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Eldona - René Romero Schuler

René Romero Schuler Eldona

Cascade - Deborah Butterfield

Deborah Butterfield Cascade

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Blake Aaseby

  • Jamie Adams

  • Victoria Adams

  • Herman Aguirre

  • Shai Azoulay

  • Heather Becker

  • Gregory Block

  • Phyllis Bramson

  • John Buck

  • Deborah Butterfield  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Deborah Butterfield - Cascade Cascade

    Also represented by:

  • William Conger

  • Patricia Cummings

  • Lisa Corinne Davis  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • VA dePintor

  • Stephen DeStaebler

  • Susanne Doremus

  • Garrett Durant

  • Vernon Fisher  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • John Fraser

  • Josh Garber

  • Rhonda Gates

  • Jane Hammond  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Julie Heffernan

  • Cheonae Kim

  • Jin Soo Kim

  • Vera Klement

  • David Kroll

  • Holly Lane

  • Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

  • Eric Lebofsky

  • Susan Leopold

  • David Lozano

  • Dennis Lee Mitchell

  • Michael Nakoneczny

  • Richard Notkin

  • Erika Rothenberg

  • René Romero Schuler  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • René Romero Schuler - Eldona Eldona

  • Igor Kozlovsky & Marina Sharapova

  • Carly Silverman

  • Buzz Spector

  • Peter Stephens

  • Jay Strommen

  • Maria Tomasula  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Chuck Walker

  • Erin Washington

  • Glenn Wexler

  • Su-en Wong

  • Xiaoze Xie

    Biography : Chinese-born Xiaoze Xie lives in the US and has work in numerous museum collections. He was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award in 2003. The MoMa Library paintings are Xie’s most recent works in a recurring series of paintings devoted to the depiction of library archives. The series began in 1993 with Library No. 1 and has featured holdings from libraries in the United States, Canada and China. “There is a sense that the paintings oscillate between the coldly analytical and the romantically monumental. More substantively, the regular repetition of equally-spaced horizontal shelves that extend from one side of the painting to the other suggest the serial repetition of Minimalist painting. At the same time as Xie’s work brings to mind Minimalism, it also suggest the tradition of Old Master still lifes.” (excerpt from The Ruins of Modernism: Xiaoze Xie’s The MoMa Library by Roger Rothman, 2006).



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