Mark di Suvero (Shanghai, China 09/18/33 - )


“It is the reformation of material which is what art is al about… we reform it to where it does that tuning fork to our knowledge of form within.” ¬Mark di Suvero

Mark di Suvero is an Abstract Expressionist sculptor who welds scrap metal into monumental outdoor sculptural works. Born in Shanghai to Italian parents, di Suvero moved to San Francisco as a child. He studied Fine Art and philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, before moving to New York City, where he was immersed in the Abstract Expressionism that dominated the art scene. Following a serious injury while working in construction, di Suvero channeled all of his energy into sculpture. Refining his skills and creating freely modeled, smaller-scale sculp¬tures that incorporated steel, picking up a welding technique that he would continue to use in his later pieces.

He welded large outdoor works from steel and found materials, such as tires and railroad ties. Later, he developed works based on industrial structures, such as welded or bolted l-beams and heavy gauge metal; he also incorporated motion into his pieces with swinging beams and rotating forms, allowing viewers and natural elements to interact with the sculpture.

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Mark di Suvero - Untitled