Xenia Hausner ( 1951 - )


1951 born in Vienna, Austria, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.
She lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.

People are at the center of her focus. Her images are enigmatic, the situations she depicts ambiguous. Xenia Hausner’s large-formatted works are societal descriptions, the situations purposely fragmentary are snapshots from daily life. In contrast to the classical portrait, the characters in her images are cast like actors in a play. Her style is expressive and her palette brims over with strong colors, a fact that is apparent in the flesh tones of her protagonists. Xenia Hausner works on paper and mixed-media as well. She transforms large-formatted photos into paintings, incorporating various materials depending on the specific medium she is working in. In this way, painting and photography merge, are transported to the limits of current artistic awareness.

Her works have been exhibited internationally at numerous galleries, art fairs and museums such as Shanghai Art Museum, Today Art Museum Beijing, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Albertina Vienna, Batliner Art Foundation, Belvedere Museum Vienna, Museum Würth Künzelsau and Würth Collection Oslo, European Central Bank Frankfurt, collateral to the 57th Venice Biennale 2017 - „ Glasstress" Palazzo Franchetti Venice and "Exiles" Palazzo Bembo Venice, Forum Gallery New York, Seven Bridges Foundation Greenwich/USA, Paul Allen Family Collection USA.

Work Selection

Xenia Hausner - Women in Trouble

Women in Trouble

Xenia Hausner - The Intelligence of Flowers, 2018

The Intelligence of Flowers, 2018