Fredy hadorn ( 26.12.1960 - )


Born 1960

After the School of Applied Arts in Basel and a 4 -year apprenticeship as decoration designers and a further training as advertising assistant he rediscovered the origin and power of the visual arts . In the formative years repeatedly active as an artist in secret , he decided to live his passion and founded in 2001 on the former industrial site “ Gundeldinger field “ in Basel , the exhibition series light field. For this art project that now exists for 16 years came in 2007, LICHT FELD Gallery

His work has evolved over the years to actual conceptual art. Them as war, water, lust, death characterize his work. Hadorn is mainly active as an art mediator because as an artist since the inception of the gallery and President of the Association filter4. Nevertheless, he has set itself the goal every year to realize a work.

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