Takeshi Haguri (Nagoya, Japan 1957 - )


After graduating the Sculpture course at the Aichi University of the Arts in 1982, he moved on to a postgraduate course, graduating in 1984. Sine then he has been sculpting wood mainly, using aluminium for outdoor works.

Work Selection

Takeshi Haguri - "Otokogi (Chivalry)" (Hyottoko (Clownish mask))

"Otokogi (Chivalry)" (Hyottoko (Clownish mask))

Takeshi Haguri - "Otokogi (Chivalry)" (Tengu (Long‐nosed goblin mask))

"Otokogi (Chivalry)" (Tengu (Long‐nosed goblin mask))

Takeshi Haguri - "Otokogi (Chivalry)  Oni (Demon)"

"Otokogi (Chivalry) Oni (Demon)"

Takeshi Haguri - "Otokogi (Chivalry) Kabuki"

"Otokogi (Chivalry) Kabuki"