Ascaso Gallery , Stand n° 

Physichromie N 933, 1977 - Carlos Cruz-Diez

Carlos Cruz-Diez Physichromie N 933, 1977

Girl, 1962 - Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero Girl, 1962

"Selvaticas", 1976 - Oswaldo Vigas

Oswaldo Vigas "Selvaticas", 1976


Founded in 1989, its first headquarters were established in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. Currently, Ascaso Gallery occupies a four-story building, which was inaugurated in Caracas in October 2002 and a new space in the booming Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida, opened in December 2010, during the Art Basel International Fair.
Since its opening, Ascaso Gallery has been dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art, showing exhibitions centered on consecrated maestros as well as new talent mainly focused on paintings and sculptures. Over the past several years, Ascaso Gallery’s collection has expanded to include artworks of international artists.
Each year, these spaces house individual, collective, anthological, generic and retrospective shows and other proposals, endorsed by first-rate curatorial work and complemented with catalogs and other publications dedicated to artists such as Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Luis Tomasello, Victor Vasarely, Oswaldo Vigas, Fernando Botero, Julio Larraz, Francisco José Narváez, Manolo Valdés, Armando Reverón, and Ignacio Iturria, among others.


Ascaso Gallery w: Founded:  1989 Antonio Ascaso Antonio Ascaso Jr. Joaquin Gabaldon Robert Salcedo Belarmina De La Torre Emilie Berteau Eugenio Moreno Daniel Ramos Carmen L. Rodriguez