Jan van der Ploeg (Amsterdam, Netherlands 1959 - )


Jan van der Ploeg was born in 1959 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Artistically educated in both UK and the Netherlands, Jan van der Ploeg completed his studies at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1985. Having shown solo and in group shows in Europe, New Zealand and Australia in galleries and institutions since 1984 (1983), he is also known for his permanent works in public spaces like in the Service Garage in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His paintings expand the best of contemporary non-objective work in their shear boldness and fearless scope, the entirety of the painting’s dynamics are always greater than the architecture that supports them – maximum effect with a minimum of artistic resources. Inspired by art styles and movements from the past century, connecting the 20th with the 21st century he sees his work creating graphic dream worlds in physical space. Van der Ploeg is a co-founder of PS Projects, an artist-run exhibition space in Amsterdam.

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 Jan van der Ploeg - Triptych (Untitled 1820-22), 2018

Triptych (Untitled 1820-22), 2018