Wang Yigang (Qiqihar 1961 - )


Assigned to the Shenyang Normal Institute in 1986 following the acquisition of
acquisition of a certificate in oil painting from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
Has worked as specially-appointed researcher of Chinese National Academy of Art
Currently the curator of Luxun Art Gallery professor
2017 "disinterested", Villa friede Art Museum, Bonn, Germany
2017 "color bloom", Sai Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 "The transformation of the flow," Shannon Gallery, Paris, France
2016 "no", Asia Art Center in Paris, France
2016 "Anti Abstract: writing process, the body has become a new way."
Art Museum Xi'an
2013 "is not about distance," Laguna Art Museum Shenyang Long
2012 "between color and emotion", Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
2010 "from West to East", Huashan Creative Cultural Park, Chinese Taipei
"Wang Yi Gang retrospective abstract" art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, CHINA
2008 "This is not Chinese landscape", Singapore
"From Dusk to this doctrine is not Chinese landscape," Fahrenheit Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007 "We are all responsible", China, Shanghai
"Made in America", Xin Dong Cheng Art Space, Beijing, China
"Offhand," University of Maryland Art Museum, United States
2004, "Chinese landscape", double vision galleries, United States, California
2003 "under the red flag," Double Vision Gallery, United States, California
1996 "Only Art Wang Yi Gang", Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
1994. "Only Art Wang Yi Gang", Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
1992 "in the early nineties - Wang Yi Gang Exhibition", China Central Academy
of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China group exhibition
1985 Award of Encouragement National Junior Art Exhibition
1991 Bronze in the Art Exhibition in Honor of the 70th Anniversary of CPC
1992 Award of Nomination of the Guangzhou Biennial
1993 Academic Award of China Oil Painting Biennial
2007 Award of Outstand Contributions in Contemporary Art by Asian College of USA
Born in 1961 in Qiqihar,Heilongjiang Province

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Wang  Yigang - S24


Wang  Yigang - H15


Wang  Yigang - S15


Wang  Yigang - S16


Wang  Yigang - H4


Wang  Yigang - Untitled


Wang  Yigang - N3