Giovanni Confortini (Brescia 1960 - )


Born in Brescia, born in 1960.
He completes his scholastic obligations and works for years, as an accountant, in private studies and companies in Brescia, always cultivating his passion for pictorial art. 1989 will be the year in which, by chance, he discovers the "trompe l'oeil" through furniture magazines. He is fascinated by putting later his artistic skills that are better identified in painting. Soon the hobby turns into real work following the advice and work requests from friends who are in turn fascinated by the growing skill and the particular creative imagination.

Sensitivity to the particular is the basic element for the artist's works, which he can see beyond his subject; this can never go unnoticed, involving the user of the work in a deception, given the hyper-reality of his constructions, or stimulating metaphysical sensations to the most attentive and intrigued spectator

Beauty animates the forms created by Confortini, an author who succeeds in giving value to that value that overcomes the sense that could justify the work, its meaning, to become, the work itself, the signifier, an absolute autonomous concept valid for the mere fact that it pleases only to see it.

The use of color is total and refined at the same time; the balance in the composition refers to experiences of other times, the harmony of the final result is satisfying.

The technique used is mainly that of acrylic on canvas or on canvas panels of various sizes.

From the ambit of his personal gallery in the center of Brescia and the Brescian salons, the artist has moved, due to the particular preference of light and colors, as well as for a Mediterranean research, in the most unspoiled places of the islands of southern Italy ( Pelagie) where he is following an in depth experience "en plein air" impossible at other latitudes and in keeping with his free and determined spirit that brings us back to the convincing appeal of painters of the past centuries.

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