Stevens DOSSOU-YOVO (Paris, France 1969 - )


Stevens was born in Paris, where he graduated from the Penninghen Design School. He dedicated himself metal sculpture and was soon producing anthropomorphic sculptures and automata. In recent years, Stevens has moved away from figurative sculpture; he now focuses on the representation of space through powerful mural compositions. Steel remains his favorite medium: a fairly basic material, it lends itself to all sorts of experimentation.

Each sculpture offers up a spatial equation, a mathematical formula. Each combines the principles of concentration and expansion: the optical illusion is the result of a process whereby the tension between opposing forces is cancelled out, producing a striking impression of suspended motion. The assembled elements seem to be both in free-fall and levitating, both static and animated by the flow of air or the pull of gravity. Broken Clouds is thus an invitation to gaze into virtual skies and the expanding universe.

The structures holding the elements together are carefully concealed, so that each composition seems to be floating. The metal is given a different surface treatment, depending on the final effect intended. In some cases, the metal is left raw while certain areas are polished; the color and texture of the metal are subtly altered, as is the way it absorbs or reflects the light. Elsewhere, Stevens applies acid to certain surfaces in order to add depth and tone. An additional illusion is thereby produced: in those compositions where some of the facets are oxidized, the metal seems to have morphed into another material.

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