Yuh Shioh (Taipei, Taiwan 1977 - )


Yuh-Shioh (pronounced ēsho), paints alternative worlds where time is not linear, and space and dimensions overlap. Inspired by esoteric ideas and visions of ancient civilizations, Yuh-Shioh’s paintings reveal ethereal compositions that are both deliberate and impulsive.

She melds techniques typically associated with the Far East with Western esotericism and creates a hybrid yet universal aesthetic. Capturing the spirit of both the natural and energetic worlds, Yuh-Shioh uses large Sumi and Hake brushes to apply watery acrylic paint to raw canvas. She places her bold confident shapes and lines with intention, while their watery edges bleed spontaneously and exquisitely into the natural surface.

Yuh-Shioh is inspired by the work of Hilma af Klimt, the pioneer of abstract art who painted the spiritual realm and the occult in the late 1800s and sought to understand and communicate the various dimensions of human existence.

The artist explores her interest in shamanism, journeying and visions. She explains that she accesses the Akashic records and grounds the etheric plane into the third dimension through materiality. In each painting the veil between the physical and energetic worlds becomes transparent as plant spirits, luminous shapes, and atmospheric landscapes co-mingle in a way that captures the creative spirit we all share as humans in a complex, mysterious and ever-changing universe.

Yuh-Shioh (b. 1977) earned a BA in painting at Harvard University and an MFA in painting from Hunter College in New York City. She later attended Skowhegan School for Painting and Sculpture in Skowhegan, ME. In 2004 her exhibition Spirits Gone Astray, at ATM Gallery in New York was reviewed by Roberta Smith in the the New York Times, Flash Art International, and the Brooklyn Rail. Yuh-Shioh was the 2013 Artist-in-Residence at the Chinati Foundation.

Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Yuh-Shioh currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.

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Yuh Shioh - fractions from the tides

fractions from the tides