Mona Ardeleanu (Lörrach, Germany 1984 - )


1984 born in Lörrach, Germany
2003-2010 Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart at Prof. Alexander Roob, DE
2004-2005 visiting semester at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe at Prof. Franz Ackermann, DE
2008-2009 erasmus scholarship, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at Prof. Daniel Richter, AT
2009 auditor at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich at Prof. Karin Kneffel, DE
2010 diploma degree with Distinction in beaux Arts, specializing in painting

Mona Ardeleanu lives and works in Stuttgart, DE

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Work Selection

 Mona Ardeleanu - Kuro 2019 / III

Kuro 2019 / III

 Mona Ardeleanu - Kuro 2019 / IV

Kuro 2019 / IV

 Mona Ardeleanu - Pliss 2019 / XI

Pliss 2019 / XI