Lauren Baker (London 1982 - )


Lauren Baker, born 1982, from Middlesbrough, UK. Currently lives and works in London.

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. Her work explores the fragility of life, energy-fields, the after-life and other dimensions. Using neon light to express her positive messages and life mantras, she aims to raise the vibration of love and connection in the world. Lauren is represented by ten galleries internationally and has created installations at The V&A, Tate Britain, ran an art workshop at Tate Modern and directed the windows of Selfridges. Passionate about animals and conservation, Lauren is an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers. Her artwork has raised over £50k for charity. Recent works involve neon, infinity mirror and kinetic sculpture. Her limited edition ‘you blow my mind’ screen prints sold out in just 24 hours. The creations include painted and embellished human resin skulls, animal skulls and sculpted animal heads.

Lauren’s work is inspired by her time spent in the Peruvian Amazon, In 2012 her art career started with a life-changing trip to South America. Lauren joined a mosaic street-art project in Brazil and spent time in the Peruvian Amazon jungle surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife. She then researched the best place to study mosaic in the world and developed her skills in Venice (Orsoni, 2012).

Her solo show, Transition, launched at The Ivy on 31 July 2015 for a week and caused a buzz with people queuing around the block. The show received rave reviews, such as; ‘Incredible’ (Art Collector), ‘stunning pieces’ Fad magazine, ‘a potent and colourful new body of work’ (Art, Antiques, Design). Lauren was interviewed by LONDON LIVE TV about the show.

Renowned for her work using reflective material – including the world’s first infinity mirror coffin at Tate Britain, a 7-ft mirrored geometric ‘Portal to another dimension’ commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week, and 100 mirror eyes attached to 50ft trees in the forest at Unknown Festival, Croatia. Following the success of her workshop and skull art installation at Tate Modern (Jul 12), Baker was invited by Tate Britain to host a large-scale interactive installation, in which she turned part of Tate Britain into a forest to set the scene for the world’s first infinity mirror coffin as part of her modern deconstruction of John Everett Millais’ ‘Ophelia’ painting (14). Baker’s most intricate work, which sold for £420,000 to an influential sheikh in Qatar, is a Steinway grand piano encrusted with half a million crystals (Feb 15). Another notable work is The Crystal Tigress; a sculpted life-size tiger head encrusted with 52,000 crystals, toured Asia, was endorsed by Jimmy Choo and Jaime Winstone which fetched £30,000 at the tiger conservation charity auction. With just 3,000 tigers left, wild tigers could be extinct within 10 years. As an Ambassador for Save Wild Tigers, Lauren spoke at the gala dinner in Malaysia to an audience of 650 people, including the Sultana of Malaysia (Oct 14). Lauren curated THRIVE, an exhibition of 20 contemporary artists, exhibited at the Sanderson, London and auctioned in aid of Save Wild Tigers at the Mango Tree tiger dinner, London (May 14). The events raised £62K. All funds go to the Born Free Foundation and the Environmental Investigation Agency. Lauren continues to support the charity with exciting plans for the future.

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