Eric Tillinghast (Los Angeles, CA 1974 - )


Eric TiIllinghast’s (b. 1974) Gravity’s Poetry is a new series of light boxes containing images of waterfalls. The internal mechanics of each light box generate special effects, light, and sound to activate each image to simulate surging water. The images portray the surface and texture of massive amounts of falling water in a way that only photographs can. By using mechanical devices and mark making to re-animate them, Tillinghast creates an effect that resides somewhere between photography and video and has a presence different from a flatscreen monitor, projection, or high-definition video. Tillinghast also collects vintage postcards of swimming pools and other waterways and re-contextualizes them by painting surrounding environments with Titanium white acrylic paint and a minuscule paintbrush. Up to 30 layers of paint are applied to achieve the pristine surface. These paintings explore the concept of water being a fluid element isolated in geometric shapes. This project also focuses on our various relationships with water, namely how we think about water, and its ever present inclusion in
mythology and culture. Recently Tillinghast has created two fountain installations for the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. His work has been exhibited at prestigious museums around the world including The Galerie der Stadt Mainz Bruckenturm in Mainz, Germany, Rocket in London, P.S. in Amsterdam, and The Center For Contemporary Non-Objective Art in Brussels. His work can be found in the permanent collections of the Albright-Knox Gallery, the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Wisconsin, the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, Portland State University, and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona among others. Tillinghast currently lives and works in California.

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 Eric Tillinghast - Skogafoss #3

Skogafoss #3