Françoise De Felice (Paris 1952 - )


Françoise de Felice, descendant of an Italian father and French mother, was born in Paris in 1952 where she lived until she was 20 years of age. As a child Françoise de Felice was introduced to art by her grandmother. Later whilst at the Sorbonne she also attended the Beaux Arts. Her initial introduction was to that of the essetial Impressionism. Françoise de Felice then left France for Sicily where she found that the French Impressionism was not enough.
There she developed her own style, letting go of the well worn paths in order to create her own style. Inspired by the magnificence of the Sicilian baroque and the light of the island she reached out further to an almost liquid yet precise line. Her style derives both from instinct and depth of thought. The compositions of her paintings are an introspective story, one of self analysis.

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