Technology, CA, US 2016-2017 Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia 2016-2017 Top of the Pop, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016-2017 Fragile Landscape and Overlap Identities, Art and Technology, Open University, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016-2017 Algorithmic Object, Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel 2014-2015 Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery 2014-2015 AIPAD, Armory Show, Special Project, Park Av , NYC, US 2014-2015 Tiroch Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012-2013 California Landscape, Orange County Museum Of Art 2012-2013 Shirley Shor, Feinberg Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012-2013 Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC, US 2012-2013 Feinberg Project, Tel Aviv, Israel 2008-2011 Live Theory, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, NYC, NY, US 2008-2011 Pixelville, Dambo Art Center (DAC), Brooklyn, NY (solo), US 2008-2011 The Moving Image: Scan to Screen. Pixel to Projection, Orange County Museum of Art, CA, US 2008-2011 In The Beginning, Yeshiva University Museum, NYC, NY, US 2008-2011 The Hidden Trace, The Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Osnabrück, Germany 2008-2011 In the Beginning: Artists Respond to Genesis, YAM (Yeshiva Art Museum), New York, US 2008-2011 In The Beginning, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA, US 2008-2011

  • Piet van den Boog  (+)

    Biography : Piet van den Boog (b.1951, Amsterdam) Lives and works in Amsterdam. A modern day alchemist, van den Boog’s experiments with base metals like lead, copper, steel etc. form a grand visual allegory of personal transmutation and the quest for a cure for the human soul. Van den Boog’s work is exciting and emotionally rich in that as viewers we participate in his process and feel transformed by it. He benefits from the uncontrollable nature of chemical action by way of accidents, which bring chaos to the organized mind. Piet van den Boog’s work is included in many important international museums and collections, most notably the Drents Museum, Assen, Netherlands; Scheringa voor Realisme Collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, Jersey City, New Jersey, the Art Collection of Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Den Haag, Netherlands; ING Art Collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Miniature Museum, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, The Netherlands.

    Exhibition : PIET VAN DER BOOG CV Born 1951, Amsterdam Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands EDUCATION 1979 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITION 2015 The Alchemist, Zemack Contemporary Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2012 Bruised and Battered, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2010 I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2009 Ophelia, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2008 Lead and Black Steel, Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2008 Portraits, De Paauw City Hall, Wassenaar, Netherlands 2006 Identity, Stadgenoot, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2003 Identity, De Paauw City Hall, Wassenaar, Netherlands 2000 Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam, Netherlands SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2016 40,30,20, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2014 The Hidden Picture, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen, Netherlands 2014 RE:alisme, Drents Museum, Assen, Netherlands 2012 Four by Four: Collector Series, University of Denver Victoria 2012 H. Myhren Gallery, Denver, CO 2012 Acquisitions and Prints, Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation 2012 MANA Contemporary New, Jersey City, NJ 2012 Idealizing the Imaginary: Illusion and Invention in Contemporary Dutch Magic Realism – Past Towards Contemporary, Museum of Art Seoul National University (MOA), Soul, Korea 2011 Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation MANA Contemporary, Jersey City, New Jersey 2010 Portrettisten Nu, Museum De Fundatie, Heino/Wijhe, Netherlands 2009 The Golden Years of Dutch Painting, Hotel Okura, Tokyo 2008 Five Year Anniversary Show, Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, NY 2008 Dutch Realism: From the Magic Avant-Garde to Recent Generations in the ING Collection, Palazzo Leone Perego, Legnano, Italy 2006 Water landshapes, ING Art Collection, Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn, Netherlands 2008 Summer Exhibition, Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2005 Portraits, ING Art Coll

  • Yuval Yairi  (+)

    Biography : Yuval Yairi (Born in 1961, Tel-Aviv, Israel) Lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel Yuval Yairi is an Israeli-born Jerusalem-based contemporary artist working in the media of photography and video. Yairi studied visual arts at Wizo-Hadassa in Haifa, Israel. He has been an art director and graphic designer and works in documentary and corporate film production. Yairi’s photographic technique is a meticulous process of capturing environments. His works resemble photographic mosaics and are created by a process of frame-by-frame shooting and then combining and revising these images. The subjects of Yairi’s work relate to a historical, cultural, personal or political place and they express an artistic comment on human observation and the natural process of memory. Upon first glance his compositions appear tranquil and still. With deeper inspection the grid-like pattern of the combined fragments of each shot, grant a sense of continuous time to a distorted environment. In his series Palaces of Memory, Yuval Yairi challenged the “Decisive Moment” principle championed by Henri Cartier-Bresson. In his works, such as MemoVan #4, Yairi assembles digital collages from hundreds of different angles to create an alternate vision of reality. For Yairi, capturing a single decisive moment would mean the possibility of overseeing the moment that proceeded or the one that followed. Hence, his images are a poetic ode to the passing of time. Moreover, the seams delineating the different images are not emitted out of the final image. Like the construction of memory from disparate flashbacks, the different images collaborate to present a unified panoramic view. Yairi’s work has been exhibited at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2004); San Diego Natural History Museum, California (2007); Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, China (2008), and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (2011). His works are in permanent museums collections and private collectors worldwide, including the Israel

    Exhibition : YUVAL YAIRI CV Born in 1961, Tel-Aviv, Israel Lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel EDUCATION 2016 Residency, Denmark Institute for Photography 1999-2004 Documentary and corporate film production, Photography 1989-1999 Arad-Yairi Studio, Jerusalem – Art Director and Graphic Designer 1984-1988 Visual Arts studies, Wizo-Hadassa, Haifa SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Surveyor, Epsten Gallery, Kansas City, US 2016 Surveyor, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2013 LAND, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2011 WORK (The Israel Museum Renewal Project), Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2008 Palaces of Memory, Andrea Meislin Gallery, NY, US 2007 Palaces of Memory, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2005 Forevermore, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2005 Forevermore, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, US GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Anonym-X: The End of the Privacy Era / Street View, group exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art 2016 Quest, Group Exhibition, Tel Hai Museum of Photography 2016 Vaccum @ International Photography Festival 2016, Jaffa Port 2016 40,30,20, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2016 ABC – Landscape in 3 Parts, Group exhibition, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv 2015 Quest, Group Exhibition, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv 2015 The Tel Aviv Transcripts, with Hadas Ophrat, The Lobby – Art Space, Tel-Aviv 2015 Sanctuary, Group Exhibition, Orlando Museum of Art 2014

  • Lee Yanor  (+)

    Biography : Lee Yanor (Born in Haifa,1963 Israel) Lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa Artist, filmmaker, and photographer. Born in 1963 in Haifa. Studied Art and Photography at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, at the Pratt Institute in New York, and at Paris 8 University where she received a Master of Fine Arts in 1993. She had solo exhibitions at LOOP Barcelona, Spain (2016); Zemack Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (2015); The Jewish Theater, Stockholm (2010); The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv (2008); The Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan (2007); The Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (2000); Centre Pompidou, Paris (1994), and more. Her works were also featured in many group shows, including Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris (2017); Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (2017); The Hansen House, Jerusalem (2014); The Jerusalem Artist’s House, Jerusalem (2011); 798 Museum, Beijing (2009); Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv (2007); Mane Katz Museum, Haifa (2001). Yanor is the winner of The Constantiner Photography Award, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2002) and the Coreografo Elettronic Award for Video-Dance, Mader Museum for Art, Naples (2017). Her film “Coffee with Pina”, which describes her exclusive meeting with the choreographer Pina Bausch, has been screened in prestigious film festivals worldwide. Yanor’s video-installations, emulsions and holograms offer a deep humanistic stance and an intense sense of movement, time, rhythm, pulse, and the human body. Lee works creatively at the seam where art, dance, photography, music, sound, set design and technology interweave. Selected publications: Come Dance With Me, published by Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; Small Song: Video Expose, published by The Jewish Theatre Stockholm, 2010; Memory Fields, published by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2007; Lee Yanor: Artist Book, edited by Anders Wester and published by The Jewish Theatre Stockholm, 2011.

    Exhibition : LEE YANOR CV Born in 1963, Haifa, Israel. Lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa EDUCATION BFA in Photography. Bezalel Academy Jerusalem, Israel Pratt Institute N.Y., USA Miatrise in Fine Arts. Paris VIII – Paris, France SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 And Now, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2016 This Side of Paradise, LOOP Fair, Barcelona 2015 Rooms, Zemack Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2011 Come Dance With Me, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2010 Artist Book: Lee Yanor, published by the Jewish Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden 2010 Small Songs, The Jewish Theater, Stockholm, Sweden 2008 Cloud 9, The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2007 Memory Fields, Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 2004 Forget Me Not, The Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2000 Works, Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Ramat Gan, Israel 1999 Nanti-Dulou, C.C.F. Bandung, Indonesia 1997 Five Passages in the Shadow, exhibition and stage-set for choreographer Paco Decina, Blanc-Mesnil, France 1994 Images de Danse, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France 1994 The Ships Sail On, outdoor-installation, Bastille Theatre, Paris, France 1994 Carousel, Bait HaOmanim, Jerusalem, Israel 1994 Longings, Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 1994 For Arthur Rimbaud, La Villette, Paris, France GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Fucking Beautiful, Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris, France 2017 Dance With Me, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France 2016 40, 30, 20, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2014 Quarantine, Sound and Video Exhibition at the Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel 2011 Ad-Dress: Thoughts on Garments, Jerusalem Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel 2011 Venice Memoire, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2009 Jumping Frames, 798 Museum, Beijin

  • Dana Zaltzman  (+)

    Biography : Dana Zaltzman (b. 1982, Israel) Zaltzman’s quest for art education has taken her on a journey off the beaten path of Israeli art. While an art student at the Tel Hai Academic College, she was studying figurative painting in the private studio of Amir Nir on Kibbutz Hagoshrim (2005-2007). She then traveled to Norway to study with Odd Nerdrum, an artist whose works are greatly impacted by Rembrandt and Caravaggio, offering a renewed observation of kitsch. Zaltzman then traveled to Florence to study at the Florence Academy of Art (2009-2012), an American school in Italy, continuing the tradition of 19th century French academic painting.

    Exhibition : Dana Zaltzman CV Born 1982, Israel EDUCATION 2009-2012 The Florence Academy of Art 2007 Studied under the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum 2005-2007 Studied under the painter Amir Nir SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Dana Zaltzman, Zemack Gallery GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Summer Show, Zemack Gallery 2017 Group Show (April), Zemack Gallery 2017 Group Show (March), Zemack Gallery 2017 Homecoming, Zemack Gallery 2016 Spring Break, Zemack Gallery 2016 Topography, Zemack Gallery 2014 Faa Alumni Exhibition, New Jersey, New York 2014 Realism Zen, Dubi Shiff Art Collection 2012 The FAA Alumni Show, Florence Italy 2010 Group Show, Stern Gallery 2010 Group Show, Arturo Gallery PRIZES 2012 Scholarship Award, ARC, US 2011 Honorable Mention for Best Still Life Painting, Florence Academy of art 2011 Tintori Family Scholarship Award


Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA) aims to deliver a fresh perspective on contemporary art, created by Israeli and international artists.
Since its foundation in 2010, ZCA has had a notable impact on the Israeli art scene and is currently considered one of the leading galleries in Tel Aviv.

The gallery exhibits 5-6 solo shows a year and holds a tradition of special exhibitions such as Gallery Selection of Prominent Art Graduates and collaborations with established international galleries.

ZCA’s renown artists have all had solo exhibitions in the major international museums. Some examples include Albertina Museum, Vienna; Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; Tate Gallery, London; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel Aviv Museum, Israel; Taipeh Museum, Taiwan; Pecci Museum, Italy; CAFA Museum, Beijing; Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA.

Taking an active part in the lively global dialogue of the international art scene, ZCA supports and promotes its artists globally, exposing its Israeli artists to the major international art markets as well as exposing international artists to the local market.

ZCA organizes exhibitions in leading galleries, art spaces and museums in North America, Europe and Asia, and participates regularly in international art fairs, such as Art Miami, Art Stage Singapore and Art Central Hong Kong.


Zemack Contemporary Art w:  http://www.zcagallery.com Founded:  2010 Yaron Haramati Anat Bar Noy