Medina Dugger (Corpus Christi, TX 1983 - )


Medina Dugger (b. Corpus Christi, Texas) is an art photographer from California, based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2011. She studied at Spe.os Photographic Institute in Paris, France. Following four years as a project coordinator/co-curator for the African Artists’ Foundation and Lagos Photo Festival, Medina turned her full attention to photography. Through collage and photography, her work seeks to bypass the "go-to" bleak story line so commonly assigned to Nigeria and Africa, instead focusing on themes both contemporary and timeless including acculturation, ethnocentrism, cultural homogenization, globalization, identity, tradition, modernity, imagination, the female form and style. Her work challenges Western preconceptions and contributes to a dialogue on the representations of race and color in visual culture today.

Her photographic work has been featured in CNN Africa, Dazed, Refinery 29, Design Indaba, Marie Claire SA, Colossal, Konbini, Infringe, Heaps Magazine, De Standaard, De Volkskrant and Ours Magazine, among others.

Work Selection

 Medina Dugger - Yellow Tip Twist, 2017

Yellow Tip Twist, 2017