Jeff Kellar (Washington, DC 1949 - )


Jeff Kellar (b. 1949) creates pristine minimalist paintings that explore spatial relationships wherein two-dimensional surfaces read as optical compositions. Kellar focuses on the complex interaction between artwork and viewer and the illusory triangle formed as the viewer stands before the picture plane. His paintings comprise many layers of a mixture of acrylic resin, clay, and pigment that the artist sands and buffs to a smooth finish, leaving the color slightly modulated. Although rendered with extreme precision, slight irregularities in the sophisticated surfaces reveal the presence of the artist’s hand. 

Kellar’s work can be found in the collections of the Farnsworth Museum of Art in Rockland, ME, the Maine Department of Conservation, the Microsoft Collection in Seattle, the Museum of American Art in Philadelphia, and the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, ME, among many others.  Jeff Kellar lives and works in Maine and was a 2014 recipient of the Adolf and Ester Gottlieb Foundation Grant.

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 Jeff Kellar - Lined Space Blue

Lined Space Blue