Miki Nagasaki (Aichi, Japan 1986 - )


Born 1986 in Aichi, Japan. Basing her activity in Aichi prefecture, she has been sculpting series with a theme "cute" such as "Aa-chan". Awarded Grand-prix in Wood Sculpting Folk Art Ooya (Hyogo, Japan) in 2011. Selected first at Point Ranking at GEISAI #20 (Tokyo Ryutsu Center) in 2014 with "Aa-chan" sieries. Also works as the painter for Takeshi HAGURI's sculptures.

Work Selection

 Miki Nagasaki - "Summer"


 Miki Nagasaki - "Scream"


 Miki Nagasaki - "Swimming Aa‐chan"

"Swimming Aa‐chan"

 Miki Nagasaki - "Lion Dance Aa‐chan" (with lion dance gear)

"Lion Dance Aa‐chan" (with lion dance gear)

 Miki Nagasaki - "It’s his Fault"

"It’s his Fault"

 Miki Nagasaki - "Teddy Bear!"

"Teddy Bear!"

 Miki Nagasaki - "Slurp, slurp"

"Slurp, slurp"