Raychael Stine (Cleveland, OH 1981 - )


Raychael Stine begins with paintings made directly on postcards of landscapes and rivers and then makes larger paintings based on these cards. She thinks about her representations of nature as abstractions. Her paintings are self-referential, repetitive, and constantly evolving. Vision paintings explore sensory experiences and dreams. She makes emphatic marks with paint she mixes to make reference to other paintings. Stine uses her memories to document time, light, space, experience, and narrative.

Raychael Stine’s work was published in multiple issues of New American Paintings and included in the Texas Biennial. She is a recipient of the Dallas Museum of Art Degoylier Grant, the Stone Award Scholarship at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Gendler Fellowship as artist in residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha. Stine is an assistant professor of painting and drawing at the University of New Mexico.

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Raychael Stine - Three Rainbow River Jammers with Orange and Blue

Three Rainbow River Jammers with Orange and Blue