Matt Magee (Paris, France 1961 - )


Over a career spanning more than four decades, Matt Magee has experimented widely with abstract and conceptual art practices. Magee’s compositions are organizations of shapes that have been informed by personal history, numerology, and language. Counting the days in a week, seas, continents, and colors in a rainbow, Magee meditates on the number 7 both visually and sequentially in his work. This exhibition surveys the past seven years of Magee’s painting practice.

In his early years Magee found a sense of order from his father, a geologist and archaeologist, who took him on trips through the Southwest where he collected small objects along the way. As a young adult he worked on a seismic truck in Laredo, TX and recorded vibrations sent into the earth to determine underlying geologic formations. Later, Magee was the chief photo archivist for the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. Throughout his life, he has established ways of collecting that now inform his compositions.

Magee’s painting style is minimal in concept, but his brushstrokes are expressive. Within these conceptual spreadsheets, abacuses, and hieroglyphics are reminders of the artist’s hand. His visual language relates to early hard-edge abstraction and finds inspiration in contemporary scientific, ecological, and technological ideas.

Magee was a 2007 Josef and Anni Albers Foundation resident fellow and winner of the Board of Trustees Award from the Silvermine Arts Center. He was also a 1991 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant recipient. His work has been exhibited worldwide.

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Matt  Magee - White Hanger

White Hanger