Getulio Alviani (Udine 1939 - Milano 2018)


Getulio Alviani, is one of the most important International artists during the 1960’s and early 1970’s, as a leading member of Optical Art, Kinetic Art, and Programmed Art.
Getulio Alviani’s artistic training was close to masters like Josef Albers, Konrad Wachsmann and Max Bill, who in developing the theoretical and practical premises of the Bauhaus, nudged artistic innovation and creative work in a scientific direction. This by basing aesthetic work on expansion of the field of perception and the verifiability of solutions to problems.
Alviani has been conducting research on materials and their organization in programmatic compositions for over forty years: his interest in the use of art for plastic structures and visual knowledge deriving from the industrial field began in the 1960’s with the production of his first works in aluminum, one of which was acquired for the permanent collections of the MOMA in New York starting in 1965, the year when the artist was invited to participate in the group show “The Responsive Eye”.
Alviani has always followed an artistic approach working not only in the field of the visual arts but also extending his creativity to the fields of design, architecture, and fashion.

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