Born and raised in Seoul, Gigisue is an emerging Korean artist who applies various genres, including painting, drawing, installation, and video, to visualize emotional conflicts she had encountered in juvenility and ultimately seeks for reconciliation through the works. She fuses figurative and abstract painting styles, while merging personal and social issues. She blends her childhood memories of father with pervasive patriarchal attitudes in Korea, and by doing so, she recapitulates and reinterprets contemporary social issues of gender and capitalism. Although Gigisue is concerned with the social restrictions she has faced from youth, she offers love and harmony that bolster up her courage to overcome them.

In one of her representative works, Father Still Life painting series, Gigisue depicts typical vanitas still life paintings in dim shapes and overlaps scribble drawings on them. The doodles are rooted in her childhood experience with her father, and by revitalizing the old memories, she highlights a gap between charming reminiscence and harsh truth of her father she had faced after his death. Still life paintings on the background seem energetic and splendid yet are actually limited and lifeless as they represent death, or immutable state. The scribbles on the front, however, remind the pure memories Gigisue had in past and emphasize love she shared with her father. Thus, although the works deliver the conflicts raised by discordance between ideal and real life, Gigisue highlights hope and good will that encourage her to overcome the past experiences.

Gigisue had solo exhibition at 313 Art Project in 2018. She has also participated in group exhibitions at various art institutions including Gyeonggi Museum of Art (2017), Sunggok Museum, Seoul (2016), Kansong Art and Culture Foundation, Seoul (2016).

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  Gigisue - Father Still Life 23

Father Still Life 23