César Orrico (Logroño 1984 - )


Born in 1984, César Orrico is a young spanish sculptor working essentially on the association of wood and bronze, or wood and marble powder.
« The thematic axis of my work, finds in sculpture an instrument capable of materializing the sensuality in artistic expression through a personal interpretation of the anatomy. The profoundness that is generated around this detailed study, comes from a special interest in the anatomical proportions and representation of the human body in medical and artistic treaties of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A fundamental knowledge for my creative process, which creates a conceptualization of the
work supported by the reinterpretation of the classic canons in sculpture.
The pursuit of synthesis in the human body acts as a constant in my work, where the concept of beauty fold up over itself to give way to the inner impulse of form. In essence, my work produces a fusion of different materials that come together spontaneously in the figure, where the mix of coolness and warmth create the force of each sculpture . »

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