veronica picelli (Desio 1981 - )


Combinations and stratifications of digital and analogue techniques including acrylic painting, screen printing, calligraphy, computer graphic and drawing.
The Gothic imagery is intentionally inspired by the gothic and medieval engravings, to a philosophical approach to the conflicts of the human existence and the popular imagination of ritual experience.
From the case, interpretable figures emerge involuntarily, unpredictable forms, evocative that through the layers are transformed again and take on new meanings from time to time.
The ritual and the method consistently describe these forms.
Randomness however, is not lost in the recreation of that casual gesture on the beginning but then sought after. Instead it becomes the spontaneous fruit of a serious research work on shapes and colors.
The light shows things, instead the shadows transform them, so that through the manifestation of the shadows there is a loss of physicality in what we observe.
In the light everything is very immediate. In darkness instead, there is an awareness of the space that a person occupies.
In the dark we make ourselves available by waiting for the eye to get used to seeing.

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