Yasokichi IV Tokuda (Japan 1961 - )


Born in 1961, Tokuda Yasokichi IV succeeded her father, Tokuda Yasokichi III, a revered Kutani potter and a “Living National Treasure” artist. Tokuda inherited the techniques of their family style of Kutani porcelain production, that features say glazing. Tokuda’s personal sensibility as a female artist lends her a unique perspective on the tradition that is reflected in her choices of color and interpretations of form. Tokuda is one of few female heads of a traditional potting lineage in Japan, due to those succeeding the family are most often male. However, her father decided to pass on the family’s name and practice to her. It was a challenge to make a place for herself as head artist of the family tradition in a still male=dominated social structure, but Tokuda successes in defining her own signature style and creative voice all on her own.

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Yasokichi IV Tokuda - Bowl - Suicho "Crystalline Green", 2017

Bowl - Suicho "Crystalline Green", 2017