AREA -  Skylar Fein

Skylar Fein AREA

Horn & Hardart -  Skylar Fein

Skylar Fein Horn & Hardart

Elaine's -  Skylar Fein

Skylar Fein Elaine's

Bell Systems -  Skylar Fein

Skylar Fein Bell Systems

Babygrass -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Babygrass

Deep Breath -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Deep Breath

Lead Belly -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Lead Belly

Performer -


Blue Weight -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Blue Weight

Charisma -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Charisma

Rush -  Bonnie Maygarden

Bonnie Maygarden Rush

Parallel Moment IV -  Bonnie Maygarden

Bonnie Maygarden Parallel Moment IV

Shade -  Bonnie Maygarden

Bonnie Maygarden Shade

Paradise II -  Bonnie Maygarden

Bonnie Maygarden Paradise II

Northern Border Blue -  Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz Northern Border Blue

Diving Oxygen -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Diving Oxygen

Purple Mountains -  Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz Purple Mountains

Behind the Moraga Casino -  Lisa Sanditz

Lisa Sanditz Behind the Moraga Casino

Throb -  Elliott Green

Elliott Green Throb

Vector -  Paul Villinski

Paul Villinski Vector

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JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is a collective environment of creative visions featuring monthly exhibitions of (inter)national, emerging to established, contemporary artists. A commercial gallery with a public conscience; artist, activist, and entrepreneur Jonathan Ferrara founded the gallery in 1998 to give artists a voice. Since its inception, the gallery has focused on forward thinking artists with a sense of purpose, mission, and message. The gallery is known for its stimulating and provocative exhibitions in a wide variety of media, having been featured in The New York Times, Art In America, The Art Newspaper, The Associated Press, ArtNews, NPR and many other international publications. The gallery regularly exhibits at art fairs in the US and Europe and works with museum and institutions to present its artists' works.


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