Huseyin Sami (United Kingdom 1979 - )


Huseyin was born 1979 in the United Kingdom. He lives and works in Sydney, Australia.
Huseyin Sami’s multi-disciplinary practice engages with painting, sculpture and installation to explore aspects of time, action and process. Sami pours, drips, rolls, stretches and cuts dried household paint in his works, which sometimes incorporate other household objects. Examining the possibilities of colour, form and materiality of household paint, he deconstructs the process and substance of painting in order to formulate what he calls ‘a unique material language of painting.’ Sami has been exhibiting since the late 1990s. Sami’s work is held in the collections of Saatchi & Saatchi, Wellington; Artbank, Sydney; and private collections in Australia, Germany, Japan, the UK and USA.

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 Huseyin Sami - Untitled (BY), 2018

Untitled (BY), 2018