December 2 - 7, 2014


Alexander Calder: An Art Miami Fairs Retrospective

by Art Miami

Who said the world will ever get enough Alexander Calder? 

Certainly not Marcel Duchamp, who christened his pal's movable sculptures with the name "mobiles" (1931). Certainly not Albert Einstein, who stay glued to his seat throughout the full 40-minute spectacle that was A Universe (1934). Certainly not Thomas Wolfe, who immortalized him as Piggy Logan in his posthumous You Can't Go Home Again (1940). And certainly not Tate Modern, whose currently running Performing Sculpture is the largest exhibition of Calder's work ever mounted in Britain.



Calder in the Studio (1941) from Rosemary Hill's "At Tate Modern" London Review of Books (which also spurred much of the above)

Naturally, we at Art Miami Fairs can't get enough Calder either, nor can our exhibitors. Just yesterday Art New York's Work of the Day cited the fact that Barcelona's Imaginart* will be showing "Ghosts" (1964), which, as the gallery's sharp-eyed Laia Miguel points out, can be seen on the second floor of The Guggenheim Museum's landmark A Retrospective. (above) 

In 2015, there was the Art Wynwood Work of the Day dedicated to "Juggler's Dream" (1966) from Waterhouse & Dodd, as well as the debut Art New York Artist of the Day entry featuring "Blue and Yellow Butterfly" (1973) from Chowaiki & Co. and "Rouge et Bleu" (1971) courtesy of Hollis Taggart Galleries.

Then, at the last Art Miami, the Family of Fairs really went Calder, from teaming with Queue Projects to exhibit the monumental "The Spiral (No! to Frank Lloyd Wright)" (1969) to Mayoral Galeria d'Art's double-featuring of "The Red Base" (1969) and "Untitled" (1972) and Omer Tiroche Contemporary Art's placing of "Hammock" (1974).

Little wonder Blouin's ArtInfo blared Alexander Calder Steals the Show! 


News, views and a perpetual Retrospective of Alexander Calder's Life and Work can be found via The Calder Foundation.  

Stop, Look & Champion!

by Art Miami

When was the last time you really stopped and look at a work of art? No, not at Art Miami, CONTEXT or Aqua; we're well aware of the attention to the Fairs. But beyond Miami Art Week. Or for that matter, any other curated occasion enjoyed by the Art World at large.

We at Art Miami Fairs believe the world deserves our undistracted attention. That's why we've teamed with The Original Inside Pocket Company. Artist Brad Dumbrowsky founded the outfit, both to advocate less distraction and to provide a more practical way for people to do just that. And we at Art Miami found the uniquely missioned endeavor to be a perfect fit.

So too Inside Pocket's apparel, which provides a convenient place to stash all digital devices when the time arises to stop and look more deeply at the world. For Art Miami, that of course begins with the many-splendored works that grace the Family of Fairs. To that end, we went on to launch a line of branded merchandise.


It gets better, Inside Pocket and Art Miami are devoting a portion of the proceeds to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation, which makes everyone who gets in on the action a de facto Champion of a very great cause. Just ask Leonardo Di Caprio, Adrien Brody and Tommy Hilfiger, who all came on board this Championship Season.


So hit the Art Miami Store and grab yourself a piece of the action, while supplies last; then take the time to stop and look at the world around you. Because the world needs more Champions.

Art Miami and Context Art Miami Close Miami Art Week with Record Sales and Attendance

by Art Miami

Art Luminaries, Celebrities and Collectors Acquired the Most Important Six- and Seven-Figure Artworks from the World’s Leading Galleries at Miami Art Week’s Premier Anchor Fairs

MIAMI (Dec. 10, 2015) – The first major event to kick off Miami Art Week, Art Miami maintains its prestigious reputation as the leading international contemporary and modern fair each December. Along with its sister event, CONTEXT Art Miami, the fairs report record-breaking sales and attendance throughout the week, and an overwhelming representation of significant works sold to both established and new private and corporate collectors, notable museum professionals, cultural foundation executives, dealers, art advisors and consultants.

A total of 79,000 people attended Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami throughout the week, and nearly 14,500 VIPs attended to kick off the fairs at the VIP Preview, which was presented by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, sponsored by Christie’s International Real Estate and benefited the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

“This year was a level above any in our 26 years of Art Miami,” said Nick Korniloff, Fair Director and Partner of Art Miami LLC. “We saw the highest level of quality art work ever on exhibit for acquisition at Art Miami.” There was a prevalence of works by artists such as Frank Stella, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder and Roy Lichtenstein.

The true success of the week was characterized by the massive sales reported by the galleries. Further establishing Art Miami as the city’s integral anchor fair, Cernuda Arte gallery had some of the most significant sales for Latin American, and specifically Cuban, artists. There were two pieces by artists Mario Carreño and Amelia Peláez purchasedatCernuda Arte gallery, representing some of the most important modern work in private hands for Cuban art and totaling over $3.5 million.

“Once again Art Miami is fantastic,” said Ramon Cernuda, Gallery Director of Cernuda Arte. “We have sold over $6 million in art in five days, and we have met a very interesting group of new clients. It is our 13th edition this year.”

As well as presenting an Ai Weiwei piece, Haines Gallery sold Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian’sThe First Family, which is worth over $300,000; Farmanfarmaian recently was the subject of a career showcase at the Guggenheim. Waterhouse & Dodd placed three pieces from artists Sam Francis, Jean-François Rauzier and Theodoros Stamos, amounting to over $450,000 in sales. Bernarducci Meisel Gallerypractically sold out, with total sales reaching nearly half a million dollars. With clients from Korea, Germany and South America, Galerie von Vertes had several major purchases, including a $1.5 million Joan Miró piece, as well as a $400,000 work from Damien Hirst.

An undisclosed collector acquired another Sam Francis work at Gallery Delaive’s booth for $175,000. Famed artist Barbara Kruger’s $450,000photoengraving, Untitled (Who is beyond the law?),was sold by Scott White Contemporary Art, which also saw an acquisition of a Joan Mitchell painting worth over $100,000. Berry Campbell had a successful week, selling three pieces worth over $100,000: an abstract expressionist painting by Alfonso Ossorio; a rare, early color field masterpiece by Walter Darby Bannard; and an impressive Raymond Hendler painting. Dranoff Fine Art sold John Chamberlain’s Stuffed Tonsure at $35,000 to a client who had also purchased from the gallery last year at Art Miami. Mark Borghi Fine Art and KM Fine Arts collectively sold four pieces by artist Bernie Taupin (lifetime visual artist and lyricist), including When Woody Guthrie Left Oklahoma for $22,000 and BANG for $23,500. Gallery 55Bellechasse sold 10 pieces by Pascal Vochelet to one person at $3,200 each. James Barron Art closed the week with nearly $1 million in sales. Some of the works purchased included five Beverly Pepper sculptures (one for $250,000 and the rest for $75,000 each); a Ken Price sculpture worth $95,000; and an important Jules Olitski painting for $125,000. Makana, a beautiful horse sculpture created by Deborah Butterfield and priced at $150,000, was acquired from Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, while Chowaiki & Co placed a Keith Haring sculpture worth over $375,000. Hexton | modern and contemporary experienced significant sales throughout the week, including purchases of a large Eric Fischl glass sculpture for $225,000, a Fischl collage for $60,000, a Fischl Marquette glass for $75,000 and six Eric Holubow photographs averaging $10,000 each.

At CONTEXT Art Miami, the 95 participating galleries saw great success. Dubner Moderne had 33 works acquired from its solo exhibition of Viviane Rombaldi Seppey; the pieces ranged from $1,000 to $38,000. Shine Artists London sold nine pieces by artist Jeff Robb. Sim Smith placed the gallery’s largest piece by artist Bradley Wood to an undisclosed buyer, and Lyle O. Reitzel sold Edouard Duval-Carrie’s Ogou And His Internal Beast for $30,000. Blank Space Art’s sales highlights include four works from Seung Mo Park, prices ranging from $14,000 to $52,000; four works from Arno Elias, prices ranging from $16,000 to $25,000; and 10 edition pieces sold of Byung Jin Kim’s LOVE Heart.

“CONTEXT Art Miami had a substantial year in its fourth edition,” said Julian Navarro, Director of CONTEXT Art Miami. “Many galleries reported robust sales and enthusiastic follow-up from collectors, curators, and critics. The premiere of our solo exhibition area and the 12-curated sound stations had a positive reaction from the public. This year, CONTEXT Art Miami made a distinctive dialogue between Art from Berlin and Korea, making the fair a destination of international acclaim.

For a cumulative $60,000, Liquid Art System White Room saw one buyer purchase three pieces—two works by Marco Grassi called Gold Experience and one work by Seo Young Deok titled Nirvana. Bau-Xi Gallery from Toronto sold out of the seven pieces they brought from emerging abstract painter Janna Watson. The sales from Watson alone amounted to over $30,000, and the gallery reported total sales of $62,000.Kavachnina Contemporary Gallery had very impressive results this year, walking away with new contacts for important collectors and art institutions. They placed two paintings by Salustiano for $290,000 and closed the fair with total sales upward of $400,000. Alida Anderson Art Projects sold about 20 drawings by F. Lennox Campello with embedded video, Super Girl Flying Naked.

“For the third year in a row, CONTEXT Art Miami has completely exceeded our expectations and our sales projections,” said Lenny Campello of Alida Anderson Art Projects. “We’ll definitely be back next year.”

La Cometa also experienced huge success during the week with over $60,000 in sales, and also reported multiple new leads that could tack on an additional $40,000 in sales. New York-based 532 Gallery placed ISIS Bullet Holes by Piers Secunda, which will be exhibited next at “Missing: Rebuilding the Past” at Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, theprimary fine art gallery at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a senior college of the City University of New York.

“We have been participating in CONTEXT Art Miami for several years now, and our experience and sales have consistently improved with every single event,” said Thomas Jaeckel of 532 Gallery. “Importantly, we are in the midst of high-quality programs, as also strongly acknowledged by our collectors who make a point of coming back.”

PSH Projects presented one of CONTEXT Art Miami’s solo projects, which was received very positively by collectors. “Despite all of the unseasonal rain this year, we had great sales and an even better turnout,” said Partner and Director of PSH Projects, Christopher Paschall. “We had a one-man show and were really smart about the pieces we brought. Art is supposed to be original, not copied, and the quality of work that Miguel Prypchan produces is always a step above what’s expected.”

Among the gallerists reporting significant sales at Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami were Espace Meyer Zafra, Dranoff Fine Art, Lyle O. Reitzel, Liquid Art System White Room, Hackelbury Fine Art, Heller Gallery, Mark Borghi Fine Art, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Amstel Gallery, Kuckei + Kuckei, Pan American Art Projects, 55Bellechasse, Sim Smith Gallery, Michael Schultz Gallery, Galerie Forsblom, Adah Rose Gallery, Rosenbaum Contemporary, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Ethan Cohen New York, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Galeria Juan Silió, 532 Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, Coates & Scarry Gallery, Knight Webb Gallery, Heitsch Gallery, Fabien Castanier Gallery, Set Espai D’Art, JanKossen Gallery, Kavachnina Contemporary, Lawrence Cantor Fine Art and Klein Sun Gallery.

There were acquisitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs and mixed-media works by artists such asFrank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Fernando Botero, Andy Warhol,Edouard Duval-Carrie, Seo Young Deok, Gold Experience, Ian Mckeever, Tobias Mohl, Bernie Taupin, Federico Herrero, Renèe van Leusden, Jessica Drenk, Joan Belmar, Vik Muniz, Pascal Vochelet, Bradley Wood, Marco Grassi, Klari Reis, Zemer Peled, Deborah Azzopardi, Andrew Burgess, Alex Katz, Simon Procter, Liu Bolin, Ji Zhou, Michael Payne, Manuel Merida, Niloufar Banisadr, Chris Antemann, Deborah Azzopardi, Luis Barba, Andy Burgess, Tom Leighton, Klari Reis, Young Masters, Tracy Snelling, Andy Denzler, Stephan Balkenhol, John Chamberlain, Donald Baechler, Yoshitomo Nara, Rebecca Rustein, Bodegon, Pablo Tamayo, Rene Portocarrero, Roberto Fabelo, Dayron Gonzalez, Juan Roberto Diago, Brendan Murphy, Ramsey Dau, Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Zhuang Hong Yi, Beverly Pepper, Jules Olitski, Deborah Butterfield, Ken Nicol, Carlos Alfonso, Victor Vasarely, Keith Haring, Marika Makela, William Pererudoff, Daniel Sprick, Donald Sultan, Gregory Scott, Carole Feuerman, Jeff Robb and Alberto Sanchez.

This year’s fairs were visited by prominent attendees, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who was the first to see both fairs in a private tour prior to the opening, and actor/artist Adrien Brody attended the closing on Sunday. Many other notable celebrities, collectors and art advisors filled in the week, including Elle Macpherson; Troy Garity (Jane Fonda's son); Jorge and Darlene Pérez; Canadian business mogul and “Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda; basketball star Alonzo Mourning; fashion magnate Tommy Hilfiger; Stephen and Kara Ross; George Collins (former CEO of T. Rowe Price); Edgardo Defortuna; TV producer Larry W. Jones;Jessica Goldman Srebnick and Scott Srebnick; Richard Perlman and Ellen Hanson; Chris and Jane LaGuardia; Sandy Gross; Hilary and Wilbur Ross; owner of Philadelphia Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie; President & CEO of Miami Dolphins Tom Garfinkel; Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak and wife Nili Priel; U.S. Ambassador Earle Mack; Ahmet Kobasiuk (Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul); Harry Cooper (curator and head of modern art at the National Gallery of Art); The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery assistant curator of prints and drawings Asma Naeem; Don Bacigalupi, Founding President for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (Chicago) and Former President and member of the board of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; collectors Lizbeth and George Krupp (Boston); David Mirvish (Toronto); Howard and Mary Frank (Miami and Southampton); Maxine and Stuart Frankel (Michigan); Paul and Paula Wittmann (Palm Beach); Andrew and Stacey Kroll; collectors Robert and Dede Moss; basketball player David Lee; philanthropists Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz; artist Carole Feuerman; Derek Harte; entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Ein; andart advisor Kim Heirston. Artists present included BernieTaupin and wife his Heather; Apex; Alexis Diaz; Gino Miles; Gary Lang and Ruth Pastine; John Henry; Doug Argue; Dana Louise; and Robert Sagerman.

Notable guests at the VIP Preview included board members, artists, major collectors, business leaders, curators and directors such as: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management’s Market Executive Josh Moody and Managing Director Andres de Corral; Christie's International Real Estate’s CEO Dan Conn, Senior Vice PresidentRick Moeser, and Founding Member and Advisory Board member Jeff Hyland; Debi and Jeffrey Wechsler; Martin and Audrey Gruss; Bruce Makowsky; Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne Bon Haes; Ed Shumsky and Sue Kronick; Michel Witmer; art advisor Kim Heirston; Pérez Art Museum Miami’s new Director Franklin Sirmans and Deputy Director for External Affairs Leann Standish; Bechtler Museum’s (Charlotte, NC) Andreas Bechtler; Steve Schwarzman; Jerry Powers; JaneWooldridge and Stetson Glines ;developer Tony Cho; and stylist Elysze Held, along with many museum donors and young contemporaries from Pérez Art Museum Miami, Guggenheim Museum of Art, CORE Club, Cooper Hewitt Design, Bass Museum of Art; Frost Art Museum, ICA Miami, St. Louis Art Museum and Wolfsonian, among many others.

This year also debuted Art Miami Magazine, the fair’s first dedicated publication. Korniloff teamed up with Ocean Drive Magazine founder Jerry Powers to create the upscale publication that takes readers through Miami Art Week and Miami’s ongoing cultural scene. Covering everything from fairs to art world fashion, the inaugural issue included an in-depth interview with the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s new director, Franklin Sirmans; an exclusive with Donald Pliner on his return to Miami and his new store; a feature on Miami City Ballet’s upcoming 30th anniversary; and an interview with artist Bernie Taupin on the inspiration, style and passion behind his art.

Art Miami was home to Diamonds Unleashed’s interactive booth, and also hosted the organization’s private VIP event Dec. 3, presented by Merrill Lynch. Diamonds Unleashed, founded by jewelry designer Kara Ross, is a brand with a social purpose--symbolizing, promoting and supporting women’s empowerment. Notable guests included Josh and Nicole Moody, Lissette Calderon, Lisa Callen, Tom and Allison Garfinkel, Danielle Klein, Jeremy and Maile Walls and Ruchel Louis.

Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami showcased an impressive array of innovative installations, programming, and exhibitions.Highlights from the shows are as follows:

Prevalent Cuban art with four galleries showing works from 12 Cuban artists. Notable names included Enrique Gomez De Molina, known for his taxidermic surrealism, and Alexandre Arrechea, whose work speaks to social concepts.

SOUND POSITIONS Curated by Christoph Cox created immersive and intimate situations for listening to work by an international selection of emerging and established sound artists. The exhibition featured 12 listening stations, each dedicated to the work of one artist.

WAYPOINT | A film series debut from Wet Heat Project and the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs at MIA. The new 24/7 art-centric video site WAYPOINT at Miami International Airport debuted its first original programming at CONTEXT Art Miami 2015. “We Make Passage” is a film series of portrait-making encounters between Miami-based artists and the men and women of the 24/7 working community of Miami International Airport. Four diverse artists with distinct practices engaged four MIA workers with distinct professions; the in-situ poses that resulted will be produced as original artworks. The artists were challenged to evoke the sense of dedication and tireless commitment that keeps one of the world’s busiest transportation centers in motion every day of every week of every year. WAYPOINT is a video exhibition programming initiative presented by the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (Yolanda Sanchez, Director) and Wet Heat Project (Bill Bilowit, Director).

ART FROM BERLIN offered insight into Berlin’s influential art scene with five contemporary galleries selected by a panel of Berlin-based curators and art critics. ART FROM BERLIN is presented at CONTEXT Art Miami by the Galleries Association of Berlin, landesverband berliner galerien (lvbg), with official support from the municipality of Berlin and the European Union (EU). In the BERLIN LOUNGE, lvbg installed a curated exhibition and offered information on the city’s contemporary art galleries and institutions.

GALLERIES ASSOCIATION OF KOREA, as a meeting of nationwide galleries, was founded in 1976 with a sense of duty to the establishment of order in the circulation and to foster a sound art market, as well as to promote the understanding and popularization of art and contribute to the global advancement of the culture of art. It was registered as a social organization of the ministry of culture and information in 1979. By being promoted to a corporation in 1991, its social obligation has been strengthened. 

The Children’s Art Center provided a safe playroom on-site at Art Miami for children ages 3-13, who were introduced to art while their parents visit the fairs. Children enrolled in the program had exclusive access to participate in activities such as art explorations, games, puzzles and storytelling.

1AN ART SYMPOSIUM, a curated program of reputable art experts that speak on the ins and outs of the art market.

ARTS SPOTLIGHTS, featuring an analysis of the Picasso sculpture exhibitionat the Museum of Modern Art by Bruce Helander; Bernie Taupin, presented by Mark Borghi Fine Art; and Paco Barragan, presented in collaboration with Matucana 100. 

PANELS discussing the art of home design, focusing on the display of collectible art; demystifying the art world; trends among next-gen collectors; street art (from vandalism to gentrification); and how an artwork’s condition can affect its value.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS featuring Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Dubner Moderne; Juliane Hundertmark, Knight Webb Gallery; Mr. Herget, Mugello Contemporary; Isabelle Borges, Paralelo; Marc Andre Robinson, Salamatina Gallery; Jung San, Sandra Lee Gallery; Satoru Tamura, Tezukayama Gallery

SPECIAL PROJECTS featuring Andrew Myers, Lawrence Cantor Fine Art; Artist Collective MANGLE, Galeria Enrique Guerrero; Brent Estabrook, Mugello Contemporary; Diana Copperwhite, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel; Fidia Falaschetti, Fabien Castanier Gallery; Jannick Deslauriers,Art Mûr; Jane Manus, SPONDER GALLERY; Matteo Massagrande, Shine Artists London; Tiffany Trenda, The McLoughlin Gallery; Umberto Ciceri, Liquid Art System | White Room

Sponsors & Partners

The generous 2015 sponsors and partners for Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami include: Christie’s International Real Estate – Official Luxury Real Estate Partner of Art Miami; Pérez Art Museum Miami – VIP Preview Partner; JW Marriott Marquis Miami; Art From Berlin; and the Galleries Association of Berlin (lvbg), and Diamonds Unleashed.



Art Miami LLC is a partnership consisting of art and media industry veterans Nick Korniloff, Mike Tansey and Brian Tyler. In addition to three fairs during Miami Art Week, Art Miami, CONTEXT and Aqua, the company annually produces Art Wynwood during Presidents Day weekend in February, Downtown Fair, NYC in May, Art Southampton in July and Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco in October. 

Hyperallergic Confronts the Existential at Art Miami & CONTEXT

by Art Miami

Hyperallergic's Dominic DuLuque gives "mainstays" Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami some serious consideration.

You can read the entire story here.

Pictured: Desire Obtain Cherish courtesy Unix Gallery


CNN, Bloomberg & Miami Herald Among Those Citing Art Miami's Nick Korniloff

by Art Miami

CNN (who highlights "multi-million dollar works by the likes of" Calder, Basquiat and Hirst), Bloomberg Business (who emphasized the strong sales by Scott White Contemporary and Waterhouse & Dodd) and The Miami Herald (who placed special emphasis on Leonardo DiCaprio's undisclosed contribution to the recently established Perry J. Cohen Foundation), all had many, many things to say about Miami Art Week.

Each publication also made a point of getting the gist from Art Miami Fairs Director Nick Korniloff, who also let it be known that 2015 set new records in both sales and attendance.

See you at Art Wynwood

Wouter Deruytter Pulls Off a Palmetto Drive-By

by Art Miami

His work can be found among the treasures collected by such esteemed institutions as The Met and The Frost, as well as such esteemed individuals as Castelli, Cowles, Sperone and Bischofberger. His subjects range from classical erotica and classic cowboys, to Crow warriors and Egyptian circusfolk, many of whom also exhibit their way into print. His tendency to begin on the fringes and span outward has given him insight into entire new horizons and earned him the right to stake a place upon the ridge of one of the most heralded horizons on earth.

He’s the Belgian-born, New York-based, Dutch-represented lensman named Wouter Deruytter. And from Midnight December 5th to Midnight December 6th, a few of his more formidable offerings will tower over the traffic that roars on Miami’s Palmetto Expressway.

Backed by SDE Media, culled from Deruytter’s Billboards, NY series and timed to coincide with Torch Gallery’s stand at Art Miami 2015, the occurence is called simply Art Miami Drive-By. In this case though, it’s a drive-by that’ll have at least 250,000 witnesses.

SDE Media & Torch Gallery Present Wouter Deruytter Art Miami Drive-By. Saturday December 5th, 2015 Palmetto Expressway, north of Doral Boulevard (Airport Exit). 

Art Miami Work of the Day: Wilfredo Lam "Untitled [Femme Cheval]"

by Art Miami

Wilfredo Lam (Cuba 1902-1982

Untitled [Femme Cheval], ca. 1951

oil on canvas, 30 3/4 x 23 3/4 inches 

Courtesy of Cernuda Arte, Coral Gables FL 

Observer Asks Art Miami's Nick Korniloff About Running Miami's Oldest Fair

by Art Miami

(From Alanna Martinez in Observer 11/28/15)

This year, Art Miami is going big in its own home.

A $12.8 million Alexander Calder will be front and center at the fair, shown by Greenwich, Conn., gallery Queue Projects. Calder’s 1966 sculpture Spiral (No! to Frank Lloyd Wright) was shown at the Guggenheim between 1967 and 1968.

“In the early days Art Miami was just a regional show,” Art Miami director Nick Korniloff told the Observer. Not anymore. Mr. Korniloff is about to shepherd the much beloved “local” fair through its 26th edition, which not even fair giant Art Basel Miami Beach can boast (they’ll be opening the 14th edition this December). Begun in 1989 and originally held annually in January, it moved to December and the Wynwood Art District in 2007 to align itself with the burgeoning Miami Arts Week.

The team also has two other fairs that run concurrently to Art Miami: Context, which focuses on emerging and mid-career artists, and Aqua (the smallest of the three) held on Collins Avenue. On the difference, Mr. Korniloff explained Context featured “living artists only.”

At the main fair, “We have about 15 new galleries showing with us for the first time.” Many of the newcomers, he told us, are previous exhibitors at fairs such as TEFAF, Masterpiece London and Design Miami Basel.

“Without a doubt [this year is] the strongest mix of primary and secondary market galleries we’ve had under one roof,” he said.

A symposium slated for December 4 to December 6 at Context includes talks on topics like Picasso sculpture, street art, what “next-gen” art collectors are buying, and demystifying the art world.

Art Miami
3101 NE 1st Avenue
Context Art Miami
2901 NE 1st Avenue
December 1, VIP preview (invitation only), 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m.
December 2-5, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.
December 6, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Aqua Art Miami
1530 Collins Avenue
December 3, 12 p.m.-9 p.m.
December 4-5, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
December 6, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Art Miami/Context Art Miami $40, Aqua $15

Art Miami Partners with The Original Inside Pocket Company

by Art Miami

Art Miami Partners With Cause Related Activewear Company,

The Original Inside Pocket Company,

to Benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation

(Miami) - Nov 27, 2015 - Art Miami, America's foremost and No. 1 attended international contemporary art fair, will offer attendees the opportunity to acquire branded Art Miami activewear at its 26th edition this December 1-6 during Art Week Miami.  A special collection of branded, high-quality designer jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats and tote bags, designed by The Original Inside Pocket Company Founder and Chief Creative Officer and Artist Brad Dubrowsky, will be offered to the public for the first time. T.O.I.P.C. was founded with an activist spirit and a very focused objective: to design, develop, and provide fashion that empowers consumers to store their tech in chic clothing with 'inside pockets' specifically designed for a cell phone, so people can focus on the important things around them. "We have an acronym that we live by, it's called T.H.U.M.B. : Teaching Humans Universal Mobile Behavior," said Dubrowsky."Our clothing and accessories include iconography and patches that artfully express our acronym that we hope will catalyze a movement against distracted living."

Art Miami and T.O.I.P.C. have an online portal at for pre-purchase, along with an on-site retail  boutique in the Art Miami Café, where visitors can purchase this high quality, stylish and very comfortable activewear and support the fight against distracted living. A percentage of all sales proceeds of these select items will benefit the newly formed Perry J. Cohen Foundation. Perry Cohen, the son of Art Miami Director of Marketing Pamela Cohen and Fair Director/Partner Nick Korniloff, was tragically lost at sea while fishing with a friend in late July off the coast of Florida.  "Perry, like every other teenager, loved his mobile device. However, he loved being outdoors fishing, boating, bodysurfing, skateboarding and playing with his friends or pets more. It was at these times that he was in his element and at his happiest. We are excited about partnering with T.O.I.P.C., as their message to stop distracted living, saves lives, and to live a more socially engaged and active life is an important message that Perry would personally embrace. Perry was also very fashion conscious, so we are touched that T.O.I.P.C. has named a style in honor of his living an active life." said Perry's mother Pamela Cohen.

"We are extremely excited to launch our product for the first time to the very distinguished audience at the world-renowned Art Miami fair and share our universal message of Look @ Art, Not your Phone. We make great & cozy fashion with inside pockets to store your digital gear in style. Our vision is to create fabulous fashion and accessories while teaching people to make smart choices about when and where to use their phones. Pockets make it easier to put digital devices away, and let's face it, the real world is pretty great.  Keep it in your pocket & enjoy the life around you!" said Mr. Dubrowsky.

"We are thrilled to partner with Brad and his partner & VP Jamie Zaroff. T.O.I.P.C. will provide the opportunity for all of our Art Miami attendees to bring a little fashion memento home from the fair while supporting a great cause. The fashion, fit, finish and comfort of the active wear will be well received by our audience. We believe in the important social message that Brad is uniquely launching and we are extremely touched by his generosity to include our son Perry's foundation as a benefactor." said Fair Director/Partner Nick Korniloff.

Art Miami Work of the Day: Frank Stella "Talladega"

by Art Miami

Frank Stella

Talladega, 1980-81

Mixed Media On Aluminum

30 x 34 x 4 in 

Courtesy of Leslie Feely Fine Art, New York 

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