Joaquin Torres-Garcia  (Uruguay 1874 - Uruguay 1949)


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Joaquín Torres-García is considered the pioneer of Latin American Constructivism today. Over his four-decade career, Torres-García's executed countless oil paintings that depicted interior scenes, landscapes, and still lifes. His practice contributed greatly to both the movements of European and Latin American Modernism; by stressing qualities of Constructivism, and incorporating references to Cubism and Primitivism into his works, Torres-García created a distinctive aesthetic. During his adult life, he collaborated with architectural master Antoni Gaudi, and befriended Pablo Picasso; eventually, he would travel to both New York and Paris. A theorist and teacher, Torres-García was also known for his influence on numerous painters. He has been the subject of retrospectives and exhibitions in venues such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, and many more.

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